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Have updated the OP with some things.

I'm in! Have a change of address, I will DM this to Marta.

Noir / Re: Noir Rewatch 2021
« on: April 16, 2021, 05:43:52 PM »
I think we'll skip the first two sessions as we've watched episodes one to four over the last could weeks ourselves.

Will contribute to scheduling for the third session onwards -- ideally we'd be looking at an earlier time on a Friday or Saturday if possible ^^

Bee Train Role Playing Game / Live play?
« on: April 19, 2020, 08:03:18 PM »
Hi guise,

Quick survey to see if anyone would be interested in a Baaninfstree live session in the near future, and if so, when and how.


- Don't want to interrupt Pulsen's rpg (which looks awesome)!
- Want to get noirlax involved even though he's in the future and sleeps at wakey times (weird).
- Want to make sure everyone has fun (fun)!

Cliquez ici:

ELDA TALUTA / Re: I Dare You to Enter this Topic Thread
« on: April 19, 2020, 01:02:53 PM »
If one else is going to reply, I'll take the dare. Please bear in mind that I no longer have access to a scanner so I can't do any drawings.

I dare you to find or make something which could be identified as a "Witch's Brew".

(Does not have to be actually potable).

Mine were posted today - they're all wrapped so you can take them out of the envelope before official opening day



You continue to the top of the tower. Though the books you are carrying remain awkward, you don't encounter any significant difficulty.

The passageway narrows as you approach the summit. This part of the tower seems to have been remodelled recently; you recall the top of the tower merely had a storeroom, but the staircase approaching it is freshly washed, and the rough stone staircase has been polished into a fine granite. At the top, the trapdoor has been removed, and muted daylight is reflected by the stone, granting it a soft, ghostlike sheen.

You pass through to find a beautiful Mage's atelier which spans the diameter of the tower. At the centre, dominating the large room, is a marvellous cylindrical device, some three or four meters in length, and about a meter wide, jutting through a sheltered hatch in the roof above. The roof, meanwhile, seems to have been converted into a modular structure, with a array of hatches and pulleys seemingly designed to allow the device to be moved here and there. You have never seen anything quite like it before, but it seems to be like a giant magnifying glass, with an aperture at the near end for looking through it.

Beneath you is a fine bijar rug, and around the room rest a number of smaller devices, each seemingly as novel and purposeful as the object in the centre of the room, and a fairly large selection of books, most of them new and of a scientific bent.

Your attention is so drawn to the academic beauty of the place, that you almost neglect to see a large, black panther that is curled up on the rug quite near to you. It appears to be asleep, but its tail swishes to and fro. Perhaps you have disturbed its dreams.

Behind you, you can still hear the pattern of footsteps and voices you heard before, ascending the stairs behind you. They seem to be headed for this very room.

You glance out through the roof, but it is a fairly large way down to the roof below. On the other hand, the roof seems very easy to open due to the myriad hatches, each of which is easy enough for you to climb through. There doesn't seem to be any place to hide in this room, but you may be able to create a magical glamer that shields you from sight, or turns you invisible entirely.

1. Use magic to hide
2. Climb out onto the roof
3. Do nothing / other

//Auguste, Elenore

You continue to ascend the staircase up the mages' tower.

"I'm afraid it is a long way up," says Abun, "but it is worth it!"


You've seen Abun's telescope before, but you never tire of it. It would be very easy to check up on Dustmop as you pass your own atelier, should you wish.

1. Check on Dustmop
2. Continue to ascend

sorry for the slow updates but what you can do is a bit contingent on what Syco does!

Announcements & Introductions / Re: Happy Birthday Ghostfriendly!
« on: August 23, 2019, 07:28:19 AM »
Happy Birthday Duncan!!


Donmark looks visibly surprised.

"Wish I knew half of what goes on at that Temple," he grumbles. "Wish now I'd twisted Wren's arm a bit harder. He probably won't come."

//Yukiko, Arie, Tetora

As if on cue, you see Wren amble through the door behind you.

"Sorry, am I late?"

"Not at all, Master Wren. Please have a seat... if you can find one..."

The table has rapidly filled.

"So," says Portocarreiro, once everyone is more or less settled, "why are we here?"


Donmark shoots you a glance.


You detach yourself from the children and speak to Ralt nearby.

"Coleen," says Ralt, bowing, "this is Rinkireiya, a princess of my tribe. She seeks to be the next Seran," he explains.

The Elven female looks at you with an air of mixed interest and suspicion, it seems.

"And you, are you one of her minions now?" she asks.

"Ati!" says Ralt to her, gently but firmly. "Do not presume allies and enemies, Serani."

He turns back to you. "Forgive us, Coleen-Smith, but there is much tension between Rin and her rival, Mai. Maiseniye has been trying to recruit warriors to defend her, as is her right."

"She has the right to choose from our people," interjects Rin.

"You did not respect, when you took allies from Arvangnes, Serani," counters Ralt. "I am giving Mai the chance to address this..." he makes a sign with his hands, like balancing scales. "...This is her right."

"We should duel, just the two of us," says Rin, "as in times of old."

"To this, I agree," says Ralt. "If a duel can be arranged, there will not be so much fight. Fighting."

The situation does, indeed, seem tense.


You have no trouble in drawing Donmark aside into a private conversation where you can be reasonably certain no-one will hear.

Most other people seem reliant on the above, so maybe we can move forwards with Yukiko and/or Syco and then I can update again!


The copy is hasty and incomplete, but the text, at least, seems to be complete, but for some minor editing. The drawings are, in many cases, completely different.

You take both the book and the copy. They are both rather bulky and cumbersome, but you can just about conceal them under your robes and walk at an even pace. You make your way over to the far door and through into the Mages' Tower, and begin slowly to ascend the staircase.

Behind you, you hear a murmur of voices in conversation. You do not catch Sirti's among them, but you can't be sure. But they are headed in your direction, and continue to follow you as you ascend the staircase.

There are no windows close to the ground level, but if you recall correctly, there are some windows further up where you could clamber out onto the roof. Or, you might be able to duck into one of the rooms nearby...

1. Try to find an empty room
2. Exit via the window
3. Continue to the top
4. Other



You proceed to Rob's house next door. Knocking at the door, it appears only his children are at home.

"Dad's still away, it's slow, because of all the soldiers," says the oldest, confidently. He looks about 11 years old. "Mom's at the Magistrate's Office doing some work."

It crosses your mind that, with Rob away, his wife might be doing his work at the Office. She might have an idea of when he's back.

You look over your shoulder at the fountain, but Esteban himself seems to have gone.

As you do so, you see three elves walk into the square from the north. One of them, a muscular female, approaches and sits on the edge of the fountain, near to where Esteban had been sitting. You think you may have met her before, but you can't remember her name. One of the others is Ralt, whom you have fought alongside with Arie and the others. The third you do not recognize at all.

1. Talk to the Elves
2. Continue talking to the children
3. Proceed to the Office
4. Other


"Oh no, it's fine," says Ré to you. "I'm just not used to... this stuff. But I can read and write just fine!"

((Continued below))


You exit the temple to find most of the other attendees already gathered outside the Office nearby. A few minutes later, you see Donmark approaching with Portocarreiro and a young woman in tow.

You may or may not want to inform Donmark and/or Arie of what went on at the Temple, but after you've done that the below will occur:

//Arie, Tetora (and other Au Ra), Yukiko

You proceed into the Magistrate's Office and, entering in to the large central chamber, seat yourselves around it.

"Maria," calls out Donmark, "sorry but we have an emergency... oh."

You note that the table is already prepared with notepaper, inkwells, pens, and cups for water.

"I... thought that was the case," says a curly-haired woman nearby, who looks you over with a piercing gaze.

"Arie, I'm afraid Rob - Sir Corrin's gentleman, who usually handles the busy work for our meetings - is away. This is his wife, Maria; Maria, can I help in any way?"

"Um... I think I'll be all right..." says Maria, a little haltingly.

"No pressure," says Donmark, reassuringly.

As you gather, you see Wren Vannaerfen enter the room behind you. That seems to be the entire council, minus Sjarna and a representative from the temple.


You recall the butler from before - he was very useful, though more than a little mysterious.



You go next door into the Scriptorium.

It is surprisingly deserted - most of the scholars of the university seem to have gone into the library. There are a number of texts, mostly older books and scrolls, on tables, neatly arranged. Some appear to be being copied or amended, but there is no-one else in the room, as far as you can tell.

After some searching, you find the book you are looking for. It is resting open on one of the tables. As far as you can tell, it appears to be complete. You notice that a copy has been made on the table next to you. The copy might be less readily missed, were you to take it without informing anyone.

1. Take the book and the copy
2. Take the original only
3. Take the copy only
4. Other

//Auguste, Elenore

"Ah, yes... we may talk about my family another time, perhaps," says Dr. Abun. You get the impression he is somewhat unwilling to bring them up.

"Another thing, Dr. Abun," says Sirti, "I don't think the telescope will be of much use under this blanket of cloud.

"Cloud? What cloud?" says Dr. Abun, confused.

"It's... very cloudy..." says Sirti, equally confused.

"Is it? But that's not right at all. It should be sunny today. Something has gone wrong..."

"With your calculations, or the weather?" asks Sirti.

"I don't know. But I would still like to have a look through the telescope. Perhaps we can discover something about the... cloud..."

You're not entirely sure what Abun might hope to achieve by looking at a cloud through a telescope, but he seems determined.

"Would you care to accompany me? Unless, of course, you have other business here."

As Abun is talking, you are approached by the load dwarf, who seems to have disengaged from his previous conversation.

"Hello hello Sir Professor and great minds all of you!" he exclaimes, with a flurry of words so rapid, they must be rehearsed. "Please let me to introduce myself, Dr. Vierdren Huyblesloort, I am an inventor Dwarf, you see! And please let me to tell you about my Dwimmerbloms, a wondrous breakthrough in the science of science!"

"If you'll excuse me," says Sirti, and makes a prompt exit, wandering over to talk to the gnome, who has moved to peruse one of the bookshelves.

"Er, likewise," says Abun, bowing courteously to the Dwarf, and drawing away, with the old warrior, Hasdrubál, in tow.

1. Remain and talk to Vierdren
2. Join Dr. Abun
3. Join Sirti
4. Other

All Series / Re: Who's Talking?
« on: August 10, 2019, 07:23:29 PM »
hack sign best gaming anime

I really like this review!

"The World is the site of cool monster combat, dungeon-crawling and maybe some epic magic... But .hack//SIGN features almost none of these things — instead, the vast majority of the show is just characters talking about their feelings. And it’s great."

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