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All Series / Re: Meine Liebe Rewatch 2022
« on: June 12, 2022, 08:51:05 AM »
Spoiler: Episode 2 • show
[10:56] MartAnimE: I'm ready for episode 2 if you're all done with discussion :dog:
[10:56] ShadowBlazer3000: yeah ready
[10:56] Noirlax: ready
[10:58] forlornhope: waiting for farah to ask to be let back in
[10:59] MartAnimE: okies
[10:59] forlornhope: ok got her back in. ready
[10:59] ShadowBlazer3000: go
[10:59] forlornhope: go
[10:59] Noirlax: Go~!
[11:00] MartAnimE: Go~! :dog:
[11:00] Noirlax: They fixed it to Camus
[11:01] MartAnimE: right
[11:01] MartAnimE: it's scandal not rumour!
[11:01] MartAnimE: Fellini name is over Camus part in the op
[11:02] Noirlax: Fellini was involved?
[11:02] MartAnimE: he was the timer
[11:02] Noirlax: For the sub?
[11:02] MartAnimE: he wasn't part of the fansub but volunteered to help
[11:02] Noirlax: oh
[11:02] MartAnimE: because Bee Train :smile:
[11:02] Noirlax: cool
[11:02] forlornhope: cool :smile:
[11:02] Noirlax: that's awesome
[11:03] MartAnimE: yeah it is!
[11:03] ShadowBlazer3000: always thought Ed looked a little like Syaoran
[11:03] MartAnimE: chibi Ed and chibi Orphe ^^
[11:03] forlornhope: so smol
[11:03] Noirlax: cute
[11:03] Noirlax: too young for shipping
[11:04] forlornhope: hair flip :smile:
[11:04] MartAnimE: he plays piano :musical_keyboard:
[11:05] MartAnimE: that's cool
[11:06] MartAnimE: he has an earring
[11:07] ShadowBlazer3000: trying to make him hip for the kids
[11:07] MartAnimE: Isaac's shirt is even more unbuttoned :smile:
[11:08] MartAnimE: the less buttons the manlier you are
[11:08] Noirlax: That guy in the cafe is pretty cool
[11:08] Noirlax: lol I guess so
[11:08] MartAnimE: lol
[11:10] MartAnimE: he says "there's little we can do" but maybe you could pay off her debts :thinking:
[11:10] Noirlax: Interesting on how their personalities differ
[11:11] MartAnimE: "father-sama" sounds funny though
[11:11] ShadowBlazer3000: yeah again it's peculiar
[11:11] forlornhope: don't get mad at the kids :v
[11:12] MartAnimE: yeah, blame the husband all you want, but the children are innocent
[11:12] Noirlax: aww that story with the little girl
[11:12] MartAnimE: yeah :frowning:
[11:13] Noirlax: Sister issues bros
[11:13] MartAnimE: Ed might be thinking that random girl was his sister
[11:13] forlornhope: don't beat yourself up, Ed. you were just a kid :frowning:
[11:13] forlornhope: not much he could of done
[11:14] MartAnimE: flowers :rose:
[11:16] forlornhope: she has the side ponytail, is she going to die? :v
[11:16] MartAnimE: lol maybe
[11:16] Noirlax: oh no :v
[11:16] MartAnimE: but I think that's only for anime moms
[11:16] Noirlax: Is that what side ponytails mean? :open_mouth:
[11:16] forlornhope: lol true
[11:16] MartAnimE: yeah it's kind of a trope
[11:17] Noirlax: She has a Margaret look in her eyes. :margaret:
[11:17] MartAnimE: she does
[11:17] MartAnimE: ah no, it's a trap :open_mouth:
[11:17] forlornhope: uh oh
[11:18] Noirlax: oh no
[11:19] MartAnimE: everybody has swords :crossed_swords:
[11:20] MartAnimE: good thing Ed's boyfriend came to save him :sweat_smile:
[11:20] Noirlax: lol bromance more important
[11:22] MartAnimE: Ludwig has many fanboys
[11:23] Noirlax: lol yeah
[11:23] MartAnimE: so he's kind of an edgelord, but he has a good heart deep down
[11:24] MartAnimE: he will help but not make it seem like he cares about them or anything :sweat_smile:
[11:24] forlornhope: lol
[11:24] Noirlax: He's a Tsundere for Orpherus :smile:
[11:24] MartAnimE: yup :smile:
[11:24] forlornhope: like the ending theme (edited)
[11:25] Noirlax: Does give me BOTI vibes stylistically. Yeah I like the bromance and that the story is building up for them
[11:25] MartAnimE: lots of dramatic posing
[11:26] Noirlax: Indeed
[11:26] MartAnimE: alright, that's it for the first rewatch
[11:26] MartAnimE: went faster than I expected :open_mouth:
[11:27] Noirlax: yeah it's been fun
[11:27] MartAnimE: I think we should try to stick to this schedule every week, if that works for everyone
[11:28] MartAnimE: it's a pretty easy watch
[11:28] forlornhope: not sure on my schedule, might change with the new job but I'll let you know in advance
[11:28] MartAnimE: thanks!
[11:28] Noirlax: we'll see should work I do wake up a bit earlier than usual to make it though
[11:28] MartAnimE: I should be good every wednesday, only have vacation later in July
[11:29] forlornhope: oh where are you going on vacation?
[11:29] MartAnimE: visiting in laws in Florida, I'm really looking forward to it :grin:
[11:29] MartAnimE: hope to do lots of swimming
[11:30] forlornhope: nice  :sunglasses::beach_umbrella:
[11:30] MartAnimE: any last thought on Meine Liebe?
[11:30] forlornhope: not really. it's fun so far
[11:30] MartAnimE: I'm trying to hold my thoughts a bit, not to spoil too much
[11:31] Noirlax: I'm liking it, kinda less politics and more teenage drama and backstory so far for me. But maybe that changes.
[11:31] MartAnimE: but did notice on this rewatch there's really strong chemistry between Orphe and Ed
[11:31] MartAnimE: yeah think the politics comes later, but I don't remember very well
[11:32] Noirlax: Bee Train takes their time :smile:
[11:32] MartAnimE: I like how every character has a past that haunts them in a way
[11:32] MartAnimE: that's very Bee Trainy
[11:32] forlornhope: not as interested in the politics tbh XD
[11:32] forlornhope: so more character focus is fine with me
[11:33] MartAnimE: yeah, it's probably more character focused overall
[11:34] MartAnimE: also, I do agree Orpherus and Ed have bonded over their sister complexes
[11:34] Noirlax: I'm more a character than plot person
[11:35] forlornhope: same
[11:35] MartAnimE: then I think you all will enjoy it enough
[11:35] MartAnimE: I liked it for the characters but honestly forgot about the plot :sweat_smile:
[11:36] Noirlax: bros but classy in this anime
[11:36] MartAnimE: yeah, gentlemen bros
[11:37] forlornhope: lol
[11:37] MartAnimE: any last thoughts from you, Alex?
[11:37] ShadowBlazer3000: nothing more from me
[11:39] MartAnimE: oh yes, I got a screenshot btw
[11:39] MartAnimE: in case you were wondering
[11:39] MartAnimE: think that's all from me too
[11:40] ShadowBlazer3000: just rest in peace to the character designer because her art is lovely in this
[11:40] Noirlax: awww
[11:41] Noirlax: RIP
[11:41] MartAnimE: aww didn't know she had died
[11:41] forlornhope: aww that's sad that the character designer passed away
[11:41] MartAnimE: rest in peace
[11:41] ShadowBlazer3000:
Anime News Network
Animator, Character Designer Minako Shiba Passes Away
[11:42] MartAnimE: she worked on quite a few Bee Train shows
[11:42] Noirlax: She did Noir, Madlax, .hack too :open_mouth:
[11:42] MartAnimE: yeah the name sounds familiar
[11:43] MartAnimE: btw Riki, for the logs, you can just post them at the forum whenever
[11:44] MartAnimE: then I'll link them to the first post
[11:44] MartAnimE: thanks again for helping with this! ^^
[11:44] Noirlax: No prob
[11:44] Noirlax: ---- THE END ----

All Series / Re: Meine Liebe Rewatch 2022
« on: June 12, 2022, 08:50:33 AM »
Spoiler: Episode 1 • show
[09:57] ShadowBlazer3000: another 2005-2006 anime
[09:58] ShadowBlazer3000: okay strictly speaking 2004-2006 but still
[10:00] MartAnimE: yeah close enough :wink:
[10:00] MartAnimE: @Rewatch please report when ready~! :orpherus:
[10:01] ShadowBlazer3000: I'm ready any time
[10:01] MartAnimE: same :dog:
[10:01] Noirlax: I'm ready
[10:03] MartAnimE: I hear a storm :thunder_cloud_rain:
[10:04] Noirlax: oh no
[10:04] ShadowBlazer3000:
[10:04] MartAnimE: oh yeah I need to grab some stuff from outside before it rains :open_mouth:
[10:05] MartAnimE: brb
[10:05] forlornhope: Oh I forgot. I'll be ready in a few minutes
[10:06] MartAnimE: I made it just in time, it was raining already but not too much
[10:08] Noirlax:
[10:09] MartAnimE: that's adorable ^^
[10:12] MartAnimE:
[10:12] MartAnimE: Vegeta being an edgelord
[10:12] Noirlax: lol
[10:12] MartAnimE: :laughing:
[10:13] MartAnimE: so are you all ready for some bishounen Bee Train?
[10:14] Noirlax: Yes!
[10:14] MartAnimE: any expectations for the show?
[10:15] Noirlax: I will temporarily disable my Doon obsession for girls for this one :smile:
[10:15] Noirlax: Actually I expect it to be kinda serious since that's what you said Marta
[10:15] MartAnimE: that's what I remember it being yeah
[10:15] Noirlax: Hoping its bee trainy
[10:16] MartAnimE: but you could always pretend Doon is into guys too  :laughing:
[10:16] Noirlax: lol
[10:18] MartAnimE: a good thing about a large and diverse cast such as this one is that you never know which character will be your favorite
[10:18] MartAnimE: think they all get a good amount of screen time and development
[10:19] MartAnimE: even if Orpherus is kind of supposed to be the main main character :orpherus:
[10:19] forlornhope: ok I am ready :tea:
[10:19] ShadowBlazer3000: go
[10:19] Noirlax: Go~!
[10:19] MartAnimE: Go~! :dog:
[10:19] forlornhope: go
[10:20] MartAnimE: translator notes from the fansub
[10:20] forlornhope: lol I kinda miss these
[10:20] Noirlax: Rozenstolz
[10:20] forlornhope: they feel really quaint :smile:
[10:20] MartAnimE: also look out for Fellini 8.5 in the OP credits
[10:20] forlornhope: oh cool
[10:20] MartAnimE: since he helped on this :nerd:
[10:20] Noirlax: Guy riding a horse
[10:21] Noirlax: who sang the OP?
[10:22] MartAnimE: I forget
[10:22] MartAnimE: let me check
[10:23] Noirlax: All the academy bishies
[10:23] MartAnimE: can-goo did the OP
[10:23] Noirlax: Interesting first ep title Hubris
[10:24] Noirlax: Madlax looking sister
[10:24] MartAnimE: Orphe has sister issues :sweat_smile:
[10:25] Noirlax: oh no
[10:25] forlornhope: locket
[10:25] MartAnimE: meaningful locket!
[10:25] forlornhope: no shirt ooh la la
[10:26] MartAnimE: fanservice :smile:
[10:27] forlornhope: has that dream often hmm
[10:27] Noirlax: Poor sister of his
[10:27] MartAnimE: he's traumatized by the death of his sister
[10:27] forlornhope: yeah
[10:27] MartAnimE: they were very close
[10:27] Noirlax: yeah
[10:28] MartAnimE: Naoji is the only Japanese character in this show
[10:29] MartAnimE: a foreigner in a strange land
[10:29] forlornhope: teach him kendo huh. tries to get mind out of gutter
[10:29] Noirlax: lol
[10:29] forlornhope: why am I shipping the bishes already :smile:
[10:29] MartAnimE: they're shippable :smile:
[10:30] MartAnimE: but Ludwig is an edgelord :V
[10:30] forlornhope: oh no :V
[10:31] MartAnimE: "our Ludwig-sama"
[10:31] MartAnimE: such a fanboy :smile:
[10:31] Noirlax: :open_mouth:
[10:31] forlornhope: lol has his own fanclub
[10:31] ShadowBlazer3000: that's rather bugging me, using the Japanese Honorifics when this is a European school
[10:32] MartAnimE: Isaac is the older adult man, for those who don't wanna get on the FBI's watchlist
[10:32] Noirlax: lol
[10:32] MartAnimE: yeah you have a point Alex, but you know, since it's a fansub and not an official translation
[10:32] MartAnimE: it's to be expected
[10:34] MartAnimE: Camus, the delicate flower boy
[10:34] Noirlax: Camus yeah
[10:35] forlornhope: apologize to the flowers :smile:
[10:35] MartAnimE: he's kinda cute though :blush:
[10:35] Noirlax: yeah why not :slight_smile:
[10:36] MartAnimE: I think my favorites were Camus and Ed
[10:36] MartAnimE: but I'll see how I feel in this rewatch
[10:37] forlornhope: scandalous :v
[10:37] Noirlax: :open_mouth:
[10:37] MartAnimE: they're mean bullies
[10:38] Noirlax: A duel :open_mouth:
[10:38] MartAnimE: much drama :smile:
[10:38] forlornhope: yeah :smile:
[10:40] MartAnimE: this better not be a duel to the death
[10:40] ShadowBlazer3000: not a proper duel without a second and impartial witness
[10:40] MartAnimE: it's only episode 1
[10:41] Noirlax: It's serious these guys with unbuttoned shirts and all
[10:41] MartAnimE: I think they didn't mean to kill each other
[10:41] MartAnimE: just testing each other's strength probably
[10:42] MartAnimE: ed credits
[10:43] Noirlax: yeah same
[10:43] ShadowBlazer3000: this ED sounds 90s to me
[10:43] MartAnimE: yeah, think it's the same people who did the OP
[10:44] MartAnimE: next episode: chibi flashbacks
[10:44] Noirlax: lol
[10:44] forlornhope: I predict...more bishes XD
[10:44] MartAnimE: so what are your thoughts everyone?
[10:45] Noirlax: Liked this, hey it does feel like a Bee Train anime  :smile:
[10:45] MartAnimE: ah that's good :smile:
[10:45] forlornhope: lol yeah
[10:46] forlornhope: don't have a handle on the characters yet, seemed more like an introduction so hard to comment on much
[10:46] forlornhope: interested to see more though
[10:46] Noirlax: Makes me think of TRC, BOTI and Phantom maybe a little MP too. Stylistically anyway
[10:47] Noirlax: All those guys :o, girls are rare here :v
[10:47] forlornhope: inverse of the norm yeah :v
[10:47] MartAnimE: yeah because only boys can become Strahl candidates
[10:47] MartAnimE: it's a sexist school from a sexist time  :sweat_smile:
[10:47] Noirlax: All very aristocratic
[10:47] ShadowBlazer3000: well what's wrong with being sexy
[10:47] MartAnimE: lol
[10:48] Noirlax: lol
[10:48] Noirlax: I found that airship intriguing
[10:48] Noirlax: makes me think of a German Zepplin
[10:48] MartAnimE: yeah the blimp seemed like a bad omen
[10:48] MartAnimE: when it covered the sun in that scene
[10:48] MartAnimE: right after Orphe's sister left
[10:48] Noirlax: Like somewhere before WWI
[10:49] ShadowBlazer3000: oh there is a manga version but I guess that one is more based on the VN
[10:49] MartAnimE: also, I think there are girls in school too, but they likely have a different curriculum so don't share much screen time with the boys
[10:50] MartAnimE: funny thing is, one of the girls we often see in the background is modeled after the player character in the visual novel (edited)
[10:50] MartAnimE: the one you play as, trying to date all the bishies
[10:50] forlornhope: oh it's based on a dating sim
[10:50] forlornhope: didn't know
[10:50] ShadowBlazer3000: yeah
[10:51] ShadowBlazer3000: but they disregarded that entirely for some reason or another
[10:51] Noirlax: Cause the VN had no hot duels between the boys? :smile:
[10:52] MartAnimE: yeah it's an interesting choice, dating sim? let's make it into a political drama
[10:52] MartAnimE: it probably did Riki :smile:
[10:52] Noirlax: Maybe the setting seemed like a good place for a political drama
[10:52] ShadowBlazer3000: someone at Konami must have been just "eh do whatever you want"
[10:53] MartAnimE: I appreciate that it takes itself seriously
[10:54] Noirlax: They are taking themselves seriously in fairly petty things atm :smile:
[10:54] MartAnimE: maybe it could have been more yaoi though
[10:55] Noirlax: except that debate in the classroom
[10:55] MartAnimE: yeah, so far it's all rather petty, cuz teenagers I guess
[10:55] MartAnimE: and some people say boys are less drama :smile:
[10:55] Noirlax: lol

Noir / Re: The Caption Thread!
« on: June 12, 2022, 12:58:08 AM »
Breffort: So that's how much money you make as an assassin, I'm in the wrong profession.

Mireille: Being a Soldats henchman doesn't pay well?

MADLAX / Re: The MADLAX Caption Thread
« on: June 10, 2022, 02:29:27 AM »
Carrossea: Hi, I'm the real Carrossea not the joke Doon that Noirlax puts out. Don't hit me with a frypan please!

El Cazador de la Bruja / Re: The El Cazador Caption Thread
« on: June 06, 2022, 02:18:33 AM »
Jodie: You know there's a sexy woman beneath these glasses

Announcements & Introductions / Re: Happy Birthday Forlorn Hope!
« on: June 03, 2022, 09:29:49 AM »
Happy Birthday Brooke woof woof wuff!  :D

MADLAX / Re: Carrossea Doon pick up lines
« on: June 02, 2022, 09:26:45 PM »
Ah yes I have a Birdie Wing inspired Doon line

"Let me sink my balls into your 18 holes."

Someone is getting hit by the 9-iron XD

El Cazador de la Bruja / Re: The El Cazador Caption Thread
« on: May 26, 2022, 08:32:32 AM »
So someone has a secret stash of young girls.

MADLAX / Re: The MADLAX Caption Thread
« on: May 26, 2022, 08:30:17 AM »
Vanessa: So you want to learn how to code?

Madlax: Ah no!

Hi YuumuraKirika! Always glad to see a Noir fan. Welcome to Bee Train Fan, there's plenty of interesting threads here. There's also the Discord server.

MADLAX / Re: Carrossea Doon pick up lines
« on: May 22, 2022, 06:14:20 AM »
Wanna wear a pantadoon?

El Cazador de la Bruja / Re: The El Cazador Caption Thread
« on: May 20, 2022, 09:55:47 AM »
Nadie: I'm also part of the Elenore squad

ELDA TALUTA / Re: Quotable Quotes
« on: May 20, 2022, 09:15:25 AM »
 "Our fear that communism might someday take over most of the world blinds us to the fact that anti-communism already has." - Michael Parenti

Noir / Re: The Caption Thread!
« on: May 18, 2022, 08:25:02 PM »
Kirika: Mireille can you see what I'm holding

Mireille: Of course, it's a carrot, I'm not drunk.

MADLAX / Re: The "Madlax Cinematic Universe" is officially a thing
« on: May 10, 2022, 06:59:30 PM »
Thanks for posting this Fellini! My goodness a Madlax universe anime is cool.  Going to check it out.

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