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.hack//* / .hack//GU Last Recode
« on: June 13, 2017, 05:46:17 PM »
The .hack//GU games are being remastered for the PC and PS4!

And here I thought this franchise was super dead. Nice of them to bring it back. Next up, the originals maybe?

Bee Train Role Playing Game / The Veronic War RPG (Main Game)
« on: December 15, 2013, 08:28:04 PM »
The game begins! Our heroes start out as but mere strangers to each other, as they ride the shuttle bus around Jeroria, the large and bustling capital city on the planet Konalin. The oncoming Veronic invasion has the citizens on edge, but life still goes on regardless. They are preparing to adapt, but are hoping the invaders are merciful.

Amidst the crowd of passengers on the bus, our six heroes - Beryl, Zorua, Milo, Leiza, Eris, and Jade - are simply carrying out their daily schedules unaware of the events they will be drawn into.


The bus makes a stop to let passengers off and more passengers on. The mostly human and Krolian citizens are reluctant to find a seat next to Jade, the only Grunge on board, who is sitting near the window in the very back of the bus. There are two seats free next to her, but many are choosing instead to stand.

[Zorua, Eris]

The two of you are sitting next to each other. An uncomfortable human passenger approaches your seat.

Citizen (speaking quietly): "Excuse me, I, uh...don't feel very comfortable sitting next to the Grunge in the back, and there's no more room to stand. Would you mind swapping seats with me...?"


In the far reaches of a distant galaxy, the Galactic Federalist Union serves as the main body of government. The Union is currently at war with the Veronic Empire, who has attacked several Federalist outposts and seeks to overthrow and replace it as the dominant force in the region. The Veronics—headed by Emperor Vearon Gann—has captured several planets once owned by the Federalists and is rapidly expanding. They are moving towards a corner of the map known as the Delaris Sector, a small region consisting of three Federalist-owned planets that are of vital strategic importance. These planets are Konalin, Chichoron, and Sa’hg. If the Veronic Empire takes even one of these planets, the balance of power will shift significantly in their favor.


Galactic Federalist Union—the governmental state that oversees the majority of planetary bodies in the galaxy. Established in the 18th centi-cycle of the cosmic calendar, the Union was designed to promote trade and relations between close neighbors and distant strangers alike. Commerce grew exponentially within the Union, and as more planets were accepted, the vast galaxy became more connected and united under a banner of peace. The current Executive President of the Union is Willen Toors, who unfortunately inherited the burden of the Veronic War when her predecessor unexpectedly stepped down.

The Veronic Empire—the aggressor seeking to overthrow the Federalist Union. One night, in his home on planet Volis, which is outside the boundaries of the Union, successful businessman Vearon Gann received a mysterious orb in the mail and a message that instructed him to “revive the empire.” When activated, the orb gave Vearon remarkable power, but also visions of a task. Under the influence of this vision, he transformed his successful trading business into a fortress, cutting off ties with past trading partners—while opening up new relationships with weapons dealers—and vowed to conquer the whole galaxy. After learning ancient secrets of genetic engineering left behind by the empire’s previous ruler, he created an army and effortlessly conquered not only his home planet, but all surrounding self-governed planets as well. The Veronic War officially began when Vearon attacked Federalist planets, and the warlord’s influence quickly spread due to the Union underestimating this incursion. The secrets given to him by the mysterious orb are rumored to have its origins in ancient times, when powerful demons battled with the gods in an era referred to in most religions as the Cold World.


Human—needs no introduction. Humans are thought to have been born in the image of the warrior god Bhrolem, after he destroyed the demon Malaos, who was responsible for spreading the Cold World before the creation of the universe. According to a recent survey, humanity makes up for 46% of the population in all Federalist territories, the most of any race. Humans are well-liked inside and outside of the Union, though their impulsiveness and occasional unfair treatment of other races has earned them some criticism in the past. This stigma has abated somewhat after Willen Toors was elected as the first female human Executive President of the Federalist Union.

Krolian—primary inhabitants of planet Konalin. The term proved difficult to translate from the original language, due to the Krolian language structure, which has prevented Konalin from being accepted into the Union until recently. Krolians are characterized by their height (usually standing at 7 feet/2 meters tall), their blue skin, and the single glowing yellow facial cavity that allows them to see, smell and speak. They are also known for their warm demeanor; they are highly welcoming toward outsiders, making their planet a popular vacationing locale. Once the Veronic War began, the Krolians have given their full support to the Union. They recently made galactic news by single-handedly destroying a Veronic mothership in orbit above planet T’Kos and an airfield on the planet’s surface, preventing Veronic starfighters from taking off and achieving air supremacy for Federalist ships. This incredible act has earned them a wave of support from the public. The Krolians are preparing for a massive Veronic attack on their planet, but without additional support, experts believe they will be unable to repel the invasion.

Drojans—race of aliens that inhabit the planet Dujorian. Drojans typically stand the same height as humans, but their higher metabolism makes them grow plumper than humans. This unfortunately does not make them good soldiers, but what they lack in physical prowess, they make up for in mental acuity. Drojans commonly find success in corporate jobs, where their more powerful brains are put to the best use. While they are members of the Union, they have remained mostly neutral in the Veronic War, as their remote location close to the Delaris Sector has never necessitated the need for a military body. However, they were given a rude awakening when the Veronic Empire unexpectedly invaded Dujorian. As a result, their economy hit a slump, and many Drojans have fled the planet to find new homes on Konalin and Chichoron until the war is over.

“Grunge”—the informal name of aliens that inhabit the planet Hosarion IX. They are known as the Grunge to the public because their full name roughly translates to “Grungilariusonachakt,” which doesn’t roll off most other tongues as well. Considered an aggressive race of brutes, their dual-lung respiratory system allows them to survive the highly toxic atmosphere of Hosarion IX, which was previously thought uninhabitable. The Grunge are characterized by their muscular bodies and massive jaws, as well as their incredibly fierce temperament. They are known to roar before heading into battle, meant to intimidate opponents. They were accepted into the Union because their planet is rich in constenate, a poisonous chemical that’s used to make choke grenades, among other deadly weapons. Unfortunately, ever since Toors’ predecessor banned the use of chemical weapons in all Federalist territories, a policy that Toors herself continues, the Grunge have renounced their Union membership, due to their planet’s only useful resource losing its trading value. After the Veronic War began, Vearon has happily opened trade relations with the Grunge, earning the empire a fearsome and deadly ally.


The planet Konalin serves as this game's setting. A generally warm and tropical planet, it is a popular tourist and vacationing locale. The planet is currently facing an imminent invasion from the Veronic Empire, which many believe to only be a matter of days. Krolian forces remain on full alert.

ELDA TALUTA / Too Much Gaming
« on: May 28, 2013, 11:38:35 PM »
My 80 GB PlayStation 3 just ran out of memory! Also, I own over 350 games and I've beaten at least 70% of them.

ELDA TALUTA / Cute pet names
« on: October 10, 2011, 10:31:17 PM »
What are some cute nicknames that you sometimes give to your pets?

ELDA TALUTA / Do you read reviews before you try something out?
« on: June 15, 2010, 01:26:00 AM »
Before you watch a movie, or an anime series, or play a video game, or whatever, do you read reviews first? For me, generally no.

For movies, almost never. I don't even remember the last time I consulted a review before watching a movie. I figure that if I develop enough interest in a movie, I'm gonna watch it anyway, regardless of whether or not someone tries to dissuade me from watching it. I may decide to rent it rather than buy it, but I'll still see it regardless.

For video games, occasionally. If there's a game that I develop somewhat of an interest in, I might look up a review score first. I don't know how far it'll go to affect my decision to buy it, but you never know.

For anime, never. Never, ever, ever. Anime reviews are just pointless to me. Most people stream anime online these days, which doesn't cost money, so there's no point in trying to dissuade someone from watching an anime if they've already gotten interested enough in it. Recommendations are one thing, but reviews just don't do a thing for me.

So what do you guys feel about it?

.hack//* / .hack//SIGN OST Question
« on: June 13, 2009, 12:01:52 AM »
This is something that's bothered me for a long time. At the beginning of episode 22 (which continues a good way into it), a song plays that I can't identify and is apparently not on the OST. I've entertained the possibility of it being from the .hack//Games, or maybe it's a karaoke/instrumental version of another theme that I'm unaware of. Possibly from Liminality or something. ???

Anyone have any ideas? I'd love to be able to put this long-standing curiosity to rest.

Announcements & Introductions / A new member and Bee Train fan
« on: May 19, 2009, 09:22:12 PM »
Hello, BTF members! I just found this thread immediately after I finished Madlax, the third Bee Train anime I've seen, after .hack//SIGN and Noir. I love SIGN, I love Noir, I love Madlax, I love Yuki Kajiura, I love most everything! ;D

Anyways, glad to be here. I hope to learn some pointers about the forums and stuff.

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