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(this will probably all change in future, but for now...)

I will be hosting RPG chat sessions on alternate Fridays, as this seems to be an evening when many of the core players are available. Unless otherwise noted, the session will start at 21:00 US Eastern (Friday) / 02:00 GMT (Saturday) / 13:00 Sydney (Saturday) with a duration of two hours maximum.

The day of the event is listed below in US time; add one day for Australia; if you're in Europe this will be in the middle of the night after the listed day.

How this works

RPG Group Events could be started in one of two ways -

1. There is a minigame or short story that people would like to play.
2. Specific interactions in a persistent game world (such as Baaninfstree)

The latter will be explained in more detail once a World is up and running again.

Upcoming Sessions

10/11 March: Garden in the Stars, near-future space exploration minigame; Conclusion.
31st March / 1 April: Aim Ten [ax] event tbd. Places available.
14/15 April: [ax] Baaninfstree relaunch event. Places available.
28/29 April: [ax] event tbd. Places available.

Past Sessions

10 February: Garden in the Stars

Bee Train Role Playing Game / Results of the RPG Survey
« on: January 09, 2017, 09:30:58 PM »
Hopefully this is useful for any aspiring DMs here... it was certainly useful for me :) Thanks for participating!

I received 10 results and I did not vote in the Survey myself. 2 of those were Bruski and Kiwi who joined us for Garden.

Consensus responses

Half of the respondents were "definitely likely" to play in a btf rpg in the near future, and the other half rated themselves as moderately likely. The third option, "hell no", was not selected :D

Asking in a general way about the setting, half the respondents wished to return to Baaninfstree, and the other half were split between "something else" (3) and progressing with Garden in the Stars (2).

All the respondents were hypothetically willing to meet for chat sessions at least every four weeks. 60% preferred the "2 to 4 weeks" option, while 40% preferred the "every week" option. No-one selected the "once a month or less" option, which is fairly encouraging.

However, another majority of 60% preferred a relatively brief session - 1-2 hours - over something longer.

None of the respondents had a desire for a short storyline. You were evenly divided between not caring, and wanting a longer storyline.

Responses with no consensus

The remaining options were more divided. On the question regarding player responsibility for character data, 3 respondents preferred this option ("Yes, I think I might prefer the added
control and responsibility"), and 3 were reluctant ("I prefer to ignore my
stats and concentrate on the story/action"). Of the remaining four votes, 3 were "maybe" and 1 was "yes, if I had to".

On the question regarding play-by-post vs in-chat play, 3 respondents said they would be less likely to play with this change, and an equal number said they would be more likely with this change. The remaining 4 said "about the same". This suggests that the change in participation with a more chat-centred approach might be fairly minimal.

On the open-response question, a couple features stood out as preferential:

(this has been edited to include JPYuri's response)

Learning about one's own character: 10/11
Learning about other characters: 9/11
Interacting with and exploring the world, NPCs: 9/11

None of the other options gained a majority. but support was fairly strong for other options and none of them received 0 votes...

Non-parallel combat: 5/11
New powers/experience: 5/11
Politics/strategy: 5/11
Romance/flirting: 5/11
4th Wall breaking: 4/11
Gaining loot and treasure: 3/11
Gaining respect and influence: 2/11

Parallel combat: 2/11


- There seems to be a broad desire to go back to the Baaninfstree setting soon, but there are also a fair number of people who would like some variety or something new. I'll think about that and get back to you with some suggestions.

- There is sufficient consensus to have a substantial amount of rpg play done in chat rather than play-by-post. Since this is a lot easier for me, I'm definitely going to move in that direction. But there are are enough people who like play-by-post or prefer it for me to retain some forum elements. I have some ideas on this and again, I'll get back to you shortly.

- While I have a couple scripted storylines in the pipes, I'd much rather wait to make sure I can create something a large number of forum members are willing to participate in, rather than just put something out there and hope for the best. Since most of the testing on my game system is done, I don't need to make you test anything (yay for you!) and there's no reason I can't substantially tweak my ideas to suit the community.

- in the meantime I would be interested in setting a date for finishing Garden in the Stars. It's a very short game which we should be able to finish in one or two chat sessions. Even though only two people selected the near future setting as a preference, a broad majority of forum members did select Sci-Fi in the facebook poll, so I'm happy to take on board a few new players for that (the team was about to pass through the ring, so that's a sensible picking-up point). It would also be a good chance for people who haven't played in chat before to sample or audit it.

Points of interest

- A strong minority (40%) did not select any kind of Combat as a priority feature. If I were to somewhat arbitrarily divide responses into five categories, the percentage of people wanting at least one feature in each of these categories would be as follows...

Character Building (exp/levels/loot): 50%
Combat: 60%                                                                                               
World Interaction: 80%
Player Interaction: 90%
Character Development: 100%                 

That's a bit of a shift from some previous surveys, where combat and character building-themed options performed much more strongly. Obviously the questions where phrased differently, so a direct comparison is not possible. But it is interesting!

- Both the married couples had widely contrasting preferences, which I found amusing!

Posting conventions

Welcome to the Game Thread! This is where all the action of the game takes place.

Though the rules around posting and playing haven't changed substantially from previous games, please have a quick read even if you're an experienced player.

Name of your character

The most important thing you need to do is put the name of your character at the top of each post. Every time you fail to do this, a kitten dies. Think of the kittens.

IC and OOC text

The other, slightly less important thing is to distinguish IC "in character" text from OOC "out of character" text.

The bulk or entirety of your post will normally be IC text. This includes actions your character is attempting, dialogue, thoughts, feelings, etc.

OOC text is anything which comes from you (the player) rather than the character. This might be questions or comments about the game, conversations from player to player, and the like.

Large blocks of OOC text should generally be posted in the Recruit / Info / OOC thread. I might move your post from here to there if it's predominantly or entirely OOC.

The usual ways of doing this are to use red text or to contain OOC text in ((double brackets)). But any method which is clear for you, me, and the other players is fine.

Technically, this entire post is OOC text, but I'm not marking it as such because I'm lazy.

But enough about conventions, let's do some stuff!

Doing stuff (with no chance of failure)

In the general course of things, you can say you will do things and then do them, particularly if there is a negligible or absent chance of failure. Some examples:

   * Talking to someone nearby
   * Walking around (out of combat)
   * Using your personal computer and/or drone and/or senses to find information about your surroundings and things you encounter

You can do these things without "asking" me, but sometimes you will "need" me to reply. For instance, if you're looking for information about the world and the people in it, you might consult your sensors and/or network and/or trusty senses and I will reply with the information which all that might be giving you. For example:

Quote from: DM Response
Quote from: A Random Player
(Sjarna) I check to see if anyone is hidden nearby.


After a thorough scan, you're pretty sure that no-one is hidden nearby.

Doing stuff (chance of failure)

Sometimes, you will do things which you have a small chance of failure. In this case, you might state your action as a possibility, or I might treat it as such, rather than as something you have already done. Eg:

Quote from: DM Response
Quote from: A Random Player
(Sjarna) I climb up onto this cucumber frame in order to look over the nearby wall.


*Failure* You climb onto the cucumber frame, but the wood is old and rotten and it breaks under the weight of your foot. You jump back down to safety. You are not harmed, but you may need to find some other way of looking over the wall.

"Options Lists"

But often, and probably at least twice a week (if y'all are posting regularly!) you will also have something to do which has a discernible chance of failure and which represents a distinct course of action as opposed to another. This is also where your Abilities will normally come into play.

In order to help give you suggestions and move the game along, I will usually split these critical choices into options lists. Options lists aren't meant to be exhaustive, or restrictive - they're mainly a guideline. If you see a course of action which you think would work in the universe, choose the always-available "Other" option. Just be aware that whatever option you choose, or come up with on your own, there is a chance of failure, which is determined by a hidden die roll. Sometimes I will label an option as "Hard" if the chance of failure is 50% or higher.

You will see examples of options lists right away in the game thread. The early ones won't be as critical as later ones, so don't worry about what exactly you choose for now. As the game progresses, your choices will become harder and the risk-reward aspect of your decisions will be more evident.


Thanks for reading! I'll post more stuff about stuff when we come to combat.

The Garden in the Stars is a near-future space exploration game, beginning April 17th (or thereabouts). I'm posting this fairly early because I would like to recruit a couple more players (I'm looking at you, JP Yuri).

Similar to Forbidden Book, it is a fairly one-dimensional storyline, so it should take no longer than three to four months. The entire game consists of exploring a small area and retrieving some stuff.

is set in the same universe as Baaninfstree and Noir and some plot points will be congruent to those. But inside knowledge will probably not help much.

Gameplay will be pretty similar to Schism and Mountain Hawk and your characters will have similar capabilities as in Schism (eg, heroic, but not particularly extraordinary - what you might expect from a combat veteran). If that means nothing to you, that's fine too :D The game will be very easy to pick up and play.

You can choose a character from one of four classes, optionally aligned with one of five major factions. I'll post more about factions later.

We will require at least one character from each of the four classes, which are listed in the third post of this thread (I will create NPCs for any classes not supplied by players). I also need to cap each class as having a maximum of two characters of that class (first-come, first-serve basis). Ie, we need a minimum of one Xenophile, one Hunter, one Angel, and one Analyst (4 total), and a maximum of two Xenophiles, two Hunters, two Angels, and two Analysts (8 total). An explanation of these classes and what they do are in the third post.

If you wish to play the game, please post your chosen class in this thread as soon as possible. At your leisure, come up with a character name and backstory.

Your character is a war veteran (see in-universe description below) and thus should be at least 20-some years of age, and probably over 25. Any other details are completely up to you, but I recommend reading your class description carefully as that may give you some key ideas. But regardless of your chosen class, you may have been shooting at stuff in the war, or you may have had a desk job, or you may have been a key scientist or inventor. You may be married or single, short or fat, rich or poor, violent or pacifist, etc.

Please feel free to ask any questions and talk amongst yourselves in this thread.

Bee Train Role Playing Game / [ax] Schism ~ Acte II
« on: January 08, 2016, 12:47:35 AM »
Post as normal. I will add a combat map when I feel like it.

You can use the old OOC thread but please use this thread for IC. Thanks!

//Arie, Yukiko et al.

The door you were guarding breaks open, shattering the barricade you have made. Two of the ball-shaped machines tumble out into the hall, but in a disorganised, almost confused fashion. You sense they may be unprepared to combat you, but if they are as combat-capable as the one in the kitchen, you may find yourself outmatched once they co-ordinate themselves.

Beyond the door, you see a small chapel. A third ball rolls to and fro in the centre of the chapel, seemingly unsure as to whether to follow its comrades or not. At the end of the chapel, before the altar, lies a strange mass of levers and dials.

"We cannot quiet the eyes without Kasr," says Rin rapidly. "But perhaps they are controlled nearby. Maybe that thing in there." She nods towards the chapel.

"Maybe right," says Jack, "but that's the only entrance. We go in there, we could be trapped."

(Arie, Yukiko) the machine before the alter looks strangely similar to the one you used in the caverns of Mount Ziz, though not identical. It is markedly smaller, for starters, and it seems more primitive. But you sense that it perhaps has the function of some kind of central terminal.

Midori reappears at the door to the kitchen, her sword and shield drawn. The balls don't seem to be aware of her presence yet, and you may be able to use that to your advantage.

1. Attack the balls, using your current position to your advantage as best you can. <This will be an automated fight, without any individual attack options>.
2. Create a distraction, then head for the terminal in the chapel.
3. Create a distraction, then head up the stairs.
4. Maintain your defensive stance and wait.
5. Other.


You rush past the men into the corridor, clinging fast to your sword in both hands. You trip one of the men as you pass, leaving a slight commotion behind you. But to your dismay, there is a fourth man guarding the exit to the stairs, a large character with a steel gaze. You may be able to defeat him quickly, but you're not sure you'd have time to turn and fight the others.

You weigh your options quickly.

1. Turn and fight, trying to use the corridor to your advantage. (Don't worry about the size of your weapon, your half-sword talent largely obviates this).
2. Continue to charge forwards, hoping to catch the large man off guard.
3. Other (not sure there is an 'other', but surprise me).

<Any fighting will be automated, without any individual attack options.>

As promised, the RPG will be resuming a couple weeks from now. Here's what you need to know:

Practical things:

> All returning players will need to confirm their participation in this thread before the end of January. Any inactive player characters will be permanently removed (unless you have a very good reason for parking them / being afk).
> I won't be recruiting any new players right this minute, but if you are reading this and you want to join, let us know and there's no reason you can't join.

In-game things:

> Schism will pick up where it left off, though there will be a new game thread and some different stuff on imgur. Please don't post in the old game thread.
> A few combat sequences will be streamlined. Basically, "boss fights" will be played out round-by-round (as we usually do) but most other fights will be dramatically simplified. This is mainly in the interest of time and to keep me from getting bogged down in pointless details.
> The game system I have been working on is now mostly finished (yay!), so I won't be using you as guinea pigs so much. However there are some changes:

Changes to game system, combat:

> A lot of abilities have changed (again). Sorry about that. The flavour of classes is generally the same.
> A few things have been simplified.
> Equipment now has a much more direct effect on which abilities you can use and how your character performs in combat. As a result, some of your equipment may have changed slightly to ensure your character is reasonably balanced. Whenever possible I have simply added equipment and not removed or changed it.
> Many out-of-combat abilities have been added which I hope you find fun. The old skill-based non-combat ability system is pretty much dead, since most of my players have found it boring and too much like D&D. There's now a lot more risk-reward to simple dialouge and interactions, which I hope will make up for the fact that combat interactions will be a bit more simplified.

There will be an easy mini-boss fight for all characters soonish where you can try out the changes to the combat system and ask any questions that might come up.

Again sorry for the delay, and hope to see y'all ingame soon :)

Bee Train Role Playing Game / Sabisu Sabisu! R2: Mugen no Hosutesu
« on: October 23, 2015, 08:10:40 PM »
Have you ever wanted to settle whether Altena could beat Limelda in a drinking contest? Or have you ever wondered what would happen if the entire cast of Arc the Lad decided to fight each other in a small enclosed space?

Sabisu! is a casual minigame (loosely based off of a similar forum game I used to play designed for Marvel universe characters). There is no world, no lore, and no grand objectives - just Bee Train characters, chaos, and fun. There are some interesting tactics if you play a lot, but learning these is not at all necessary in order to play and enjoy :)

1. The Setting

In a prominent inn somewhere on the borders of Spain and Nafrece, some random travellers (including you!) gather seeking shelter, alcohol, company, and blood.

2. Objectives

There is no set object to the game, but the following are generally advantageous:

- doing damage to and killing specified assassination targets
- preventing damage to yourself, and to innocents and bystanders
- asking questions, forming alliances, etc

3. Gameplay

Firstly, choose a Bee Train character. Any character is fine (random unnamed Enfant operative, Rin, Prince Myskin, Chloe, Morganna, these are all valid options). Do not tell anyone except the DM (that's me) who your character is. (You can reveal your identity later on if you want, but it will probably be advantageous to conceal it, for reasons you will see momentarily). PM me the name of your character.

Once you've picked a character, you can post (you don't need to wait for me to reply to your PM). There are five actions, and you can only do one at a time:

a. Attack. This deals a random amount of damage to another character (be it an NPC or a player).
b. Block. This blocks any and all damage from other characters. You can use Block in two ways. If you Block with the target as yourself, you block all damage from all sources since your last post / on the current page of updates (whichever is more recent). If you Block with a target, you block all damage that target is dealing to yourself or anyone else. If you have not posted on a page of updates, you automatically Block damage from that page (this is to protect you when you are afk).
c. Cast. This uses an "ability" (this could be a magic spell or a hidden weapon). I will give you one ability once you've PM'd me your name, and you can get more abilities if you play often.
d. Drink. You can drink alcoholic beverages. Alcohol makes attacks on the *next* page of updates do more damage, but makes you unable to Block on that page. Using Cast or Examine while drunk can have interesting/unpredictable results. Drinking stacks (the more you drink, the more damage you can deal on the following page, and the more creative I will be with Cast and Examine results).
e. Examine. You can take a look at something around you (another character, or a special item) which the DM has posted and which is visible on the most recent page of updates. Examining an NPC may have special effects.

You can, of course, make conversation with other players' characters and with NPCs, and this doesn't count as an Action.

4. Items

Oooh, items! Items are special things which make the game more interesting or give you certain objectives. They are completely optional (you may decide that it's not in character, or just too much trouble) but they add some depth and focus to the game.

One of the most common items is a hit list. When you examine a hit list, it gives you the name of a target. This is usually an NPC but it could also be another player. Killing a target has special rewards.

Other items subtly change how abilities work or make them more powerful.

You use items simply by Examining them. Items 'appear' in DM posts. Items can be used by any number of characters. Any item not on the last page of updates is no longer available for examining.

You can destroy items by Attacking them. Any item attacked is destroyed instantly.

5. Numbers

All characters (players and NPCs) have 10 hit points, except the Hostess, who cannot be harmed or killed.

Normal attacks do 1 damage. Attacks which are described colourfully do more damage (at the DM's discretion). Attacks by someone who is inebriated do more damage (1 per drink). Damage from spells can vary and is usually more than damage from attacks. All those bonuses stack.

If a character runs out of hit points, she dies. The last player to deal damage to the target before it dies gets a Kill and may collect a reward from the bounty if that character was on a hit list.

6. The Hostess

The Hostess is a special character who cannot be killed and has godlike powers. She keeps the inn running and may (for instance) refuse to serve someone a drink, resurrect a dead character, reveal someone's identity, or kick them out of the inn altogether. Don't make her upset!

The Hostess is usually controlled by the DM, but you may find other players controlling her if said DM needs a break.

7. Rules

Your post can be as simple as a letter (A, B, C, D, or E, for the actions you are using) and a number (every target will have a number). However, if you describe your action in detail, I will reward you by enhancing your actions. The more detail / humour / creativity, the more effective your action will be.

You don't need to commit to this game, just jump in and post when you feel like it (but PM me your character when you do). There are no updates to read other than what is on the immediate page and your character cannot die while you are not playing.

You can only play one character at a time, however if you get bored with your character you can "leave the inn" and come back in as a new character. You can return to your old character at any time.

Your character may die. Death is not necessarily final, but if you do die, you should pick another character to play until your old character is resurrected.

You can attack and kill innocents and bystanders and that's fine, but this will put you on a hit list so that other players are rewarded for killing you. If you do this a lot, the Hostess will probably take action ;)

Your post must contain an action (this sounds like a weird rule, but there is a good reason!) If you are simply making a conversation, or if you have, for instance, a question about the game, post it with an action (Block is always safe) or (if you can't do this without double posting) edit your last post to add this.

You may only post one action at a time and you may not double post. Once another character has posted an action since your last post, you can post again.

If you Cast or Examine, you will have to wait for a DM update for the results. Similarly, if you describe your action floridly, you will have to wait for the DM update to find out your bonus.

If you have out-of-character stuff to say (like questions about rules, comments, etc) use red text or put it in ((double parentheses)).

Bee Train Role Playing Game / Building Baaninfstree (2.3)
« on: August 19, 2015, 08:46:29 PM »
I'm sensitive to the fact that there is a lot of content I would like to burn through and we only have two and a half months of scheduled game time left. While I'm perfectly happy to continue the game after the deadline if need be, I would like to suggest a few ideas (above) which might help speed things along.

If you have any other ideas, please post!

This thread is purely for OOC discussion, particularly for when players need to bounce ideas off each other at some length.

You can also use this thread to ask questions of me about stuff in the game.

You probably not need it immediately but here it is anyway :)

Bee Train Role Playing Game / [bq-btf] "Schism" IC
« on: February 20, 2015, 09:38:15 PM »
Hello and welcome to Schism!

The usual posting rules apply:

1. Note which character(s) are speaking and/or acting in each post. There are several ways to do this, but the most common here is to note the character's name at the top of the post and then work in a first-person perspective.

Spoiler: Samples • show
(Sjarna) *pokes Largo with a stick* "Take that, pallie!"
(Sjarna) I poke Largo with a stick. "Take that, pallie!"
Sjarna pokes Largo with a stick, crying "Take that, pallie!"

2. Clearly seperate out-of-character (OOC) text from in-character (IC) text. OOC text might be questions you ask of the DM, player-to-player communication, etc. I will usually use red text for OOC things. (Technically this entire list is OOC, but I'm lazy).

If you have a lot of OOC stuff to post and very little IC to post you might want to use the OOC thread for your post instead.

Spoiler: Samples • show
(Sjarna) *pokes Largo with a stick* ((can I run away if I deal damage?))
(Sjarna) I poke largo with a stick. Does anyone have a sharper stick?

3. When replying to an option from a list of options, please note the option number(s) you have chosen somewhere.

Spoiler: Samples • show
(Sjarna) - 3 *pokes Largo with a stick*
(3) Sjarna pokes Largo with a stick.

4. Some actions have a possibility of failure. For instance, you may attack an opponent, but that attack is not guaranteed to deal damage. Other actions have little to no possibility of failure and can be posted as completed. In general, it's okay to be bold and post as many actions as possible / desired, just be aware that some things require an element of chance and/or skill which may determine the success of your action.

Spoiler: Samples • show
(Sjarna) I poke Largo with a stick, hoping to interrupt his conversation. ((possibility of failure))
(Sjarna) I go to a nearby tree, pluck off a branch, and sharpen it with my fingernails. ((no possibility of failure))

Announcements & Introductions / Welcome RCIX!
« on: February 19, 2015, 04:05:48 PM »
Hi! We are people! You are a person also and we welcome you!

I'm bad at this.

Bee Train Role Playing Game / [bq-btf] "Schism" :: Info and Recruitment
« on: February 14, 2015, 10:58:07 PM »
Hi, and welcome to the new RPG starting March 1st!

I'd like to recruit at least two new players for this version (I might get one myself). Please ask around btf and any gaming friends and see if someone would like to join. Players inexperienced or new to rpgs are always welcome, of course!

A number of tweaks are coming to gameplay but former players will recognise the system as similar to that used in Mountain Hawk. The important ones (and those relevant to new players) are listed in this post. Minor changes will be at the changelog thread. Feel free to discuss any changes or ask any questions while posting in this thread. Thanks and good luck!

contents: BQ? - Setting - Gameplay - Changes - Existing Characters - New Characters


Bard's Quadrille (bq) is a small-unit combat system which I've been working on with the help of gaming friends for about two years. It's nearing a public testing phase but still has a lot of bugs to be worked out. You guys are my guinea pigs and the only people to have played this game in an rpg format :)

Since last year, we've made some major tweaks to the system and things are starting to stabilize into a recognisable form. There should be far fewer changes to abilities this time round; we will likely need to tweak some of the numbers on occasion, but we'll be avoiding tweaking the effects except as a last resort.

The Setting

It is the late 15th century. Nafrece and Avari, two powerful kingdoms at the centre of power, are at the brink of war. Smaller factions within these nations vie for supremacy and influence with Nafrece's charismatic King and Avari's strong army. Moreover, the discovery of a New World beyond the western sea has these and other powerful nations scrambling for power and influence.

Baaninfstree, a small but significant trading town on the borders of Avari and Nafrece, has long cherished its independence. Having built its wealth with carefully crafted partnerships, its importance - and perhaps, its survival - is under threat in the new age of imperialism.

Not far from Baaninfstree lies Langonel, heart of the Soldats, a mysterious paramilitary and underworld organisation thought to have been dismantled years ago. They again seek to rise to power, gaining allies amidst the growing hunger for gold and guns. But they are divided even within themselves, and still they seek to crown anew their champions of old - Noir.

Your character is uniquely positioned to gain wealth, influence, and battle prowess in these turbulent times.


Schism is a semi-realistic renaissance rpg with elements borrowed from Bee Train anime and classic fantasy. Think of it as Noir set in Za Warudo.

There are three critical elements to the game:

   * Small unit combat - you control your character(s) in small fights between your party and a group of enemies.

   * Political management - you or your non-player allies can influence the fate of Baaninfstree, Nafrece, Avari, and beyond. There are several factions which you can join at the start of the game, or you can choose to be an independent mercenary.

   * Social interactions - your character(s) will have opportunities to forge friendships, settle rivalries, or even pursue a romance.

If one (or more) of these things doesn't seem appealing, don't worry! There will always be an opportunity to automatically resolve interactions which you don't want to complete or which you don't have time for. You may want to grind out victories on the battlefield or you may want to spend your days collecting teapots or studying magic. It really is up to you and you can advance your character in several directions.

Tough moral choices are always a feature of my games and Schism, as the name implies, will be no exception!
You will have an opportunity for at least one of these per week (or even all three, provided you've completed one of the previous ones). Particularly difficult challenges will involve a combination thereof.

The DM (hi) will come up with interactions that I think would suit your character. However, you have complete control over your character's movements and, by relocating your character or by initiating certain interactions, you can customise which interactions you might prefer. I'm working on a more vivid and extensive game map which will help point you in the right direction (I hope).

Notable Changes from Previous Games

Instead of one day's play, this chapter will take (I hope!) a significantly longer period of time, potentially a month or more depending on how you play.

Characters now have a somewhat variable Combat Strength level depending on the amount of combat exp they accrue. In other words, it is possible to have a character who is a well-versed politician and a relatively weak combatant. Progress in non-combat skills can be very important if you play in a certain way.

Some abilities have been restructured. Wardens are now a bit more defensively orientated while the Ace is more potent offensively. There have been no substantial changes to the Slayer or Mage, though we've re-tuned the way critical hits work (they no longer do double damage by default) which has toned down burst damage slightly.  

Players have the option to choose kits, which customise their character class without micromanaging each ability choice. If you choose a kit, you will get abilities on leveling up that support your chosen playstyle.

Players can also select tactical stances which effect how their character reacts in combat and what their character may do when they are not able to post.

I would also like to pilot the system of resolving some combat encounters in chat on a regular basis. We would (ideally) schedule a date (likely a friday) on which players a few rounds of combat in succession. If you have any further thoughts/feedback on that idea, please let us know by posting here.

Existing Characters

If you would like to continue playing your character(s) from a previous rpg in this series, please feel free, and let us know by posting in this thread. If you would like to make a new character, you can "park" your old character, or you can play two characters in tandem. I would not like anyone to actively play more than two characters at a time, but you can create as many as you like.

Either way, you will need to decide on a starting location (scroll down to the bottom). If you have multiple characters, they should both start in the same location.

How to Make a New Character

You will need 3 things to make a character - one or two bloodlines, a name, one or two classes, and a starting location. That's four things. I can't count, okay?


Your character's dominant bloodline is the genetic race which best represents her. If you're in doubt, Human is never a bad choice. This is not necessarily the only race in your character's ancestry but it would probably be the most obvious one in terms of your appearance.

Your second bloodline (if you wish) may represent a mixed parentage, or it may simply be a culture which your character identifies with in a strong way. For example, an Elven orphan raised by Human parents might be expected to have traits of the "Human Bloodline" even though he is genetically 100% Elven.

Each time you level up, you may choose a Bloodline Trait from one of your two bloodlines. Which bloodline of the two ends up being dominant is up to your own role-play and character development.

Note that once you pass up a Bloodline Trait for one level, you cannot take it later. This is designed for game balance purposes. In other words, if you had a tier 2 character, you could have a level 1 trait from one bloodline and a tier 2 trait from another bloodline, but not two tier 1 traits.

There's more information on Bloodlines in the following post, or you can talk to NPCs in game to learn more.


Your name can be anything you like, within reason!


There are eight classes which can be combined in pairs for up to 36 combinations (including pure classes). Each class itself has thousands of possible combinations of abilities at its disposal, so each character is truly unique.

To make ability choices easier, you can also choose from one of four "kits". Kits are optional ability packages which make some level-up choices automatic. Kits are optional and give you the opportunity to acquire the class that shares your kit in addition to your starting class. If you wish to cancel or change your kit at a later stage, that's fine.

There are 4 warrior classes and 4 magic-using classes.

The four warrior classes are the Barbaroi, Warden, Slayer, and Champion.

The four magic classes are the Sorcerer, Cleric, Mage, and Ace.

There's more information on Classes and Kits in following two posts below. You can also talk to NPCs in game to learn more about them and to select a kit which might be suitable for you.


There are two available starting locations. Which one you choose has very little bearing on your subsequent gameplay, and is a purely aesthetic choice, but the choice is necessary in order to start the game.

Baaninfstree is one location, on the southern borders of Nafrece. The other location is the University of Paris.

Paris is a more urban location, Baaninfstree is more rural. There are unique opportunities to each.

Travel between these two locations (and others) is ennabled by a network of magical portals.

Having two locations helps the party spread out immediately and have more issues to solve / things to do.

There are maps of both these locations in the post below.

Bee Train Role Playing Game / Building Baaninfstree (Poll 2.2)
« on: February 12, 2015, 12:56:32 PM »
I've been thinking about possible ways to simplify combat, since it takes a long time (for me also). Here are some ideas.

Please note that a few simplifications to the combat system have already be made:

...all abilities have a set cooldown of one round, except for a few powerful abilities which have one-time use
...the quantity of AP available is reduced
...the AP cost of most Persistents (like Leadership) is reduced
...the AP cost of movement is reduced slightly
...the number of Defence Reactions playable per turn are no longer limited by level
...Attacks and Defences do not cost AP

Class-dependant weapons and armour values

This would make damage, hit chance, and armour completely dependent on your class, rather than on your equipment. It would make combat a bit more predictable. You can still define your own equipment and upgrade it, but entirely according to your imagination (not up to the DM at all). Weapon special abilities would remain intact but would be changed so that they're not weapon dependant. Eg, the Sundering Sword would simply do less damage when you were using the Sunder ability, rather than being a low-damage weapon all the time.

This would also make Martial Arts obsolete.

Note: this is how we usually play in tabletop format. I came up with Equipment rules specially for BTF.


A character's "stance" (eg aggressive, passive, balanced) could be used to evaluate their combat choices rather than selecting every ability manually as they come up. This would always be optional.

Allow other players to post for me in combat when necessary

Brute force method of speeding things along.

Quicker Resolutions

Combat invariably ends in 2-3 rounds. I tend to do this anyway but I'd rather not :D

Team-based initiative order

At BTF we've been doing this - the entire team acts as a body rather than staggered initiative where each character would act as a separate "turn".

Resolve in chat more often

Use a chatroom for combat whenever possible, rather than forum posts.

Something else

Post it here!

Bee Train Role Playing Game / rpg "Seven Days in Heaven" game thread
« on: December 21, 2014, 05:25:56 PM »

- You have seven moves per character (but you do not have to use all of them).
- You have seven in-game days to complete the game. You can move up to once per day.
- Each character has a special "skill" which you can use at any time. Using a skill does not count as a move (though some skills can only be used as part of a move, or enable a move).
- There are three objectives:

1. Get the Unusually Useful Key into the Hall stronghold. (Should take 2 turns). This is a "tutorial" phase during which you can talk to NPCs and each other and make plans.
2. Get as many characters as possible to Baaninfstree while avoiding Captures (see below). This should take the bulk of the game from turn 3 to turn 6, and this is your primary objective.
3. Attempt to rescue Ralt from the Hall. This happens on Turn 7 regardless of how the previous turns panned out, and ends the game. The more characters you successfully move to Baaninfstree, the greater your chances of success.

Note: at every stage of the game, there will be opportunities to gather fun and interesting information. Talking to NPCs when possible will definitely issue some hints and tidbits of knowledge which will be useful later, albeit not specifically for this game.


There are three areas, two of which are "strongholds" - each of these have an Inside and Outside component. If you are inside either The Hall or St. Galen, you are imprisoned there (or have broken into the prison recently). If you are outside these locations, you are in the vicinity but may be captured and (re)imprisoned within.

Baaninfstree is one area. You can ride from Baaninfstree to the Hall as a move, or you can teleport to or from outside the two other areas as a move provided Ami or Alicia are part of the group you wish to port (see below).

The Hall (rhymes with Pal, not with Ball) is the second area. The Hall is a stronghold, and some of the characters begin the game imprisoned here. If you want to get in or out of a stronghold, you have to use skills and/or items to do so.

The Abbey St. Galen is the last area. This is also a stronghold, and some of the characters begin the game imprisoned here.

Just to confuse you, these are listed in reverse order on the spreadsheet (North to South order, as it happens). Teleporters link all three areas.

Each character has a special skill they can use to help the party.

Esteban - Keymaster
...can summon the Unusually Useful Key (see below) to his location.

Ami, Alicia - Conductor
...can use any Teleporter and bring up to two characters with them (each).

Yukiko, Arie - Experienced
...instead of allowing themselves to be captured, Yukiko, Arie, and up to one additional character accompanying them (each) can break into a stronghold. This does not raise the threat level of the stronghold, however they cannot leave again unless they use the Unusually Useful Key on a subsequent move.

Elenore, Dustmop - Loremaster
...Dustmop and Elenore have a large amount of added information which may be useful to the party, and Dustmop has calculated a solution to this puzzle - but she may or may not be willing to share it!

Coleen - Gatekeeper
...where Coleen is captured or has broken into in a stronghold, she can persuade the guards to let in one character who is outside the stronghold without raising the threat level. This defaults to Esteban; if Esteban is not outside the stronghold which Coleen inhabits, it will be a random character outside the stronghold.

Rion - Guard Dog
....when Rion is in a group of characters outside a stronghold, those characters are immune to being captured. Rion, being a super legendary doggie of epic might (+5) also has several other special rules that only apply to her:

- Rion can leave a stronghold without needing the Unusually Useful Key, or enter one without accompanying Arie or Yukiko (but she cannot bring anyone with her).
- Rion only responds to commands from Arie or Coleen (however her Guard Dog ability runs continuously regardless of who is with her).
- Rion cannot be captured.
- Rion does not need to be moved to Baaninfstree to fulfill the Second Objective or to contribute towards the Third. She will participate in the final attack in turn 7 regardless of her ending location after turn 6.
- Note that Rion *does* count as a character for teleporting, however.


There are some items which you can use to assist you.

> The Unusually Useful Key - can be used by any character to break out of a stronghold, taking as many other characters out of the stronghold with them as they go. There is only one of these, which starts in the possession of Esteban.

> Pocket Mirrors - can be used by any character to communicate with another character who is not in their area and also has a Pocket Mirror. You start with two of these; Coleen has one and Arie has another. More are "hidden" around the world.

> Teleporters - one of six of these can be used by Ami and/or Alicia to teleport up to 3 characters (each, including them) between the areas.


> Escape a stronghold (only if you have the Unusually Useful Key) and/or use a teleporter to go to the area of your choice (only if you have Alicia or Ami in your group, see details below).

> Allow yourself to be captured, confining you in the stronghold (only if you are outside a stronghold).

> Ride from Baaninfstree to outside the Hall (if you are in Baaninfstree).

> Break into a stronghold (only if you have Arie or Yukiko in your group, see details below).

> Do nothing and pass your turn.

> (On the final turn only) assault the Hall and attempt to rescue Ralt along with any other characters who may still be confined there.

So, if you have the Unusually Useful Key, you can escape an area, with up to all the characters currently confined in that area.

If Ami or Alicia is in your group, you can additionally use a teleporter after escaping to teleport up to two people (in addition to Ami or Alicia). If both Ami and Alicia are in the group, you can teleport two each for a total of four. Using a teleporter and escaping a stronghold together make one move, however you can use a teleporter as long you are outside a stronghold or in Baaninfstree (it doesn't have to be part of an escape). You cannot use the same teleport on the same move twice. Eg, if you have six characters in one area and want to teleport them all away, you have to teleport three to one location (including Ami) and three to the remaining location (including Alicia).

If you have Arie or Yukiko in your group, you can break into an area with up to one person in addition to Arie or Yukiko.

If you do not have Arie or Yukiko in your group but want to enter a stronghold, you can allow yourself to be captured if you are located outside that stronghold.


> Give the Key to another character.
> Give a Pocket Mirror to another character.
> Have a cup of tea.
> Use your imagination and have fun!


Allowing yourself to be captured raises the threat level of a stronghold.

When the threat level goes to one, a stronghold has a 10% chance to capture each one of your characters which is outside that stronghold. Each successful capture on the part of the stronghold further raises the threat level by 10%, up to a maximum of 90%.

In the case of the Hall, raising their threat level also makes it more difficult to rescue Ralt on the final turn.

However, having Rion outside the stronghold prevents stronghold forces from capturing any characters outside that stronghold.

It is possible to play the entire game without being captured and except for during the opening phase, and leaving the strongholds with no chance of capturing you on subsequent moves.


- Passing your turn is okay. Dustmop's solution includes a lot of Passing, but this is boring and may not be fun, so...
- Doing things at random which don't necessarily move you towards the goal is okay too, and I would especially encourage you to do things which seem to be in character, rather than simply powergaming through this.
- Not finishing the game ideally is perfectly okay and won't have any major negative consequences (though there may be some amusing or humiliating ones!)
- I might add more hints here when I feel like it, but more likely I will convey things via Dustmop/Elenore instead, at Kari's discretion (as I did through noirlax for Forbidden Book).  

Seven Days in Heaven takes place between Mountain Hawk and the yet-to-be-titled new longer game beginning in March. It is in direct continuity to Mountain Hawk and will involve your existing characters. It's a bit lighter/sillier, though, and playing it won't have any huge ramifications in Za Warudo (no, really, I promise).

There is no combat micromanagement, however some fighting will occur.

For those that wish to play, I strongly suggest posting a minimum of once per week to stay involved (but if you need a break or a holiday or get man flu, it's not like you're going to get kicked out or anything).

Like Forbidden Book this is a turn-based game scheduled to take place over seven weeks of real time, or seven days of in-game time. However, unlike FB, it is possible to finish it in under that time.

The main object of the game is to gather the party, which will be difficult, as you are currently spread out over two countries and some of you are in secured areas with people who don't want you to go anywhere, and to rescue an NPC, who is imprisoned and will need the entire party to rescue him (should you desire to!)

As noted in the Mountain Hawk thread, not playing this game won't make you ineligible or even disadvantage you from playing the "serious" game in March.

Please post a in/out here if you played Mountain Hawk. If you didn't play Mountain Hawk and want in, please PM me for some crucial info and tips.

I should probably mention that there *may* be some explicit sexual content, and if that bothers you please just let me know and I will avoid involving your character in those interactions.

You can use this thread subsequently for party decision chat.

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