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All Series / Re: Meine Liebe Rewatch 2022
« on: July 13, 2022, 10:21:58 AM »
Spoiler:  Episode 6 • show

[11:02] BiitoreinGoji: Episode 6 then?
[11:02] ShadowBlazer3000: yeah ready
[11:02] Noirlax: sure
[11:02] MartAnimE: I'm ready
[11:02] BiitoreinGoji: ready
[11:03] Noirlax: I'm ready for some shirtless isaac
[11:03] MartAnimE: :smile:
[11:03] MartAnimE: I lost all my buttons in the war :sir_isaac:
[11:04] Noirlax: lol
[11:04] MartAnimE: lol
[11:04] BiitoreinGoji: @forlornhope
[11:04] forlornhope: sorry, ready
[11:04] ShadowBlazer3000: go
[11:04] BiitoreinGoji: go
[11:04] forlornhope: go
[11:04] Noirlax: go :sir_isaac:
[11:04] MartAnimE: Go~! :sir_isaac:
[11:05] Noirlax: They were Marquis :open_mouth:
[11:05] MartAnimE: ah fair enough
[11:05] MartAnimE: I can't tell the difference :sweat_smile:
[11:05] forlornhope: I don't know the difference tbh :sweat_smile:
[11:05] forlornhope: lol
[11:05] Noirlax: But I only know one Marquis :smile:
[11:05] MartAnimE: lol oh dear
[11:05] Noirlax: I think they are different ranks Marquis is above Baron
[11:05] ShadowBlazer3000: a nobleman who's higher than a count but lower than a Baron
[11:06] Noirlax: oh
[11:06] ShadowBlazer3000: sorry Below a Duke
[11:06] Noirlax: my mistake
[11:06] ShadowBlazer3000: I'm not sure where they stack against Barons
[11:06] Noirlax: Dunno that pirates game taught me :smile:
[11:06] Noirlax: But I think higher
[11:06] MartAnimE: I like this track
[11:07] Noirlax: No comment
[11:07] forlornhope: I love how Issac has a motorcycle in the op. has to be cool :sunglasses:
[11:07] ShadowBlazer3000: okay I don't know why but I was thrown off by the Japanese for a second
[11:07] MartAnimE: lol I know
[11:07] MartAnimE: I think it was the music
[11:07] Noirlax: On my tab, cause I'm so hot you don't want to charge me :smile:
[11:08] MartAnimE: the music sounded so classy that it felt like they were gonna speak english
[11:08] Noirlax: snooker fun
[11:08] forlornhope: new person :open_mouth:
[11:08] Noirlax: oh 1931
[11:09] MartAnimE: he's an extra
[11:09] Noirlax: later than I thought
[11:09] MartAnimE: probably not gonna stick around
[11:09] ShadowBlazer3000: just about to say the same
[11:09] forlornhope: ah ok
[11:09] MartAnimE: he's either gonna die or get arrested :sweat_smile:
[11:09] forlornhope: one of the two :sweat_smile:
[11:09] MartAnimE: maybe :thinking:
[11:10] BiitoreinGoji: This soundtrack
[11:10] Noirlax: cool soundtrack
[11:10] MartAnimE: I like the strings
[11:10] BiitoreinGoji: :violin:
[11:10] BiitoreinGoji: I see spy
[11:12] Noirlax: lead the citizens and attain glory :open_mouth:
[11:12] forlornhope: ambitious :open_mouth:
[11:12] BiitoreinGoji: "I didn't ask for your opinion" LOL
[11:13] forlornhope: bulding
[11:13] MartAnimE: feels like Ludwig and Orpheus are on opposite extremes
[11:13] BiitoreinGoji: That lighting
[11:13] MartAnimE: they should definitely work together and temper each other's ideas :smile:
[11:14] Noirlax: Interesting Isaac's lecture
[11:14] MartAnimE: I agree with Isaac
[11:15] BiitoreinGoji: This anime's based
[11:15] MartAnimE: he's more experienced about the world after all
[11:15] Noirlax: The middle ground from the older person usually happens
[11:15] forlornhope: lol got burned
[11:15] Noirlax: And his perspective as being a soldier on the ground
[11:16] MartAnimE: he sacrificed his shirt buttons for the country!
[11:16] Noirlax: lol
[11:16] forlornhope: :smile:
[11:16] Noirlax: He's a Brit!
[11:16] MartAnimE: he's a Sir too
[11:16] Noirlax: maybe a spy too :v
[11:17] MartAnimE: tea party :teapot:
[11:17] Noirlax: I get the feeling this is a little country and the brits and the germans have designs on them
[11:17] BiitoreinGoji: full moon
[11:18] MartAnimE: it's sweet of them, coming to defend their friends
[11:19] forlornhope: uh oh trapped in
[11:19] BiitoreinGoji: Like that Spongebob deleted scene!
[11:20] MartAnimE: :fire:
[11:20] Noirlax: uh oh they are getting burned again
[11:20] forlornhope: lol a different kind of burn
[11:20] MartAnimE: oh noes Isaac
[11:20] ShadowBlazer3000: briefcase full of money :briefcase:
[11:21] MartAnimE: don't take the money
[11:21] forlornhope: oh no another character with sister drama
[11:21] Noirlax: hard choices
[11:21] MartAnimE: it's unavoidable
[11:23] MartAnimE: Ludwig doesn't wanna get his shirt dirty
[11:23] Noirlax: Just surviving
[11:23] forlornhope: lol
[11:23] ShadowBlazer3000: burning to death with peppy violin music
[11:23] MartAnimE: lol
[11:23] Noirlax: lol Alex
[11:23] forlornhope: lol
[11:23] MartAnimE: I knew they had to work together
[11:23] forlornhope: good they're working together though :smile:
[11:24] forlornhope: issac doesn't like money. jk
[11:24] BiitoreinGoji: The whole building burned to the ground!
[11:24] forlornhope: :open_mouth:
[11:25] MartAnimE: lol Ludwig
[11:25] forlornhope: lol
[11:25] Noirlax: lol apologizing for Orpheus
[11:26] ShadowBlazer3000: oh a Cavendish
[11:26] ShadowBlazer3000:
[11:26] MartAnimE: is that a famous name?
[11:26] ShadowBlazer3000: probably not but made me think of her
[11:26] MartAnimE: lol
[11:26] ShadowBlazer3000: hey, He's British, she's British
[11:27] ShadowBlazer3000: I'm sensing a pattern here :thinking:
[11:27] Noirlax: and they both love tea
[11:27] forlornhope: what show is that?
[11:27] BiitoreinGoji: What an episode!
[11:27] forlornhope: lol
[11:27] Noirlax: Great episode yeah
[11:27] ShadowBlazer3000: a conspiracy seperated by years
[11:27] forlornhope: yeah, I liked it
[11:27] ShadowBlazer3000: Little Witch Academia
[11:27] MartAnimE: I liked it a lot
[11:27] forlornhope: oh
[11:27] MartAnimE: all the players have been properly introduced now
[11:28] BiitoreinGoji: I think the anime is now better than the game it's based on.
[11:28] MartAnimE: I imagine so
[11:28] Noirlax: That talk with Isaac about surviving and his horrors which I presume is WW1 is topped off with the two guys helping each other for survival. Great stuff
[11:29] MartAnimE: they're maturing
[11:29] Noirlax: Isaac is James Bond before James Bond :smile:
[11:29] Noirlax: jk
[11:29] MartAnimE: Isaac can be sort of a mentor figure, I thought
[11:30] MartAnimE: doesn't strike me as a womanizer though :smile:
[11:30] Noirlax: lol as I said jk
[11:31] MartAnimE: I know, but interestingly enough, none of them seem interested in women in a romantic way, but many have a sister complex ??
[11:31] Noirlax: :smile:
[11:31] forlornhope: yeah :smile:
[11:31] MartAnimE: well, that's very anime I suppose :sweat_smile:
[11:32] MartAnimE: but it's handled tastefully in this show
[11:32] MartAnimE: it adds to their trauma
[11:32] MartAnimE: and their trauma makes them more interesting characters
[11:33] MartAnimE: another thing Bee Train characters seem to have in common
[11:33] Noirlax: true
[11:33] MartAnimE: next episode seems like it will be more chill
[11:34] Noirlax: oh cool
[11:34] MartAnimE: perhaps the calm before the storm
[11:34] Noirlax: perhaps
[11:34] Noirlax: Isaac's moderating influence is interesting and his half serious, free attitude is nice.
[11:35] Noirlax: I'm surprised the anime's setting is in the 1930s thought it was earlier
[11:35] MartAnimE: it might be that their country is old fashioned
[11:35] Noirlax: so that's probably a Nazi blimp hovering above them :open_mouth:
[11:36] MartAnimE: oh noes, I knew it felt ominous :sweat_smile:
[11:36] Noirlax: That airship reminds me of the Hindenburg :v
[11:36] MartAnimE: it's gonna crash and burn the school in the final episode :sweat_smile:
[11:37] Noirlax: lol
[11:37] MartAnimE: just kidding, I don't remember what happens really, but I know it's not that :smile:
[11:38] Noirlax: Awww
[11:38] Noirlax: That be glorious :smile:
[11:38] MartAnimE: it's been nice revisiting these characters
[11:38] forlornhope: I don't think it's that kind of show :smile: I think Issac is my favorite of the group so far
[11:38] MartAnimE: I'd love to see them grow and develop more
[11:38] MartAnimE: yeah Isaac is the coolest
[11:39] Noirlax: Do you like Isaac cause he's cool or because he's shirtless? or both? XD
[11:39] MartAnimE: but I like Camus too, he's got a very interesting gift
[11:40] MartAnimE: I like he's not mocked for being frail or seen as feminine
[11:40] forlornhope: both? XD idk he seems more mature and interesting than the younger cast
[11:40] MartAnimE: no toxic masculinity, which is refreshing
[11:40] forlornhope: I like Camus too
[11:40] Noirlax: Camus is a nice character, Naoji and Ed too. Ludwig and Orpheus have depth but still could be explored more for me.
[11:42] Noirlax: Seriously yeah Isaac is more mature and seems to be of a more interesting background like he's been places. The others do feel like the sons of aristocrats.
[11:43] forlornhope: not sure if Ludwig's episode made me like him more. I guess I understand more
[11:43] MartAnimE: I get the impression that Orpherus and Ludwig are the most confident in the group, which makes them charismatic among their peers, and makes them clash with each other more, ironically they might have the most growing up to do
[11:44] Noirlax: I feel Ludwig is getting less cold for me, melting a bit.
[11:44] Noirlax: Ironically yeah :smile:
[11:45] MartAnimE: I kinda like their rivalry now, it seems they can both learn a lot with each other
[11:45] Noirlax: Kinda like a message of this ep like you can have diametrically opposed ideas but it's still better to work together to survive in this world.
[11:45] MartAnimE: yup
[11:46] MartAnimE: what else hmm :thinking:
[11:47] MartAnimE: oh yeah, there was the mysterious cloaked spy :chloe:
[11:47] Noirlax: Isaac is like baby bear when it comes to ruling, oh yeah spies. It's like the bribery scene they had a gentlemen's agreement.
[11:48] MartAnimE: I remember him now, but won't spoil anything :smile:
[11:48] MartAnimE: interested to see what you all make of it later
[11:49] Noirlax: Sounds fun
[11:50] forlornhope: :detective:
[11:51] Noirlax: If I was the other guy offering the bribe, I take the money Isaac refused and settle somewhere else lol
[11:51] MartAnimE: that's probably what he did :smile:
[11:51] Noirlax: lol
[11:52] MartAnimE: he did tell them to keep the money :money_with_wings:
[11:52] MartAnimE: motorcycle gas must be cheap for him :sweat_smile:
[11:53] MartAnimE: think that's all from me
[11:53] MartAnimE: any more thoughts on these episodes?
[11:53] ShadowBlazer3000: nothing from me
[11:54] forlornhope: not really
[11:54] Noirlax: No, it's been a great watch. Great ideas and getting more interesting. Seems like a hidden gem.
[11:54] Noirlax: anything else Goji?
[11:55] MartAnimE: we're all good for next week?
[11:55] ShadowBlazer3000: should be
[11:55] Noirlax: think so
[11:58] MartAnimE: think you can close it Riki
[11:58] Noirlax: okies
[11:58] Noirlax: ----- THE END ------

All Series / Re: Meine Liebe Rewatch 2022
« on: July 12, 2022, 11:31:57 AM »
Spoiler: Episode 5 • show

[09:34] MartAnimE: @Rewatch in about 30 minutes!
[09:56] Noirlax: Need a few more min to get ready
[09:57] forlornhope: Same
[10:03] MartAnimE: no prob, just got here myself
[10:03] MartAnimE: report when ready
[10:06] BiitoreinGoji: ready
[10:07] Noirlax: ready
[10:07] ShadowBlazer3000: ready
[10:07] MartAnimE: ready :dog:
[10:08] Noirlax: More bishie subtext today
[10:08] MartAnimE: yes! :smile:
[10:08] MartAnimE: think we haven't had Ludwig and Isaac episodes yet
[10:08] Noirlax: Get the fangirls excited :smile:
[10:09] MartAnimE: I forgot who I was shipping already :thinking:
[10:10] Noirlax: Ship them all, it's free
[10:10] MartAnimE: maybe Orphe/Ed
[10:10] Noirlax: Free shipping
[10:10] MartAnimE: lol yeah but I like ships with substance more than crack pairings :smile:
[10:11] Noirlax: Still it's ship one get one free
[10:11] Noirlax: :smile:
[10:11] forlornhope: ok, I'm ready now
[10:11] MartAnimE: :thumbsup:
[10:12] MartAnimE: I will post last go
[10:12] forlornhope: go
[10:12] BiitoreinGoji: go
[10:12] Noirlax: go
[10:13] MartAnimE: @ShadowBlazer3000
[10:15] MartAnimE: everything ok? :thinking:
[10:16] Noirlax: Did the blimp in that anime attack you? :open_mouth:
[10:16] MartAnimE: he got shipped into another realm :sweat_smile:
[10:16] forlornhope: lol
[10:17] ShadowBlazer3000: go
[10:17] MartAnimE: Go~! :orpherus:
[10:17] MartAnimE: episodes 5 and 6 tonight
[10:18] Noirlax: Ludwig and Orpheus good contrast, yellow and purple
[10:18] MartAnimE: they're colour coded for your convenience
[10:18] Noirlax: yup :smile:
[10:18] forlornhope: lol
[10:19] Noirlax: Ludwig the perfect student
[10:19] MartAnimE: Lui's episode
[10:19] forlornhope: smol ludwig
[10:19] BiitoreinGoji: Little Snape
[10:19] MartAnimE: maybe now he will seem less edgelord to me
[10:19] Noirlax: Hauteur
[10:20] BiitoreinGoji: Not many Bee Train characters have beards, do they?
[10:21] ShadowBlazer3000: no not really
[10:21] MartAnimE: guess not
[10:21] Noirlax: Baron Lichenstein. Guess not
[10:21] MartAnimE: no love for the Duke
[10:22] MartAnimE: creepy cloak spy in the car :chloe:
[10:22] Noirlax: Shady stuff
[10:22] MartAnimE: Isaac is too cool for horses :motorcycle:
[10:23] MartAnimE: Ludwig, marry this lady!
[10:23] MartAnimE: but father, I'm gay :ludwig:
[10:23] forlornhope: :smile:
[10:23] Noirlax: for :orpherus:
[10:23] MartAnimE: totally :smile:
[10:23] MartAnimE: big yaoi tsun tsun
[10:24] Noirlax: big guy uses little teacup
[10:25] MartAnimE: ominous blimp
[10:25] BiitoreinGoji: full moon
[10:26] Noirlax: nice transition with the book closing
[10:26] ShadowBlazer3000:
[10:26] Noirlax: purple moon :open_mouth:
[10:26] MartAnimE: pretty purple moon
[10:27] MartAnimE: poor Naoji, never had a chance :broken_heart:
[10:29] MartAnimE: so many fangirls and fanboys
[10:29] Noirlax: yup
[10:31] Noirlax: reason and emotion, understanding oneself interesting
[10:32] MartAnimE: it's refreshing to watch a group of male characters in an anime talking about feelings and displaying emotional intelligence
[10:32] Noirlax: true
[10:32] BiitoreinGoji: 3D models?
[10:32] MartAnimE: where?
[10:33] ShadowBlazer3000: the chandlers and family crest
[10:33] ShadowBlazer3000: done in CGI
[10:33] MartAnimE: ah ok, looked away for a sec
[10:33] forlornhope: yeah kinda looked cg
[10:33] BiitoreinGoji: At least they look better than Berserk
[10:34] MartAnimE: Camus always wears shorts
[10:34] MartAnimE: :camus:
[10:34] MartAnimE: :shorts:
[10:34] ShadowBlazer3000: they're comfy and easy to wear
[10:34] MartAnimE: lol yes
[10:35] MartAnimE: oh damn
[10:35] BiitoreinGoji: It's war
[10:35] MartAnimE: a murder attempt
[10:35] Noirlax: attempted assassination :open_mouth:
[10:35] MartAnimE: good thing they have Camus
[10:35] forlornhope: oh no :open_mouth:
[10:37] MartAnimE: meow :cat:
[10:38] MartAnimE: the cat knows! the cat saw everything :myshkin:
[10:38] BiitoreinGoji: "I don't know what to believe anymore" so true
[10:38] Noirlax: The cat was the one who planted the bomb. :open_mouth:
[10:38] Noirlax: True Goji
[10:38] MartAnimE: you've seen sniper cat
[10:38] MartAnimE: now get ready for bomber cat
[10:39] Noirlax: That was interesting, political intrigue coming in now
[10:39] Noirlax: as well as sensitivity
[10:39] BiitoreinGoji: Like Game of Thrones
[10:39] MartAnimE: yeah feel there'll be more of it
[10:39] Noirlax: Ludwig seemed to have worked out they might do something like this :v
[10:40] MartAnimE: he's a smart guy
[10:40] BiitoreinGoji: I'm gonna make a tea
[10:40] BiitoreinGoji: be right back
[10:40] Noirlax: Very much a means justifies the ends Ludwig but actually he's hiding he's kind of a softie
[10:40] MartAnimE: go ahead :teapot:
[10:41] Noirlax: and Camus knows :rose:
10:41] MartAnimE: yeah, a tsundere
[10:41] MartAnimE: Camus can see the best in everyone
[10:41] MartAnimE: even if they're trying to hide it
[10:42] Noirlax: You can't hide the bromance in you Ludwig
[10:42] MartAnimE: or rather, he can sense people's true feelings and intentions
[10:42] Noirlax: I see everything!
[10:42] forlornhope: lol
[10:42] MartAnimE: but I think they're cousins :smile:
[10:42] forlornhope: maybe he just has resting bitch face :smile:
[10:42] ShadowBlazer3000: when has that ever stopped anyone
[10:42] MartAnimE: he does!
[10:43] MartAnimE: kissing cousins :two_hearts:
[10:43] Noirlax: There's also Naoji and Orpheus
[10:44] MartAnimE: and Naoji and Ed
[10:44] Noirlax: Yaoi harem
[10:44] MartAnimE: and Naoji and Ludwig
[10:44] MartAnimE: so many ships
[10:44] BiitoreinGoji: I'm back :tea:
[10:44] MartAnimE: I forget how Isaac fits with the rest
[10:44] MartAnimE: wb Goji
[10:44] Noirlax: wb
[10:44] MartAnimE: any more thoughts on the episode?
[10:45] BiitoreinGoji: I just found out Isaac and the Beast Titan have the same voice actor
[10:45] BiitoreinGoji: Takehito Koyasu
[10:45] Noirlax: I think another very good episode, thoughtful.
[10:45] BiitoreinGoji: Interesting so far
[10:45] MartAnimE: oh Takehito Koyasu is a big name in anime
[10:45] Noirlax: It's an anime for pondering and relationships rather than for the action
[10:46] MartAnimE: I first heard about him back in the 90s
[10:47] MartAnimE: yeah Riki, there's some action, but it's not an action show
[10:47] MartAnimE: more about the characters and the intrigue
[10:48] Noirlax: That ep was a lot of talking and the action that I only really noticed was the :bomb:
[10:48] MartAnimE: yup
[10:48] MartAnimE: there's occasional things like assassination attempts, duels
[10:49] MartAnimE: but they often serve to illustrate a more personal or political point
[10:49] Noirlax: these things just help the conversation and intrigue along lol
[10:49] Noirlax: yeah
[10:49] MartAnimE: yeah precisely
[10:50] MartAnimE: it's a battle of ideologies between characters, fought with philosophical discussions :smile:
[10:50] BiitoreinGoji: Yeah a plot usually requires the viewer to remember certain things.
[10:50] Noirlax: lol Marta, it's kind of true
[10:51] Noirlax: Ludwig is a realist
[10:51] Noirlax: kinda Machiavellian
[10:51] BiitoreinGoji: And sometimes people that don't want to remember what they watch will have ludicrous takes like this:
[10:52] MartAnimE: yeah Ludwig is very aware of his social standing, and tries to use it to his advantage
[10:52] MartAnimE: while some of the other characters might feel trapped by it
[10:53] Noirlax: true
[10:53] Noirlax: I kinda like what other people find boring Goji :sweat_smile:
[10:53] MartAnimE: but I agree with Camus, he does seem rather sad, like he denies his own humanity in a way
[10:53] BiitoreinGoji: Me too.
[10:53] Noirlax: true
[10:54] MartAnimE: yeah, same, and I think that's particularly true for Bee Train anime
[10:54] Noirlax: It's hard to find birds of a feather in that respect but I'm glad we have BTF
[10:55] BiitoreinGoji: It's almost like Bee Train anime cared about the animators making it and storytelling
[10:56] ShadowBlazer3000: i agree
[10:56] MartAnimE: the studio was a hospital for animators after all ^^
[10:56] Noirlax: I feel BT anime cared a lot about their storytelling and ideas but don't have the best animators. They are there to nuture them.
[10:57] MartAnimE: and I think they made a great point that you don't need great animation to tell a great story
[10:57] Noirlax: I mean it's not a paradise for people who want to do cool sakuga effects and fights
[10:57] Noirlax: I think so Marta
[10:58] ShadowBlazer3000: and this may be a bit counter intuitive but I think they were usually better at storytelling more than animation.  Like when really indy off beat animators and artists are together I feel they get too focused on the animation.  It's why I have a hard time getting into Trigger's anime
[10:58] MartAnimE: ah that makes sense Alex
[10:58] Noirlax: You have a good point Alex
[10:58] Noirlax: I like to classify animation on a spectrum
[10:59] BiitoreinGoji: Kill La Kill's got a good story behind it, I haven't seen Little Witch Academia.
[10:59] MartAnimE: another of their strengths was I always felt their characters were very believable and relatable
[10:59] Noirlax: one end is animation for the sake of animators, it's all visual movement and flow, the other end is animation done for the sake of directing/storytelling.
[11:00] MartAnimE: relying less on archetypes or tropes and more on trying to make them sound human
[11:00] MartAnimE: in all their flaws and subtleties
[11:01] MartAnimE: and the quietness and introspection also, which probably resonates a lot with introverts
[11:01] Noirlax: yeah, I find animation which I find technically wow but emotionally doesn't resonate as much.
[11:02] Noirlax: Different strokes (of the pen) for different folks :smile:
[11:02] MartAnimE: yup

Noir / Re: Let's show off our "non-licensed merchandise"
« on: June 29, 2022, 08:59:04 PM »
Awesome you have a P99 FallenAngel, certainly looks like the one Mireille has. I've had the opportunity to fire a P99 10 years ago, quite a solid firearm.

All Series / Re: Meine Liebe Rewatch 2022
« on: June 22, 2022, 07:50:49 PM »
Spoiler: Episode 4 • show
[10:49] MartAnimE: I'm ready for episode 4 btw
[10:49] Noirlax: same
[10:49] forlornhope: ready
[10:50] ShadowBlazer3000: ready
[10:50] BiitoreinGoji: And then she snipes MulDoon
[10:50] BiitoreinGoji: ready
[10:50] forlornhope: go
[10:50] Noirlax: Go~! :naoji:
[10:50] ShadowBlazer3000: go
[10:50] BiitoreinGoji: go
[10:50] MartAnimE: Go~! :orpherus:
[10:52] Noirlax: That hand move makes me think of TRC
[10:52] Noirlax: and what a horse
[10:52] MartAnimE: so much horse energy in the OP :horse:
[10:52] Noirlax: Orpheus thinks he's Napoleon with that pose
[10:53] Noirlax: Kingdom of Kuchen
[10:54] BiitoreinGoji: The era of chaos?
[10:54] BiitoreinGoji: Imperialist Japan?
[10:54] Noirlax: I wonder
[10:54] MartAnimE: this doesn't necessarily follow real world history
[10:54] BiitoreinGoji: Be better, boy
[10:54] ShadowBlazer3000: the period aesthetic seems right for it
[10:54] MartAnimE: so it's hard to say what they are referring to
[10:55] BiitoreinGoji: gay?
[10:55] MartAnimE: Ludwig coming off rather strong :smile:
[10:55] ShadowBlazer3000: ambiguously gay
[10:56] Noirlax: The only path for you is to be my lover  :smile:
[10:56] MartAnimE: Naoji you're mine! :V
[10:57] MartAnimE: think the ships so far are Orpherus/Ed and Ludwig/Naoji
[10:57] BiitoreinGoji: That was funny
[10:57] MartAnimE: but Orpherus/Ludwig have that rivalry to lovers energy
[10:58] Noirlax: lol Ed fell over
[10:58] MartAnimE: trying to lighten the mood :eduard:
[10:59] MartAnimE: that girl is the girl from the game I think!
[11:00] MartAnimE: shouldn't practice with real swords :grimacing:
[11:00] Noirlax: Those girls all hanging around you Isaac, OOC.
[11:00] Noirlax: Real swords :open_mouth:
[11:00] MartAnimE: "both of you... get a room"
[11:01] BiitoreinGoji: Full moon
[11:02] MartAnimE: Ed was spying on him :sweat_smile:
[11:02] ShadowBlazer3000: the subs explain it only for him to explain it a second later
[11:02] MartAnimE: ok maybe Ed/Naoji is another ship
[11:03] MartAnimE: everyone so shippable
[11:03] Noirlax: They make a good ship
[11:07] MartAnimE: that's rather touching
[11:07] MartAnimE: the diary
[11:07] MartAnimE: Ed is pretty cool on a horse :horse_racing:
[11:07] Noirlax: It's a real touching scene I really like it
[11:08] MartAnimE: duel :crossed_swords:
[11:09] ShadowBlazer3000: it's a ghost :ghost:
[11:09] MartAnimE: oh man, it's a ghost :ghost:
[11:09] Noirlax: wow
[11:11] MartAnimE: I had totally forgotten about that, the supernatural encounter
[11:11] MartAnimE: that was great!
[11:12] Noirlax: That was!
[11:12] Noirlax: tear in my eye from that
[11:12] BiitoreinGoji: That was weird
[11:13] MartAnimE: I feel for Naoji, being away from his homeland and feeling disconnected at times
[11:13] BiitoreinGoji: Yeah that sense of comradery.
[11:14] Noirlax: I felt that dying man's soul was giving him advice as well in a way
[11:14] MartAnimE: yeah
[11:15] MartAnimE: and them having that connection of speaking and reading the same language after so long
[11:15] Noirlax: yeah
[11:15] MartAnimE: probably rare to find other Japanese people in the country
[11:16] BiitoreinGoji: Kinda weird since everyone speaks Japanese, but this is an anime.
[11:16] MartAnimE: we should probably assume they're speaking German most of the time
[11:17] MartAnimE: and only the scenes between Naoji and the poet were truly in Japanese
[11:17] MartAnimE: on another note, I think so far the rewatch has been pretty interesting, I noticed how the episodes have been paired thematically, perhaps accidentaly
[11:17] MartAnimE: 1 and 2 explores Orpherus and Ed's sister dramas
[11:18] MartAnimE: while 3 and 4 kinda touch on the supernatural, with Camus and Naoji being more in tune with it perhaps
[11:19] BiitoreinGoji: I remember Evangelion where everyone spoke Japanese, except when Asuka spoke German because she's German
[11:19] MartAnimE: true, but that takes place in Japan
[11:19] BiitoreinGoji: And I can see the supernatural at work
[11:20] BiitoreinGoji: I just think it's more fitting.
[11:20] MartAnimE: what's more fitting?
[11:21] BiitoreinGoji: Having a show set in a country and everyone speaks that country's native language
[11:21] MartAnimE: ah yeah, I think it's always a safe assumption
[11:22] BiitoreinGoji: Which is why I prefer Noir and Madlax's English dubs.
[11:22] MartAnimE: I think by that logic Noir's most accurate dub would be the French one :smile:
[11:23] MartAnimE: though I do think they speak English in Nafrece
[11:23] BiitoreinGoji: Then you would have the Middle Easterns speaking French lol
[11:23] BiitoreinGoji: Episode 6 was it?
[11:23] MartAnimE: well, it's no weirder than them speaking Japanese
[11:24] BiitoreinGoji: BTW, did you all hear the floating restaurant Jumbo in Hong Kong was towed away?
[11:24] Noirlax: yes I did
[11:24] MartAnimE: I'm not familiar
[11:24] Noirlax: That's kinda sad
[11:24] BiitoreinGoji: I never had the pleasure of dining there.
[11:24] MartAnimE: why was it towed away?
[11:24] Noirlax: Nor did I, it went broke.
[11:25] BiitoreinGoji: It closed in 2020 due to the pandemic
[11:25] MartAnimE: ah fair enough
[11:25] MartAnimE: perhaps it will reopen in the future
[11:25] MartAnimE: any more thoughts on Meine Liebe?
[11:26] BiitoreinGoji: I'm liking it so far
[11:26] Noirlax: Yes, I really liked Ep 4, I'm a sucker for sentimentality so I thought it was great
[11:26] Noirlax: Ep 3 with Camus was great too, sensitive
[11:27] MartAnimE: yeah, I think so far the show has not shied away from sentimentality
[11:27] BiitoreinGoji: And it's rather refreshing watching an anime from the early 2000s
[11:27] Noirlax: and quite yaoi
[11:27] Noirlax: in a way :smile:
[11:27] BiitoreinGoji: Modern anime feels kinda meh
[11:27] MartAnimE: I do enjoy the portrayal of the more sensitive side of these boys
[11:27] Noirlax: But then Isaac hangs with all the girls :smile:
[11:27] BiitoreinGoji: with a few exceptions
[11:28] Noirlax: Which modern anime makes you feel meh?
[11:28] MartAnimE: I don't think Isaac is a playboy necessarily, he's just older and more experienced probably :smile:
[11:28] Noirlax: lol sort of joking there
[11:28] BiitoreinGoji: It's just what's on the market right now doesn't catch my interest
[11:29] BiitoreinGoji: Birdie Wing caught my interest because Kuroda is the writer
[11:29] MartAnimE: I've been enjoying Spy Family and Birdie Wing a lot
[11:29] MartAnimE: but yeah, it's hard to find something with heart sometimes
[11:29] BiitoreinGoji: And Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 isn't out yet
[11:31] Noirlax: The style of filmmaking seems more uniform but the settings are more diverse, that's how I generally feel about anime today.
[11:32] MartAnimE: I kinda don't like the trend of overly long and overly descriptive titles, but that's more of a pet peeve, doesn't necessarily mean the anime will be bad, it just makes me instinctively not wanna watch it as much :sweat_smile:
[11:33] BiitoreinGoji: Overly descriptive titles long as long as run on sentences
[11:33] BiitoreinGoji: As they're based on Light Novels with long titles?
[11:33] Noirlax: There should be an anime title - "When I'm reincarnated, I don't want to watch an anime with a long title"
[11:33] ShadowBlazer3000: most of them are
[11:34] BiitoreinGoji: And the reasoning is because people don't read the blurp on the back of the book, so the blurb is the title?
[11:34] ShadowBlazer3000: I don't know
[11:34] ShadowBlazer3000: maybe
[11:35] MartAnimE: lol Riki
[11:35] MartAnimE: I guess it was funny at first, it just kinda got old when too many shows started doing it :sweat_smile:
[11:37] BiitoreinGoji: I'm gonna head out
[11:37] BiitoreinGoji: see ya later
[11:37] MartAnimE: okies Goji
[11:37] MartAnimE: thanks for joining
[11:37] Noirlax: seeya later Goji
[11:37] MartAnimE: we're having the next rewatch next week, same time
[11:38] MartAnimE: I will pin it here
[11:38] MartAnimE: Bai Bai :dog:
[11:38] MartAnimE: ***
[11:38] MartAnimE: back to rewatch talk, I do feel Meine Liebe characters have a certain stiffness to them, but it kinda works with the setting
[11:39] MartAnimE: it would be weird for them to be overly animated, in an anime stereotypical way
[11:39] MartAnimE: I guess we can say it's very Bee Trainy
[11:39] MartAnimE: they feel more like real people than anime characters
[11:40] Noirlax: Bee Train might be kinda stiff cause their characters are kind of more serious usually?
[11:40] MartAnimE: yeah, more serious and their display of emotion is more subtle
[11:41] Noirlax: That's probably true and probably influenced my own work too.
[11:41] MartAnimE: it's been nice to revisit it
[11:41] MartAnimE: especially in a show I'm not as familiar with, having only seen it once before, and many years ago
[11:41] Noirlax: I've been enjoying the emphasis on different characters
[11:42] MartAnimE: I'm enjoying you guys' first time reactions too :nerd:
[11:42] Noirlax: cool
[11:42] MartAnimE: anything you wanna add, Alex?
[11:44] ShadowBlazer3000: it has been nice to see this show be able to give its cast due time to development.  It's a pitfall too many shows with large cast of characters fall into, they  forget half the cast
[11:44] Noirlax: agreed
[11:45] MartAnimE: yeah
[11:45] MartAnimE: I like that every character has a complex personality and backstory
[11:46] MartAnimE: and they're not all there just to support Orpherus, who kinda is the show's "main main character"
[11:47] MartAnimE: I also like they're not just simply divided into Orpherus and Ludwig's factions, as they seem to have the stronger personalities in the group
[11:47] Noirlax: Orpheus doesn't feel like the main main character atm, it feels like a group for me. And it doesn't feel like it's definitely split into an Orpheus and Ludwig camp.
[11:47] MartAnimE: they each care and relate and interact with each other in a sincere way
[11:48] Noirlax: Everyone is their own man/boy.
[11:48] MartAnimE: maybe the Orpherus focus comes later or maybe I'm remembering wrong? guess we'll see
[11:48] Noirlax: We'll see
[11:50] MartAnimE: definetly looking forward to more, two episodes is short but guess it gives us more time to ponder and discuss on each
[11:50] Noirlax: yeah
[11:50] MartAnimE: think that's it from me, any last thoughts? ^^
[11:50] Noirlax: That's it from me.
[11:51] MartAnimE: thank you all for the thoughts!
[11:51] Noirlax: ----- THE END -----

All Series / Re: Meine Liebe Rewatch 2022
« on: June 22, 2022, 07:49:59 PM »
Spoiler: Episode 3 • show
[10:00] MartAnimE: @Rewatch report when ready! :dog:
[10:01] ShadowBlazer3000: Murder Princess was released in 2007
[10:01] ShadowBlazer3000: and ready too
[10:01] MartAnimE: 2007 was a good year :smile:
[10:02] MartAnimE: also noticed lots of Bee Train titles have 7 letters :thinking:
[10:04] forlornhope: ready I guess
[10:05] BiitoreinGoji: So to my best understanding, MLiebe is about a group of class mates studying statesmanship?
[10:05] MartAnimE: yeah something like that
[10:05] MartAnimE: will you be joining us today Goji?
[10:06] BiitoreinGoji: Yeah, I figure I give this show a shot since it is a Bee Train anime
[10:06] MartAnimE: cool
[10:06] BiitoreinGoji: and it is in my name
[10:06] MartAnimE: would you like to get a Rewatch role then?
[10:06] BiitoreinGoji: yeah
[10:07] forlornhope: episodes 3 and 4 today, right?
[10:07] BiitoreinGoji: yes
[10:07] forlornhope: :thumbsup:
[10:07] MartAnimE: there you go
[10:08] BiitoreinGoji: And so far, Orpherus has a personal stake in this as his sister was assassinated by a rival state?
[10:08] MartAnimE: yeah, something like that
[10:09] MartAnimE: the first 2 episodes were more introducing the characters
[10:09] MartAnimE: it's kind of a character driven story
[10:09] MartAnimE: though there's a plot later on
[10:09] Noirlax: ok ready
[10:09] BiitoreinGoji: ready
[10:09] MartAnimE: I only watched it once myself, so my memory is kinda fuzzy
[10:09] MartAnimE: ready
[10:10] forlornhope: go
[10:10] ShadowBlazer3000: go
[10:10] BiitoreinGoji: go
[10:10] Noirlax: Go~!
[10:10] MartAnimE: Go~! :orpherus:
[10:10] forlornhope: sempai
[10:11] MartAnimE: it's a fansub so they do keep certain japanese words like that :sweat_smile:
[10:11] MartAnimE: the funniest one last time was "Father-sama" ??
[10:11] forlornhope: yeah :smile:
[10:11] Noirlax: :smile:
[10:12] MartAnimE: chibi Camus is cute
[10:12] ShadowBlazer3000: Mother-sama and Father-sama
[10:12] Noirlax: cute
[10:12] ShadowBlazer3000: again I still say using the honorifics in a Euro-setting show seems really strange
[10:13] MartAnimE: chibi Ludwig is also cute
[10:13] MartAnimE: but don't tell him :smile:
[10:13] forlornhope: reminds me I have a bunch of roses growing in my yard right now despite my neglect. they're pretty :rose:
[10:13] BiitoreinGoji: Ludwig looks like Snape doesn't he?
[10:13] forlornhope: lol
[10:13] MartAnimE: he's an edgy boy
[10:15] Noirlax: Bishie tension
[10:16] MartAnimE: I think they're cousins
[10:16] MartAnimE: Ludwig and Camus
[10:16] forlornhope: oh
[10:16] MartAnimE: but you can still ship them :smile:
[10:16] forlornhope: lol noo
[10:16] Noirlax: lol
[10:16] MartAnimE: just like the sailor moon cousins XD
[10:16] forlornhope: kissing cousins XD
[10:17] MartAnimE: sempai notice me!
[10:18] ShadowBlazer3000: his Camus Senses were tingling?
[10:18] MartAnimE: he has certain powers
[10:19] MartAnimE: he talks to flowers and has premonitions
[10:19] BiitoreinGoji: Extrasensory perception?
[10:19] MartAnimE: something like that yes
[10:19] Noirlax: He can sense things
[10:20] MartAnimE: maybe he was more worried about the flower :smile:
[10:20] ShadowBlazer3000: what's with the horror music
[10:20] ShadowBlazer3000: screeching strings :violin:
[10:20] Noirlax: You belong to me :open_mouth:
[10:21] BiitoreinGoji: Good to know he's not dead
[10:21] MartAnimE: this shady man wants to steal Camus
[10:23] MartAnimE: sounds like a scam
[10:24] MartAnimE: "use your gift to achieve success in 5 easy steps"
[10:24] forlornhope: lol
[10:24] Noirlax: lol :carrossea:
[10:24] BiitoreinGoji: So there's magic in this world?
[10:24] MartAnimE: I'm not sure I'd call it magic
[10:25] MartAnimE: but it's certainly an unexplained power
[10:25] MartAnimE: it's probably more an intuition sort of thing
[10:26] BiitoreinGoji: Is the OST available?
[10:26] MartAnimE: I might be able to find a torrent
[10:26] Noirlax: That guy's shirt is unbuttoned again :smile:
[10:26] MartAnimE: haven't looked in a while
[10:27] forlornhope: is it ever buttoned? :smile:
[10:27] Noirlax: lol
[10:27] MartAnimE: Isaac's shirt is always unbuttoned :sir_isaac:
[10:27] MartAnimE: and his face unshaven
[10:27] MartAnimE: because he's just that chill :sunglasses:
[10:29] forlornhope: uh oh
[10:29] MartAnimE: he needs Camus to manipulate the stock market :open_mouth:
[10:30] MartAnimE: Orpherus dropped like Batman :batman:
[10:30] ShadowBlazer3000: OG Bishonen Batman
[10:30] forlornhope: lol
[10:32] BiitoreinGoji: There's the blimp
[10:32] Noirlax: Late but beautiful bloomer
[10:32] MartAnimE: Camus wants to use his gift in a more nurturing way, not for power or profit
[10:32] Noirlax: The ominous blimp
[10:32] MartAnimE: yeah it keeps popping up, very mysterious blimp :face_with_monocle:
[10:33] Noirlax: I think it's the Zepplin
[10:33] BiitoreinGoji: Interesting so far
[10:34] MartAnimE: next time is Naoji's episode :naoji:
[10:34] MartAnimE: so Goji, did you get a chance to watch episodes 1 and 2 before?
[10:35] BiitoreinGoji: I did a few years ago.
[10:35] BiitoreinGoji: I watched Episode 1 in prep for this rewatch
[10:35] MartAnimE: ah nice
[10:35] MartAnimE: so it's your second watch of the whole show?
[10:35] BiitoreinGoji: Technically it's my first
[10:36] MartAnimE: ok, so you have only watched episode 1 previously
[10:36] BiitoreinGoji: 1 and 2
[10:36] MartAnimE: cool :thumbsup:
[10:36] BiitoreinGoji: I remember a woman looking like Westa
[10:36] MartAnimE: so you're not missing anything
[10:36] BiitoreinGoji: and she didn't like someone for being black?
[10:36] MartAnimE: hmm
[10:37] MartAnimE: I think you mean Ed's stepmother in episode 2?
[10:37] BiitoreinGoji: Yeah that was it
[10:37] MartAnimE: she doesn't like him because he was the product of her husband's infidelity
[10:37] BiitoreinGoji: oh, that makes sense
[10:38] MartAnimE: he has darker skin than the others but don't think he's canonically black
[10:38] MartAnimE: probably more of a way to signal he has peasant's ancestry
[10:39] BiitoreinGoji: He might be Spaniard
[10:39] MartAnimE: realistically, they just design each of the main characters to fit a certain archetype, since this was based on a dating sim :smile:
[10:40] MartAnimE: Sir Isaac and Ed are both darker skinned, I think, to convey they're more outdoorsy or down to earth types
[10:41] BiitoreinGoji: I've played a GBA rom of the game, and I can't read it :laughing:
[10:41] MartAnimE: lol nice
[10:41] Noirlax: oh :smile:
[10:41] MartAnimE: which guy did you go for?
[10:41] BiitoreinGoji: I dunno
[10:42] BiitoreinGoji: I just typed in Goji (??)
[10:42] MartAnimE: lol fair enough
[10:42] BiitoreinGoji: At least it has katakana
[10:42] MartAnimE: my favorites are Ed, Isaac and Camus
[10:43] MartAnimE: not necessarily in that order, I will probably have a more final opinion after we finish the whole rewatch :face_with_monocle:
[10:44] Noirlax: Those three aren't as edgy :smile:
[10:44] MartAnimE: true :smile:
[10:45] MartAnimE: none of them are bad people, but I'm kinda over edgy emo teenagers
[10:45] BiitoreinGoji: Now that I think of it, Isaac being half shirtless does remind me of something
[10:45] BiitoreinGoji:
[10:45] MartAnimE: what's that?
[10:45] MartAnimE: lol
[10:45] BiitoreinGoji: Jeff Goldblum
[10:46] MartAnimE: someone should have made a Jurassic Park dating sim
[10:46] BiitoreinGoji: I saw Jurassic World Dominion on opening day, it was entertaining. The plot's got contrivances, but the character work is pretty good.
[10:46] Noirlax: Let's date the Tyrannosaurus Rex?
[10:46] MartAnimE: will check that later :t_rex:
[10:47] BiitoreinGoji: Rexy's better off alone
[10:47] ShadowBlazer3000: I checked out after Fallen Kingdom Dino Crisis: The Movie
[10:47] MartAnimE: Tyrannosaurus Rex is a strong independent woman who don't need no man :t_rex:
[10:47] BiitoreinGoji: Dino Crisis?! :laughing:
[10:48] BiitoreinGoji: Capcom hasn't made a proper Dino Crisis game in a long time
[10:48] Noirlax: Rex thinks men are dinosaurs?
[10:48] BiitoreinGoji: Like how do you go from Dino Crisis 2 to Dino Crisis in Space?
[10:48] MartAnimE: Carrossaurus Rex :carrossea:
[10:49] BiitoreinGoji: Limelda's a cleaver girl
[10:49] Noirlax: Carnosaur is partly what got me into Doon lines :smile:
[10:49] MartAnimE: lol

ELDA TALUTA / Re: Elda Taluta Caption Thread!
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So that's what it's like for Marta to do a toast.

All Series / Re: Tsubasa Chronicle Caption Thread
« on: June 21, 2022, 12:18:26 AM »
Syaoran: Is this the Bee Train TRC or that weird OVA stuff? *faints*

All Series / Re: All Others Caption Thread
« on: June 21, 2022, 12:17:33 AM »
Image Update

Get aboard the Train - Murder Princess Express!

Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ / Re: Phantom Caption Thread
« on: June 21, 2022, 12:16:06 AM »
Isaac: Arrgh, get me out of this anime. El Cazador de la Bruja if you can.

Salesperson: We only have a seat left for Dragonar Academy departing in a few years.


Avenger / Re: The Avenger Caption Thread
« on: June 21, 2022, 12:14:21 AM »
Volk: Time to get you on the Volks-wagon

Layla: You are infringing on a trademark!

.hack//* / Re: .hack//Caption Thread
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Image Update

You think it's Aria but it's actually dotHack!

El Cazador de la Bruja / Re: The El Cazador Caption Thread
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That's one way to age little girls until they are ripe for consumption

* Ricardo slaps *

Ricardo: What did you say?

MADLAX / Re: The MADLAX Caption Thread
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Friday Monday: My bloody Japanese programmers didn't use the spellchecker!

Noir / Re: The Caption Thread!
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Brunette College girl: We live in such a nice universe, just going to study, having a coffee. So peaceful and nice here.

Blonde College girl: Look at those two girls over there, so cute.

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