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Noir / Noir 20th anniversary
« on: November 17, 2020, 05:05:10 AM »
Hello everyone, nearly 20 years ago the anime masterpiece Noir was first shown to the world and changing our lives. What ideas do people have for celebrating the occassion?

Noir / Noir, conspiracy, politics and worldview (Spoilers)
« on: October 10, 2019, 11:19:58 AM »
I'm not sure it the title is perfect for this thread but I thought I explore a topic not talked about as much here which is the conspiracy and worldview element of Noir. So let me try to explore and explain.

Noir has a narrative of a great conspiracy with the Soldats controlling the world (ala Illumanti, Freemasons) . Are people drawn to this narrative and partly attracted to the anime because they believe that the world is controlled by powerful elites/oligarchies/organisations? I know I still am after all these years and when I first watched Noir I was losing faith on how the world worked and became far more cynical and realist in the geopolitical sense.

The conspiracy element of Noir was never really explored in detail, we know of factions of whom some are aligned to Altena's, others only see the world running on "wealth and power". In Noir, Altena interprets this as sin and she has an approach to it via 'hate', ridding the world of sinners with Noir. The last episodes shows this 'hate' can never save and one 'must seek the light' as the Soldats Council suggests the world will be perpetually in darkness and under their control. Usually I interpret and discuss with the angle of internal and personal darkness of people's lives but here I like to discuss this in how that affects personal approaches to life and justice.

For me one interpretation, is the seeking of justice/punishment will be doomed and pointless as a Soldats like organisation will control the world and any attempt to redress that will fail. Also the zealotry of attempting to redress such an issue will destroy one's soul and become the monster you wanted to slay. When Mireille says "seek the light" and within the context that she'll continue to be an assassin; one of my interpretations is roughly "Despite the evils I will commit in the future and the world being enveloped in it, I seek to find the inner 'goodness' within me and become a better person in an inner sense. Even if I don't go out of my way to seek justice against the corruption from the most powerful in this world.".

So what I wonder and want to explore is if Mashimo and his team had a didactic message on how one approaches the great corrupt organisations/powers of this world. In typical Bee Train fashion these things are open to many interpretations, mine is probably on the pessimistic end.

All Series / On Bee Train - musings
« on: September 04, 2019, 09:59:05 AM »
I don't really have a single topic but I was wondering what people's thoughts and feelings are on:

What do you think was the essence of Bee Train? Was there one?

What legacy did they leave behind?

How do you feel differently about the studio today?

Are there certain messages from Bee Train anime you still live by?

All Series / New Blade of the Immortal anime
« on: May 20, 2019, 05:58:44 AM »
So there's a new BOTI anime announced which is cool but it won't be created by Bee Train.

El Cazador de la Bruja / El Cazador Parody
« on: October 12, 2018, 09:25:46 PM »
I haven't seen this before but it's amusing. Reminds of the infamous El Caz flute many years ago. I know this person doesn't rate El Caz but I found the parody funny.

El Cazador Parody Episode 18

.hack//* / Too Much .hack//
« on: October 02, 2018, 12:05:17 AM »
I read hackathon and thought hey how about a .hack//athon

MADLAX / Doon's Elenore song (very cheesy)
« on: August 26, 2018, 12:37:36 AM »
My very cheesy Doon's Elenore song, just for fun (and good to sing after a few beers)  ;D

There was once a maid
Who I wanted to get laid
Her name was Elenore
and I asked her to be my whore
That was my pickup line
She said go away you swine
Then I showed her my Gift
and her response was swift
She took a hot iron pan
and stuck it to the man
Oh Elenore Elenore
another ass of me you tore
Was it really necessary?
For another Secondari
Oh why Miss Baker
You took me to my maker!

Avenger / Avenger NewType
« on: June 10, 2018, 10:03:25 PM »
As promised here is some NewType Japan material on Avenger. Enjoy!

 Avenger NewType Material

ELDA TALUTA / World Cup 2018
« on: June 08, 2018, 07:54:54 PM »
Its World Cup time again! So who will guess the winner in Russia? The correct guess will get a free drawing (whatever you want) from me.

.hack//* / .hack Japanese NewType
« on: May 26, 2018, 07:59:26 AM »
I've posted my scans of a Japanese Newtype magazine on .hack dated October 2002.


.hack Scans

.hack//* / True Wings - .hack//Sign fanfic
« on: May 21, 2018, 11:54:30 PM »
I imagine this fanfic poem as Subaru talking to Tsukasa inspired by Fake Wings. It's rare for me to rhyme but seems to work.

True Wings

Behind this screen I can see
A broken soul crying with me
Sad and alone in The World
your life is violently hurled
For thee there is no escape
from this infinite landscape
I cannot soar with my fake wing
to your freedom I yearn to bring

But fly sweet morning light
My love will make it right
Whatever blows in the wind
My love will never rescind
Hold me on the edge of hell
Even when her fires swell
Let my heart heal your inner scar
Then the exit will never be too far

Noir / Fanfic - Straight Shooting
« on: May 02, 2018, 11:18:02 PM »
This is my Noir fanfic for M/K where Kirika discovers Mireille is straight?

Straight Shooting

"As a straight shooter, let me get to the point."

"I'm sorry Kirika, I'm straight" Mireille said to me bluntly.

 I didn't want to hear those lies out of her mouth. It cannot be, maybe my ears went into Alice in Wonderland. No this is Kirika in Wonderland. "This cannot be true" as I sipped my Orange Pekoe tea which was glowing a little in red.

"Kirika, you have to accept the truth. Like your own truth. The past and the present doesn't lie" Mireille conferred in her dignified but cold voice.

"But Mireille, we are in the same bed together"

"That doesn't make us lovers, Kirika. And weren't you interested in that painting man Milan?" Mireille asked with a little tinge of jealousy.

"No it's not like that Mireille, I just love art."

"Even if that's the case, I cannot become gay by just pulling the trigger. Kirika"

Mireille became heated, her face glowed a kind of bright red as the air went from hot to cold and hot again.

"I'm sorry I have to say this, but I'll be dating with a man tomorrow"

"Oh?" I said sadly

Mireille breathed a frustrated sigh as she took a mouthful of her potato gratin.

"As I feared, you might be the greatest assassin on Earth but you do not have the maturity for relationships"

"But I am a straight shooter, you know. I've met a handsome young man and I am attracted to him"

"I see" I replied looking left to the pair of pool balls dangling in the pocket.

Mireille obviously got the hint and like an adult lecturing a child said

"Yes I might have casual sex with him. I am French, sex before marriage that's an American thing? No?"

"You know I'm not a virgin"

I looked down on my chest rather inadequately knowing I cannot please Mireille.

"I'm sure you'll find a good man" Mireille sighed as she sipped my cup of tea.

"Will I? Mireille? Will I? I like only women you know!" I cried

"Sacre Bleu! Homosexuality is a sin Kirika!"

"And murder isn't?" I blurted

I pulled my german pistol from my pocket and said

"If I knew this, you should have just killed me in the graveyard!"

In an instant Mireille slapped me in the face and I went to the ground begging.

"Please Mireille, tell me this is all not true! Please I do anything for your pleasure. Don't tell me you are straight, you fooled me, you lied to me all along!"

"You're the one who is kidding yourself Kirika. Get straight up! This is pathetic!"

"At least tell me the name of the man you're dating?" I cried while catching my breath

"John, John Smith"

After those words I started gasping for air.

"Kirika!, Kirika!"

"Stop suffocating under my breasts!"

I suddenly opened my eyes into Mireille's bra and flushed my cheeks in embarassment.

"Another of your nightmares Kirika?"

I nodded quietly as I shedded a tear.

"For the world's top assassin you sure have a lot of performance anxiety"

As I was about to talk about my dreams

"Let's straighten this out Kirika, close your eyes"

I felt a moist and warm sensation as Mireille kissed into my forehead.

"Kirika, I.... I love you" Mireille said softly as she gently stroked my short hair.

"Our relationship is whatever you want it to be."

"There is no need to be scared this will end up like a bad cable show."

"You just have to believe"

Noir / Noir shots & analysis
« on: April 05, 2018, 07:39:57 AM »
There's not a lot more I can say about what Noir is about but I think one thing that hasn't been explored here much is how Noir composes it's shots. Over the years this is one area I really appreciate more and more.

I'm not trying anything too hard since I'm a relative newbie (no formal film training) but I had a look from the opening scene in Noir to the episode title screen in episode 1. Even in this there's 22 shots!

1. establishing shot - Paris cafe scene which zooms in fast
2. dutch angle - woman folds in her arms
3. long shot - car zoom to the right rather fast
4. medium shot - boots similar to what Mireille wears on the shop window
5. dutch angle shot from the top - Mireille running to her scooter
6. quick close up - women looking a little perturbed
7. medium shot - mireille on scooter parallaxing away to the left
8. establishing shot - from outside scenery to apartment with scooter
9. long shot with tracking - apartment room where Mireille is seated
10. close up - mailbox on her laptop
11. close up over the shoulder - Mireille with laptop and she blinks
12. close up - Mireille clicks her mouse
13. close up - mailbox click leads to Kirika which tracks down
14. close up over the shadow - Mireille with computer and she reacts and puts her mug down
15. close up - mail message from Kirika. Make a pilgrimage to the past with me with her name
16. extreme close up - Mireille scans through message with her eyes
17. close up - intertwine two characters together with Mireille combing with the image glare of Kirika
18. close up - Mireille clicks away the message
19. long shot - Mireille walks away and the music stuns her
20. dutch angle medium over the shoulder - Mireille with the computer and turns her eyes back
21. dutch angle long shot with slow zoom - pulls away from Mireille
22. close up that zooms in - Mireille pulls into extreme close up and the zoom increases speed until it fades to white

I find the opening shots are quite fast, the zoom is moving and then cuts. Mireille is not really seen close up, she's seen from the top and on the side. For me Mireille's flightiness seems to contrast with the shots of the older women. From shot 8 where the outside scenery is cleverly pushed into  Mireille's apartment with the parked scooter the pace is slower. The email is where we get more intimate with her from Kirika's email. The over the shoulder shots and close up of the screen (11-16) and Mireille initiates an exchange despite Kirika not actually being there. When the two characters intertwine in shot 17 it nearly seems like foreshadowing to me. At this point Mireille seems to ignore the email but she stops to the music. The dutch angles set in 20 and 21 set an unease with 20 pulling Mireille towards the laptop(Kirika) and 21's slow zoom out and lighting adding to this mystery surrounding the music. But this pulls her away which I doubt what the creators want, the mystery pulls her in and shot 22 pushes her in fast with zoom till the white fade.

I like to attach a file but it's too big unfortunately.

Noir / Favorite Quotes
« on: February 21, 2018, 11:14:47 PM »
To my surprise we don't have a Favorite Quotes thread for Noir. So here we go here are some of my favourites:

Mireille: Even when...I was in a crowd, I was always alone.(It's so poignant and relevant for me)

Belladonna Lily Woman: I hated them at first, because belladonnas are poisonous, you know? ...But even if they were poisonous, they were the flowers he loved most. (I love the metaphor in that)

Soldats Leader: Power and wealth are what make the world turn upon its axis. (I see the world like that)

Uncle Claude: Mireille, let's return to the lake (Probably not great without context but within that episode, that metaphor about revisiting the past was great and El Caz does a great homage in ep 14(the same episode this was in Noir) by going to the Lake)

Mireille: A wounded beast only sees it's own pain.(Yeah that's true and kinda profound)

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