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Noir / Complete List Of BGM
« on: June 30, 2020, 12:55:47 PM »
Finally I have realised a project that I wanted to do since a long time. I have made a complete list of the BGM, for all episodes. For tracks that haven't been officially released I have created own titles. I have tried to make them similar like the OST.

I was surprised how many unreleased titles exist, while on the official OSTs are a couple of tracks that aren't part of the show. In the moment I'm not decided if I should be upset or happy about it. On one side, I would like to have clean versions of all tracks in the show. On the other side, I like some of the music that was composed for Noir but never made it in the show.

While I have checked it several times, the list may still contain errors. Misidentified songs, typos, wrong time stamps and so on. If you notice an error, please inform me.

You can download the list here:

Please read the file readme.txt.

I'm not satisfied with some of the names but couldn't think of something better. These are "Samba" and especially "Shopping". If you have suggestionens for better names (even for other tracks), don't hesitate to post it.

Noir / Favourite Noir OST Cover Songs
« on: June 19, 2020, 10:34:56 AM »
While listening to the Noir OST at youtube I discovered that a goof bunch of cover songs exist. But in my opinion the most of them suck. Often it is simply bad execution, they don't catch the spirit of the original version or in some rare cases they are so close to the original that I ask myself: "Why should I listen to this instead to the original". So I don't want to make a complete list of available cover songs but only the ones you really like. And please list them not only, try to explain why.

I stumbled over a cover version of "Canta Per Me" from a Russian band:
It is well performed, instruments and vocals. I like Rock music. It is distinct enough from the original to not make me want to listen the original instead. But it still catches the atmosphere.

They have made a Russian version of it:

The lyrics aren't an exact translation but still catch the spirit:
Translation with google into English gives decent results.

Noir / other anime moments
« on: June 01, 2020, 03:20:04 AM »
While watching Noir the first time (and since then every time I watch it), there was a scene in which a different anime popped up in my mind. In my case it was in "Lost Kitten", the scene when Nazarov breaks down. A white haired old man with full beard, a cute girl with short dark hair shouting "Grandfather! Grandfather!". This Scene was screaming "Heidi".

While watching "Black Clover" at the moment, I have the reverse effect. It's during the actual ending, from 0:02 to 0:06. This scene screams "Kirika and ChloƩ in their ceremonial dresses."

Makes someone else similar experiences?

Noir / Some thoughts on music
« on: May 26, 2020, 01:45:09 PM »
The soundtrack of Noir is outstanding. The most songs reflect very well the mood and the feelings they are supposed to express.While re-watching I noticed one song that surprised me regarding this. During the last days I listened repeatedly to the soundtrack and tried to listen to it without the pictures in mind, if it works to get the same mood. And I got more surprises.

"Secret Game"
This is for sure the most extraordinary love song that I've ever heard. And the vocal part is one of the most beautiful love songs, different from any other that I know. It's tender, cautious and a little bit playful, fully reflecting Chloe's feelings and behavior during the ritual bath. In opposition the instrumental part is strong, dark and sad. Until re-watching I had sworn that during the kiss the vocal part is played and the instrumental part is reserved for Chloe's funeral. During re-watch I was surprised: The dark part starts already while the saplings start to think about the upcoming ritual. So it plays during all the tender scenes that follow, without destroying the mood. I wonder how this works. Must be some kind of Kajiura magic.

"Salva Nos"
This is supposed to be the battle theme of MiriKiri. Listening to it, it has nothing from battle. But during the show it works. I wonder that it works at all. It's a wild mix of different music styles. Pop music like synthesizers, a techno beat, rock music like e-guitars, choral like Latin vocals from the gifted Yuriko Kaida and classic music style piano and violins. Again some kind of Kajiura magic.

"Canta Per Me"
The surprise was that the vocal part is not accompanied by instruments that play the melody. The melody comes from the vocals. The instruments give only the rhythm. It are a acoustic guitar and a cello - supposed to be melody instruments. That's kind of abuse - like it was done with Kirika, being abused as a child as a killer. The wonderful voice of Yuriko Kaida reflects Kirika's beautiful side perfectly. What always bothered me a little bit: Why is it in Italian? If with vocals at all, in anime it is usual Japanese or in rare cases in English. The Latin of Salva Nos is easily explained with it's nature as a prayer. But which relation has Italian to Noir? Given the nature of the song - it's some kind of love song from Kirika to Mireille - and the nature of that love - it's hidden most of the time, I can understand that they wanted to make the love explicit but not easy to recognize. So Japanese or English would have been inappropriate. But there seemed some more obvious choices. Yuki Kajiura lived as child some years in Germany - so why not using German, which she probably better knows than Italian? Ok, Germany usually isn't connected with love. But France is, and as they live in Paris, why not using French? And then: "Wait. It's a love song for Mireille. Mireille isn't supposed to be French. She's Corsican!" Corsican language is very close to Italian. But it's existence is little known. Can it be? They have chosen a language close to Corsican which would the fans still allow to translate it?

Announcements & Introductions / Spiders?
« on: January 10, 2007, 03:27:58 PM »
Right in the moment there are shown 2 spiders as users of this forum. I have never seen this before and find it some kind of funny. Is it a new feature or was it implemented from the beginning?

Noir / Noir and real life.
« on: November 16, 2006, 03:47:01 AM »
I remember somehow there was a similar topic about things that happen in real life that resemble things in Noir, but didn't find it. Maybe it was back at oyasumi.

In a German newspaper for bikers was an announcement of a MC that one of their friends was killed in an accident. A drunken car driver with too high speed crashed into her bike. Her name was - Mireille. And judging from the photo she was a real life impersonation of Mireille.

Announcements & Introductions / Possible site bug?
« on: August 30, 2006, 05:12:13 AM »
Is there any specific reason why the time while writing a post isn't counted as time logged in, despite you are logged in?

Noir / "If one can kill for love...
« on: August 30, 2006, 05:07:58 AM »
...then hatred can save." I don't want to discuss the sense or nonsense of this slogan. What I want is to take a look how it applies to the way the saplings were raised. And despite being raised under different conditions, I think it was meant the same for all three. So let's take a look:

Sometimes there are ideas that Kirika was forced somehow to kill. Either with cruelty or with blackmail or similar things. We have no hints for this. But we have hints for the opposite. As Kirika returns to the manor, there is no difference how Artena treats her and Chloe. Even in the memories, as Artena hands Kirika the Beretta, Artena looks very kind. And would Chloe love Artena that much if she had treated Kirika bad? On the other hand, we can see that a normal Kirika has heavy issues with killing. And a normal Kirika doesn't seem to love Artena that much. So what's her motivation? If you take a closer look at her behaviour, it becomes obvious: She desperately wants to be loved, and she is willing to do anything she thinks that is necessary to be loved, no matter what it means to her. It seems to be necessary to kill to get Artenas love. But since she isn't able to kill, she's in a conflict, which is resolved by the appearance of Dark Kirika. So she doesn't kill because she loves Artena, she kills because she wants to be loved from Artena. While seeing from the outside, you can't tell the difference, but it is important regarding Artenas plans.

Now the hatred part. I think it was planned to grow hatred inside her during the trials. That's the reason why her memories were erased. That way she's free from Soldats indoctrination. On her quest for her past she should find out the truth about the Soldats and start to hate them. The information about Mireille was left (implanted?), so that she had a piece of the puzzle to begin with. Here again interferes Kirikas strive for love with Artenas plans. Instead using that knowledge about Mireille to start a quest on her own, she contacts Mireille instead, so that she has one that she possibly can make love her if she behaves like (she thinks) it is expected from her. That's how she behaves all the times toward Mireille. And what interferes with Artenas plans either - it seems like Kirika isn't able to hate at all.

While the Corsican hit makes it look like Mireille is meant to kill out of hatred, it isn't. The main objective of the Corsican hit is to make Mireille a Noir against the will of her parents. While it, as side effect, is a good seed for hatred, it shouldn't be the reason why she starts with killing. She should kill out of love either. That's the reason why she isn't taken to the Manor, but raised and trained by her uncle. A person who loves her and who she loves. But it fails, the seed of hatred blossoms too early. Mireille starts to kill out of hatred, and not out of love. That's why Artena decides to make her not longer a candidate for Noir. Kirika, with her strive for love, brings her back into the game.

That she kills out of love is indisputable. But it seems that, like Kirika, she isn't able to hate. Really? We should not forget her special situation. She has no reason to hate anybody. She's confident that Kirika and her become Noir all the time. That's all what she's living for. In moments of doubt Artena wipes away her concerns. In addition, Artenas power depends on the control of at least one of the saplings. During the trials she has no control over Kirika, and of course not over Mireille. If Artena lights the flame of hatred inside Chloe before the end of the trials, her plans will fail. I think that's the original sense of the last, the hardest trial. That Chloe is able to hate we see during her last moments. A very common way to hatred is: disappointment - rage - disillusion - hatred. Disappointment - Kirika disarms her. Rage - she attacks Kirika. Desillusion - she throws away her greatest treasure, the fork. Hatred - the moment as her eyes change and she attacks Mireille again. Unfortunately she directs her hatred against the wrong person. It's Artena who is responsible that she has to suffer, not Mireille. Otherwise she'd probably survived.

Noir / "Make a Pilgrimage with me...
« on: August 23, 2006, 02:30:07 PM » Paris" or "Shattered Dreams".

Finally I was able to write my report about Paris as location of Noir:
Since I like the design of this site I have my design adjusted to it. :)

Announcements & Introductions / Would this be ok?
« on: August 19, 2006, 04:24:03 AM »
I'm currently working on an AMV that uses the Noir OST but different footage. Would it be ok to post it here at the Noir board?

Noir / The four elements
« on: July 13, 2006, 10:24:06 AM »
There had been several discussion of the meaning of the colors of the saplings. While they all were interesting, none of them had really satisfied me. So I feel free to add my own. ;D

I think the saplings and Artena should represent the four elements water, fire, air and earth. We have at least two hints at the four elements during the series. Artena tells Kirika that the saplings were grown under different conditions of water, light(fire), weather(air) and soil(earth). At the manor you find natural presences of all four elements.

According to the colors they are:

Mireille - yellow - air
Kirika - blue - water
Chloe - red - fire
remains Artena - earth - and the related color is: NOIR!!!
Fire and air are male elements, water and earth female. This explains why the relationships K&M and K&C work, M&C not. Earth represents the mother.

The male elements are seen as separating, the females as uniting. Water and air are form dissolving (they can change), earth and fire form fixing(they can't change).

There are some properties which are shared by the elements: Moist (water and air), warm (air and fire), dry(fire and earth) and cool(earth and water). Warm elements have upward tendencies, cool downward tendencies. IMHO that all fits very well.

Be prepared for a lot of stuff if you wanna read the linked articles.

Really into depth information on the 4 elements you can find here:

Since the site above doesn't provide information on the colors (or I have overlooked them), look at this one:
Usually the four humors are also connected to the 4 elements. Water is black pile, earth is phlegm. For fire and air I have found contradicting associations with blood and yellow pile, in our case would blood and fire(Chloe) and yellow pile and air(Mireille) fit.

If you haven't read enough at all:

Noir / Impressions of Corsica
« on: July 05, 2006, 02:11:43 PM »
I've made a little "movie", using pictures from my trip to Corsica in 2001, using Corsican Corridor. I hope it gives some impressions of the rough, wild beauty of Mireille's home island.
The size is around 12.5 MB, it's 3:10 long.

Noir / The names again
« on: June 13, 2006, 04:55:01 AM »
I never was really satisfied with the explanation that Altenas name may be derived from either Althea or Athena. I got the idea that Altena is a wrong transliteration from ADV (and OAV too) and it is really Artena like we can hear it in the Japanese version. And really, the name Artena exists. But it's hard to find what it means. One thing I've found is this:
Arthenus is from the Welsh word  arthen , meaning 'from the earth'. It is likely that Arthena is a female form of Arthenus. There are more names deriving from this same origin, like Arthenia and Arthensia, all these names have variants without the 'h', thus Artena, Artenia and Artensia, but the 'th' form is the original.

Noir / "Biblical" interpretation of Noir
« on: June 07, 2006, 05:27:30 AM »
This from the "Ask a Stupid Q, Get a Stupid A" thread
Quote from: UNtrue Noir
Q: GAH. It's 6/6/06! Could Noir be the one to rid the world of the Anti Christ? (wow.. sounds like a good plot *POTENTIAL FANFIC ALERT*)
reminded me to something that I posted a while ago at a German Noir board. It's a biblical interpretation of Noir seen from non-christian POV. It ends with a beautyfull vision.

The "cast":
God: The high priest (allmighty)
Petrus (keeper of heavens key): Remy Breffort (Remy means "Savior of the soul". Coincidence?)
The archangels: Soldat's inner circle
Heavenly legions: Soldats loyal to the leaders
Lucifer: Altena
The demonic legions: Soldats loyal to Altena
Mankind: the saplings

The "plot":
In the beginning was chaos - the origination of the Soldat
God orders it with the help of the angels - Soldat start to control the world
God creates human beings - the blessing of the saplings
Lucifer interferes gods plans - Altena starts to control the saplings
Lucifer gets banned into hell - Altenas life at the manor
The battle between "heaven" and "hell" starts - the fights between the two wings of the Soldat
Both sides try to get mankind (the saplings) at their sides
If Lucifer succeeds he becomes God - if Altena successfully creates Noir she'd become high priestess
Lucifer uses the weaknesses of the humans to manipulate them - Altena does so either
Gods side doesn't hesitate to kill parts of the mankind according to the slogan "Who's not with us is against us" - the order to kill the saplings
On the other hand they try to lure them with the promise of the paradise - Brefforts offer to Mireille

So far are the parallels. From now on it develops it's own plot, So I'll show what happens in Noir first and make a biblical interpretation of it.

All saplings arrive at the manor - complete mankind is in hell
The saplings fight - they go through the hellfire
K & M survive, Chloe dies - some souls get cleaned by the hellfire, the others will die into it
The nuns battle K & M - part of the demonic legions try to stop the humans which seems to have changed the sides
K & M face Altena for the last, the hardest trial - the humans have to face Lucifer himself
The saplings don't behave like Altena expected, refuse to kill her - Lucifer has expected the survivors of the hellfire strengthened, not cleaned that way
K & M meet the Soldat leaders - the remaining mankind has reached heavens gate
Brefforts asks his questions - Petrus makes a final examination before they can enter paradies
K & M make their own way, search for the light - a cleaned mankind, freed from the influence of gods and demons, walks it's own way into a undetermined but hopefull future. That's why Altena smiles as she falls int the lava pit. Lucifer has won. That what he has started with giving that apple to Adam and Eve - the liberation of the mankind from God - was successful.

Noir / AMV ideas thread
« on: May 16, 2006, 09:42:03 AM »
In the moment I have too much Noir ideas to realize them in an acceptable time with my editing speed, especially since I want to make AMV's to other anime too. Maybe others have the same problem. Or some have ideas but dont wanna/can't make AMV's. On the other hand, there may be members that wanna make an AMV but have not idea. So this should be a place to share them.

In the moment I have 2 that I'll probably never make in favour of other projects:

- Falco "Out Of The Dark". This could be a view from Kirika at the relationship with Mireille, her unconditional submission, her pain. Of course this has to be taken by someone who belives in the shoujo-ai between K&M. :wink: Despite the English title, the lyrics are majorly in German. I'd provide a translation if necessary.

- ELO "Don't Bring Me Down". I see this as a comedy vid about the fact that the saplings (all three) tear each other down again and again.

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