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Avenger / Re: The Avenger Caption Thread
« Last post by MartAnimE on October 11, 2021, 04:52:43 PM »
Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ / Re: Phantom Caption Thread
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All Series / Re: Tsubasa Chronicle Caption Thread
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All Series / Re: All Others Caption Thread
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ELDA TALUTA / Re: Elda Taluta Caption Thread!
« Last post by MartAnimE on October 11, 2021, 04:51:28 PM »
ELDA TALUTA / Re: A Place Further Than The Universe
« Last post by MartAnimE on October 11, 2021, 04:50:42 PM »
I sort of wonder if Gin was in love with Takako. The connection between them is never spoken out loud but it’s pretty clear they were close. It often feels like she lost someone who was more than a friend.

It is possible. She might also have been fixated on her disappearance because of the mysterious circumstances.

Hobbits are a warm weather people. :P

I'll wear a jacket. ^^;
Announcements & Introductions / Re: Happy Birthday JP Yuri!
« Last post by noirlax on October 11, 2021, 02:32:11 AM »
Happy Birthday!
ELDA TALUTA / Re: Godzilla Singular Point
« Last post by BiitoreinGoji on October 11, 2021, 12:28:35 AM »
I watched all of Singular Point. Overall…. It was well animated by Orange and Bones. The music by Kan Sawada was nice. There were set pieces that I really enjoyed. But the story and characters could have used some serious fine tuning. Revise. Redraft. In the event a Season 2 happens, all I ask is “Cut the technobabble.”

Below are my thoughts on each episode after the first:

Episode 02 - [Gamesome]
Spoiler: show
Episode 2 was better than Episode 1 even though my feelings are still mixed. I really appreciate that there's an intro and outro as opposed to a short opening and an end with foreground credits. The fight between Jet Jaguar and Rodan was pretty good. The 76 second restart was actually on point. Yeah, I timed it - and I bring this up because in Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), there was a count down in the Rodan/Argo scene that was on point. Mei's cooking mishap was funny, kinda like Madison's. So was the Rodan merchandise. There's still excessive technobabble, but less than the previous episode, so it was nice to have quiet moments of visual storytelling. At least I didn't have to watch the English dub to pay better attention. And I noticed that this iteration of Rodan actually has maple-leaf fins at the tip of his tail and on his back, so maybe the other monsters are spawns of Godzilla?

At least it's gives me a reason to watch Episodes 3 and up.

Episode 03 - [Tigerish]
Spoiler: show
Like Episode 2, Episode 3 was good. Still some excessive dialogue, but this one has an instance where the technobabble is actually executed well in that it’s in relation to what’s happening. At first, I was a bit confused about whistling arrows, but then I found out after watching they do exist and are called Kabura-ya. And I found that they can be replicated with a water bottle.

Episode 04 - [Gadabout]
Spoiler: show
Not much happens in Episode 4, but I still enjoyed it. There's still moments of expository dialogue, but they do relate to what's actually happening. Mei and Pelops's dynamic was pretty funny. There's more world building regarding the "archetype" material; I just hope it's set up to pay off in the future.

That cliffhanger with Anguirus was really impressive, can't wait to watch Episode 5.

Also, Godzilla's bones "sing".

Episode 05 - [Theorist]
Spoiler: show
From Episode 5, I’ve come to understand that there are at least three plot lines at work. One with Mei, one with Yun, and another regarding Ashihara. Mei and Yun’s plot lines are active and each protagonist is dealing with Archetype’s futuristic property, for a lack of better terms. Ashihara is only mentioned and shown via photographs, but the active characters concerning him are figuring out his mystery, which is interesting. There are other plot lines I can barely remember since there’s some much to absorb in one viewing, but I am hoping they all converge by the end. So, in a way, it’s like Madlax in that its two protagonists have a plot line that converges later on – except that series doles out its story and characterization more through showing than telling.

Other than that, out of the three kaiju shown in this episode, Anguirus stole the show.

Episode 06 - [Enfatico]
Spoiler: show
Almost halfway through and Singular Points seems to be taking its time doling out its story. The technobabble isn’t distracting me as much as it did at first, and that’s because it’s relating to what’s happening on screen. I’d call that an improvement.

So, while Mei has made a breakthrough in her plot line, Anguirus put up a good fight with Yun and his party. It was once again entertaining to watch people use their wits to outsmart an intelligent monster. Though I do feel kinda bad for Anguirus; he just wanted to be left alone :(

Episode 07 - [Omniarch]
Spoiler: show
I was getting used to the technobabble, but when I learned more about dissociation and sensory overload, I’m starting to understand the major criticism surrounding Singular Point. The issue isn’t just its story or its pacing. Rather, it’s its storytelling. The method of which the story is given to us. And I felt that more with this episode.

Onto the episode itself. The last time we saw Yun, he was knocked out, but he’s fine and dandy the next we see him. That’s honesty jarring, especially in comparison to Mark Russell getting knocked out and waking up in a bed in KOTM. Both its titular character and title has made landfall and dropped respectively. Some viewers have made comparisons to Shin Godzilla due to the apparent evolution or more technically metamorphosis.

Someone said that Titanosaurus and Varan being made different forms of Godzilla comes at the cost of their characterizations, and I gotta agree with that, even if Singular Point and the Showa films are different continuities.

A well-known item in the franchise, the Oxygen Destroyer, has made its appearance and is called the Orthogonal Diagonalizer, though my issue with it is similar to KOTM’s use of it – it was a payoff without a proper set up. Like Anguirus, I felt kinda bad for Salunga; he was just trying to escape :(

On a more positive note, the Spear of Anguirus was a cool way to cap off this episode. I’m looking forward to seeing it in action against Godzilla soon.

Episode 08 - [Graftage]
Spoiler: show
Episode 8 was better than 7. The beginning with Godzilla did remind me of watching Shin Godzilla, though it was weird seeing a -20 centigrade breath turn into a fiery explosion. Could this be a property of Archetype? Who knows?

So, Jet Jaguar Yun didn’t get to fight Godzilla, but this was another episode for him to shine. His interaction with the kids was kinda charming, and his fight with the spiders was really cool.

Not much is happening with Mei’s plot line, though I’ll say Pelops II is pretty cute. Other than the two main leads, I barely remember the other plot lines. Not that they’re not interesting, but because they happen so quickly, it’s hard to digest. Of course, picking up what you didn’t on a first viewing is that’s what rewatches are for, but in the case of Singular Point, it should say something about its delivery.

And someone pointed out that Mei and Yun seemed to have switched expertise. At first, Mei was into fantastical biology while Yun was into the paranormal, and now it’s the other way around; Mei is dealing with paranormal science while Yun is dealing with fantastical creatures. I mean, you’d think Mei would be interested in these strange beasts coming out of nowhere and Yun would be investigating Ashihara and his work.

(That would be like Rick Stanton and Ilene Chan switching their expertise on Godzilla and Mothra respectively at some point in KOTM, and the justification being “They’re both titans, so who cares?”)

Episode 09 - [Erumpent]
Spoiler: show
Godzilla has evolved once again, much like he did in Shin Godzilla. What’s interesting is that he does something that was in a deleted scene. Meanwhile, Mei seems to have made another breakthrough. Also meanwhile, Yun’s party and Jet Jaguar have put up another good fight with the spiders, and it also had rather disturbing imagery with those corpses webbed up, which is on aesthetically on point.

Now, I am okay with a single episode of a series having multiple plot lines happening at once. A good example being Madlax and a prominent one being Game of Thrones. I’m thinking perhaps each of these plot lines in Singular Point would be easier to comprehend if each one was dedicated to one episode.

This episode also got me intrigued with the soundtrack. It’s the track that played when Mei presents her findings and when Yun and his party look upon that red cloud thingy at the end. It gave off a vibe like that of End of Evangelion, so perhaps Kan Sawada may have been inspired by Shiro Sagisu.

(Interestingly, Godzilla’s new form reminded me of these: )

Episode 10 - [Encipher]
Spoiler: show
Episode 10 was a step up, while also a step down.

The step down was Yun investigating the paranormal at Ashihara’s house, which is something that he should have been doing since the first episode. Because wouldn’t it be intelligent for say investigators to return to their site of interest for as much information as they can find? Rather, this makes our protagonist look like an idiot, and this could have easily been solved had Yun stuck to the paranormal and had Mei stuck to fantastical biology… “and not the other way around.” – Ishiro Serizawa

Speaking of Mei, her part was both a step down and a step up. At the restaurant, I was a bit confused in how she would guess a number, and Li (who survived last episode) would point to a painting or ornaments consisting of guessed number, and that was supposed to show how time, prophecy, archetype work? I dunno. But the step with Mei is her introduction to Lina. She being that Indian girl. After being shown to be passive, she becomes active and saves Pelops from being snatched. In a way, she did remind me of Nakhl from Madlax. Though Nakhl has more characterization than Lina does at this point.

Also, Salunga managed to escape offscreen and is dead :(

Now the big step up is Godzilla. His time on screen is of course reminiscent of Shin Godzilla, and it was pretty damn cool. That vocal take on his theme! I’m actually hyped to see the next episode.

Episode 11 - [Relaunch]
Spoiler: show
Episode 11 had a long beginning before the intro played. But that’s no problem. What is a problem is Li being confirmed dead since Episode 9, which is even more jarring than Yun’s fake out. In terms of Bee Train, that would be like Madlax Episode 22 cutting off just before Vanessa gets shot; Episode 23 begins with her and Madlax in the flower field and then Madlax, Elenore, and Nakhl set out to Kalistale; and Episode 24 confirms that Vanessa died. Would that be something you consider jarring?

Other than that, this episode has some cool stuff in it like Godzilla fighting Manda and Mei and Lina going tomb raiding. Since this is the endgame, I’m sure all the technobabble has to mount to something in these coming episodes. Also, the soundtrack’s intriguing.

And I’m starting to think that certain scenes can be done without any dialogue to make it all the more engaging. You know, the golden rule of visual storytelling that everyone tends to agree on? “Show, don’t tell.”

Anyway, Jet Jaguar gets an upgrade and just might fight Godzilla. I’m looking forward to it.

Episode 12 - [Explorer]
Spoiler: show
Episode 12 was really good. Pelops was as cute as ever. Jet Jaguar was charming. The soundtrack was incredible, and it’s about time in this show where there’s a scene with little to no dialogue and the music and the visuals are given prominence, very much like Koichi Mashimo did with his works back in his days.

Also, Salunga’s not dead. Is it his thing to get skewered again and again? I’m starting to feel bad for him. Though, if Salunga was trapped in that pit, couldn’t he just escape through the cave Mei and Lina entered in? Or was he trying to get to that donut shaped thing? I dunno.

And I’m starting to think that Mei’s future text to Yun is an indication that they succeed in the end. But I’m still heading on to the last episode.

Episode 13 - [Together]
Spoiler: show
Episode 13 had some great visuals, especially that visual callback to King of the Monsters. The soundtrack was incredible. Though I would just have Jet Jaguar say “Goodbye Yun” before taking Godzilla with him so the fight can be more enjoyable. Maybe someone can do a sound redux of that like Kyle Gilmore did back in the day. Also, the Godzilla bones turned out to be used to make Mechagodzilla for another season.

Unfortunately, my praises end there. At first, I thought Singular Point’s ending was like Madlax’s in that the story prematurely cutoff its loose ends at the denouement for the sake of a happy ending. (At least Singular Point ended with an outro as supposed to foreground credits.) But instead, Singular Point just brushes off everything once Godzilla’s defeated. Like are there still other kaiju in the world? Is there another Godzilla out there? Can our heroes replicate an Orthogonal Diagonalizer in the event another Godzilla appears?

Also, was Ashihara the villain? Did he just want to escape the digital world so he can create Mechagodzilla? And how did Haberu and Goro survive that fall? Let alone Haberu lifting Jet Jaguar? Did Jet Jaguar grow big because of the archetype? I dunno.

Salunga got skewered again. Just…. :(
ELDA TALUTA / Re: A Place Further Than The Universe
« Last post by Mireille on October 10, 2021, 10:35:58 PM »
I sort of wonder if Gin was in love with Takako. The connection between them is never spoken out loud but it’s pretty clear they were close. It often feels like she lost someone who was more than a friend.

True, but I also like snowy/icy landscapes! ;D

Hobbits are a warm weather people. :P
« Last post by MartAnimE on October 10, 2021, 10:23:43 PM »
Aria The Masterpiece Manga (1-7) Bundle is available for Pre-Order!

It's been out of print for a while, so I went for it! :D
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