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ELDA TALUTA / Akatsuki no Yona
« on: December 06, 2014, 08:47:06 AM »
It's been awhile since a new anime series caught my eye, but I stumbled across this little gem. It's available on Crunchyroll and with torrents from Horriblesubs.

Don't be put off by the rather predictable and trope-heavy first episode - the plot is well-developed and the protagonist is basically a Korean Dany Targaryen. Very enjoyable and (so far) no gratuitous fanservice.

Bee Train Role Playing Game / Survey Results and Short-Format Game Interest
« on: November 27, 2014, 05:32:50 PM »
Here are the results of my last rpg survey. There was a bit more consensus than usual, so I definitely have some good ideas of how we can improve.

I voted as well, because I can ^^ I agreed with the majority most of the time.


The average star rating was 3.7 at a mode of 3. Nobody rated 1 or 2 (thanks!).

Best feature? "Interactions with fellow party characters and party achievements" had 50% support with the other categories gaining only one vote each.

Worst? "Your own character's progression and achievements" had 50% support, with the other categories gaining one vote each again.

Generally most important? "Characters and story" took the prize with 67% support. The other two voters selected "Interactions with fellow party characters and party achievements".

Most attractive new format? "A persistent world with lots of small quests to perform" took 67% support. The other two voters (including myself) selected "A story-driven chapter".

A different setting and mechanics? There was again 67% support for "Sure, something different might be refreshing." One player selected "No, let me stick to what I know" and one other player selected " long as my character and abilities were the same or similar."


So given these four categories my priority for editing and improvements will be:

HIGH: Character Progression (highest least satisfactory), Characters and Story (most important)

LOW: Combat & Mechanics, Party Interaction


This went completely against my prediction, which is that Party Interaction and Combat and Mechanics would be least satisfactory. Party Interaction was worst for me because you generally split into small groups and rarely agreed readily on a course of action. But if its working for you, I'm not going to complain, not being a party member :D

Moreover, the combination of the answers strongly suggest that I don't need and/or shouldn't edit the system/mechanics a lot. That's a huge weight off my mind since this is very much in a trial stage and given that a nice mix of players such as yourselves seem to have faith in it, I feel like I've got a good mandate to pursue it :) Of course there will be some changes and improvements as it evolves, but the basic principles will stay put.

I was also surprised and interested that most of the players felt that their own character's progression wasn't satisfactory, compared to other features. I'm not a person who gets a lot out of progression (I'm as happy not levelling up as otherwise) and I had thought that levelling up on every combat sequence would be sufficiently engaging for people who liked that sort of thing.

Some players pointed out that what hampered this in part was the changes to the system midgame meant that some of their earlier choices didn't seem meaningful. That's a fair point. I'll try to avoid broadly negating player options in future and we should be playing with a much more stable ability pool next time round.

Another player pointed out that levelling up was just a bit too hard because of the huge variety of options and paths available, and it wasn't clear how this or that option was improving their character. That's also a fair point and I think some options for simpler levelling might be explored.

My own disorganisation meant that I didn't always giving you lasting rewards when I could have done. But I also think some things can be adjusted in the game itself.

If you have any other comments you'd like to make please post them below.


On the final (and most important) question, nobody selected a military campaign (which I've had on the cards as an idea) or being in the same setting with different abilities / different style of game (like Forbidden Book).

Suggestions are always welcome... someone said they wanted something more Steampunky (I think I might know who that is!!)

Bee Train Role Playing Game / Sabisu, Sabisu!
« on: July 12, 2014, 02:13:50 PM »
Sabisu, Sabisu! ...a game of fanservice and inebriation!

This is a minigame with some light RP involved. Everyone is welcome!

The object of the game is to have Nellie the barmaid guess who you are through your conversation and actions as a Bee Train character.


Basically it's the reverse of the Yes or No Question Game. Instead of having multiple guessers and one subject, there is one guesser (the bartender) and multiple subjects to be guessed (characters at the bar).

The fun consists of acting out as Bee Train characters for a short period of time in a casual setting. Very casual.

There is an enchantment on the inn where no names can be said. But Nellie has a "tab machine" that prints a name which the bartender is thinking about. Unfortunately, it only works when people down drinks that the bartender has served, and she sure won't trust a stranger to pull the taps!

When Nellie succeeds in identifying the character, the Nellie player passes the bartender role to that character's player, and so on. They then have the option of taking over as Nellie. If Nellie is particularly impressed with the character, she might ask if the character himself wants to take over as the bartender. Any number of characters can approach the bar at once.

Playing as a Bee Train character

All you have to do is act naturally as a Bee Train character.

You're not allowed to express names or details about names by any means. You're also not allowed to say anything your character wouldn't know, eg "I'm in an anime series called Madlax".

You can use descriptions, actions, dialogue and so on in order to help the bartender place your character. Whether you want to make it easy or difficult for the bartender is up to you. You might just want to walk up to the bar and say "Come on, you remember me, right?" and make her work it out while you do whatever you want. Or, you could make it really easy by choosing a central character and say "Oh, I live with a japanese assassin in Paris" and describe your life in detail. But remember to charge her machine by consuming plenty of alcohol - which might, at your discretion, affect the way you play the game ;)

Until the bartender has identified you, the only person who should know who your character is, is you!

You can use red text for when you need to write things which are not in-character (eg questions about the game, etc).

Feel free to keep 'playing' your character after you've been identified, just let the bartender know that you're staying at the bar for a second round.

Playing as the bartender

You might want to leave off formally guessing while some fun interactions are still going on and simply observe and work things out. Or you might want to show off your memory, reasoning, and interpersonal skills by guessing people as quickly as you can and asking lots of questions. It's entirely up to you.

The bartender can dispense drinks as they are ordered. You have a machine behind the bar which prints a name you are thinking of when you pull the lever (eg, whatever name you're guessing). The machine resets whenever someone finishes a drink. You can earn more guesses if you encourage people to keep drinking ;)

Once you reveal a character, you should offer the bartender role to that player. That player then takes over as Nellie.

Alternately, if you've been impressed by their character and think they'll act responsibly, you can offer the bartender role *to the character* rather than simply to the player.

You can use red text for when you need to write things which are not in-character (eg questions about the game, etc).

Playing as Nellie

Nellie's just an ordinary girl living somewhere near the border of Spain and France, working at a local pub which has been lost in time.

She has good principles and a lot of courage. She's practically minded and wouldn't normally waste time in deep conversation, but she will do as necessity demands.

There will always be a Nellie player who is "in charge of the inn" even when there is a different bartender. Anyone who is playing as Nellie should as a "DM" for the game; break up fights, throw people out, confiscate weapons, relieve bartenders who are not doing their job, and ensure everyone is "enjoying responsibly".

I'm sure you get the idea, but a full list of rules is below if you want to nitpick ^^

Characters Allowed

- Any and all named Bee Train characters, from central characters to obscure one-timers (though try to make sure that the barmaid player has seen the anime they come from; you can refer to that player's Series Ranking post for a list)
- Please no original RP characters (to keep this inclusive) or characters from non-BT anime (because I say so)

What you can do

- Tell her about your background
- Describe your relationships to other characters
- Interact with the bartender and other characters, order drinks, chat, do whatever your character might do at a bar
- Act out relationships with other characters that might show up at the bar
- Describe your weapons, tools, residence, etc
- Describe events which changed you and how you felt about them
- Bring out key traits in other characters
- Use your personal impression and interpretation of the character
- Use in-universe meta-details (eg the characters in .hack// *know* that they are characters in a game called 'The World')
- Use any canonical secondary sources you might have access to

And if you're playing the bartender, you can ask questions about this stuff as well, of course!

What you're not allowed to do

- Say your name or anyone else's name (even after they've been identified by Nellie)
- Give details about names (eg, length, letters used, rhymes with...)
- Give technical, out-of-universe details (eg, what anime you're from, which VA voiced you)
- Use information from non-canonical sources (this just gets confusing and contradictory)

And if you're playing the bartender, you're not allowed to ask such questions, except you may guess at what their name might be (there's a special mechanic for this in the game).

I've asked The White Wolf to be the first character, while I will start with Nellie. I don't know what character he is, but I'll try and guess!

Feel free to introduce your own characters to the mix at any time, or withdraw / change them if you get bored (just leave the bar and come back as a different character). To avoid confusion, please only play one character at a time, however.

This thread is for OOC discussion of Party Options. Henceforth, all party options will be posted here instead of in the main thread, along with an expanded range of background information from the Log.

Hopefully this will promote clearer communication between players and slow down decision making a bit.

I'll try to stay out of your deliberations (maybe) but will chip in with hints and will answer any questions you may have.


The player characters gather in and near Baaninfstree. Their common purpose centers around an elf going by the name of "Tindal", who escaped the care of her protective foster-father for unknown reasons. Her real name is Ceyn Talurinde. She appears at the inn and makes a proposition to Yukiko, but flees early in the morning when the Inquisition comes knocking.

Meanwhile, Coleen purchases a bracelet from Wrennalch on behalf of Fr. Tommaso, one of three Parisians who have come on a quest of their own, but who are acquainted with Ceyn. Neme discovers that Ceyn has opened a substantial bank account in her guardian's name.

Chapter One

None of the various members of the party choose to pursue Ceyn immediately, and instead gather at the inn to consider their next move.

On their way to Baaninfstree, Arie and Ami meet a wild elf named Ralt, who is in the company of a highly intelligent hawk called "Ziz", along with a party from the University of Paris who have been charged to return a dangerous book to its former owner, who lives near a nearby mountain. This mountain is also named Ziz. It is a barren place, avoided by even the bravest adventurers.

Yukiko receives a mysterious communique via the paintings in Babiron's old bedroom, warning of an impending rendezvous between Ceyn and a party near to Baaninfstree. The rendezvous takes place and is witnessed by Alicia. While the party has been pooling their resources, Ceyn has somehow convinced Sjarna and Wrennalch to accompany her, and hands Fax over to a mysterious society known only as "les Soldats" in exchange for information about her home town of Hallimar. Ceyn promptly escapes, dragging Wren with her while sniper fire from an unknown source decimates the Soldat party. Alicia manages to interrogate her, but without much success.

Yukiko survives an assassination attempt which appears to have been engineered by the Soldats. Treviani, the Inquisitor who came looking for Ceyn, was not so fortunate. Somehow, he was killed in daylight, in a busy room, while unconscious.

Langonel, the Soldat base, along with the house of Siyah, who is to receive the book carried by Pulsen, and Hallimar, Ceyn's presumed destination, are all within the same general area. It is agreed that the party should enjoin the Parisians' quest to return the book to Siyah, and catch up with Ceyn as soon as possible.

The party moves northwards past Arie's cabin and discovers that the portal used by Ceyn to escape that area appears to have been designed by an artificer named Feyder, who also has his name on the frames of the mysterious paintings in Babiron's old bedroom, which are also some kind of portal.

Background: The Forbidden Book

Yukiko and Arie have additional information from future experiences with the book, which have been revealed to them by Ziz.

Quest: The Philosopher's Cat (completed)

Arie and Ami take a shortcut to find Xaldam, a panther in the company of the Parisians.

Quest: Return to Sender

Pulsen intends to return the book to Siyah, aided by the party.

Chapter Two

On Ralt's advice, and encouraged strongly by Pulsen, the party elects to take a hidden path which leads them close to Langonel, but directly to Siyah's home. They pick up a straggler named Esteban, who was being pursued by some kind of giant lizard-like creature.

Ziz warns the party of an approaching Soldat patrol. The party decides not to weigh their chances but continue along the path unseen.

Along the way, they are ambushed by a party of elves, who attack Ralt. The party repels them, severely injuring their leader. They discover in the process that Siyah has already left her home with Ceyn to go to Hallimar. Warned of an impending attack by the Soldats on Siyah's home (again, by Ziz), the party decides to follow on in haste.

Background: Ralt

In the previous chapter, Ralt revealed to Ami details surrounding his family. He then confesses to her that the leader of the elven ambush was none other than his mother, Sen.

Quest: Red Queen

The salamander that injured Esteban seems to have resurfaced near Siyah's home in a state of some anguish, but the party did not have time to investigate.

Quest: Return to Sender (continued)

Siyah's home is reached, but Siyah is elsewhere.

Quest: White Queen

Ralt's mother issues a task for Ralt which he seems heavily reluctant to complete, even though she suggests that his refusal may prevent him from rejoining his tribe again.

Chapter Three

Coleen and Rion, while scouting the area, happen across a man hailed as "General" by his fellow Soldats. He seems to be in charge of the operation to attack the house, but his motives are vague and reveal some underlying fanaticism surrounding 'Noir'. He describes a signal system that reveals that the Soldats are tracking Ceyn and Siyah's movements, and wish to complete the attack before they return from Hallimar. Coleen boldly attempts to capture the general, but fails.

Meanwhile, Alicia, Arie, and Esteban discover the house to be occupied by Fax and a Soldat calling himself Teilhard Feyder (his name was originally reported as 'Laurence'; this was an error). He claims to have constructed the portals and used them to contact Yukiko at the Tinin Azraq earlier that day, as well as being the sniper that killed several Soldats who were taking away Fax, and later rescuing her. He has a fatalistic view of the situation, and doesn't expect to live very long. Nonetheless, he has hatched a plan to cut the Soldats off by the head, by assassinating their leader, General Kurowa. The party plans to capture the General instead.

Ralt receives a feather from Ziz which makes him begin to act rather strangely.

Bee Train Role Playing Game / Building Baaninfstree (Poll 2.1)
« on: March 18, 2014, 09:18:38 AM »
I have a bit more time on my hands than usual this week and will probably make some major improvements to one or another of the rpg resources, but I wanted to know what people would find most useful.

Here are the ideas in detail:

> Character Viewer

Right now it loads a bit slowly for my taste, especially if you're not logged into Google, and requires a lot of clicking to get to the information you want. I have a couple ideas to obviate this but it would require some basic restructuring. I would also like to make a sort of "party-at-a-glance" thing where you can see your health and location, (like in the old Baaninfstree), who has which artifacts and why they're important, and maybe even an automated link to the last post that specifically addressed you.

> Abilities Browser

I feel like I can leave this on low priority because I intend to copy any essential information about abilities to the actual game posts when needed. But if you want me to expand it, I can.

> the Log

My long-term plan is that the log become somehow merged with the character viewer, but remaining viewable in simple html. I'm not sure how to achieve this quite yet (at least, without web hosting), but I could make a start to that, as well as making it a bit easier to read and update quickly.

> Info

I feel like expanding this with some more character information about NPCs, etc, but idk if people would find this useful or helpful. For instance, I'm debating completely offloading biographical data etc from the character viewer, which would make a lot more room for stats on a single screen.

> Maps etc

Yeah, I'm not very artistic, but I can probably rustle up some things if needed.

Pick two!

Announcements & Introductions / Congratulations Okoa and MartAnimE!
« on: February 18, 2014, 01:38:35 PM »
There are now no excuses for forgetting this anniversary, guys. It is immortalized in a post. Just remember "" and you're covered!

Important notes and documents will appear here.


Most Fridays ...I will be testing various abilities on my own or with friends and may make adjustments to them. Any major changes will be posted here.

01 Mar ...Votes will be taken for Party Leader and other roles assigned temporarily. Beginning of Chapter One. (I'm going to hold this off pending the unification of the party).

16 Apr ...End of Chapter One (I hope). Will take a ten-day break.

26 Apr ...Play resumes and will continue through May.

I will post additional elements to the schedule here as I know them.


Note: none of the Google Docs files should require you to log in. If they do, let me know; something is wrong.

Character Viewer (GDocs Spreadsheet)

How to use (html)

This is your core resource. Here you can view basic information on the various characters in the game, including your own!

Party Log (html)

This is page contains links to key posts and information about the Party's progress. A great resource if you haven't read the thread for a while and don't have the time to read all the posts.

Information (gdocs, see sig for html)

This spreadsheet has stuff about Bloodlines, Party Roles, and other technical information.

Lore  (gdocs, see sig for html)

This one has non-technical lore which you can flip through to learn more about the game environment and characters.

Posting Conventions
Sample Post #1 - for one player, out of combat
Sample Post #2 - the player posts in reaction to #1
Sample Post #3 - a basic combat interaction
Sample Post #4 - a player posts a combat action
Sample Post #5 - combat ends and the players level up - an out of combat, party interaction follows...


Promo! (pdf)
Concept for "Rion" (gif)


2014.04.07     Information document split into "Info" and "Lore". Updated party summary. A few other little updates and bugfixes throughout.
2014.04.04     Added party summary to character viewer.
2014.03.19     Biographies have been removed from the Character Viewer and added to the Information document, along with essential stuff about the characters. Added / updated most of the NPC biographies.
2014.03.17     Health & Attributes tabs have been merged in Character Viewer. Combat Power level (a more efficient way of comparing characters' combat strength) has been added to the Class & Bloodline tab. Some other little oddities fixed to make the viewer a bit faster and neater.
2014.03.09     Level 1 & 2 Ace & Cleric Abilities and Level 1 Warden Abilities are in the Abilities tab in the Character viewer. Hopefully adding a few more later tonight...
2014.03.08     Information on Factions has been offloaded from the Character Viewer and added to the Information document where it belongs.
2014.03.01     The Character Viewer has been updated and re-uploaded. Please note that the link has changed.
2014.02.25     The Log and the Info sheet have been converted to html for easier viewing.
2014.02.23     Added super-cool spreadsheets %)
2014.02.11     Removed "dnd" tags because this actually doesn't really have any dnd elements worth noting :p
2014.02.11     Set official campaign start date for 1st of March, released promo
2014.02.10     First threads, offering a sample of player interaction and a Tavern for introductions.

Bee Train Role Playing Game / rpg "The Mountain Hawk" Game Thread
« on: February 10, 2014, 11:12:53 PM »
Hey all! The posting conventions are just slightly more complex than before, so please read:

OOC ("out of character") text (like this) will be in red text.

Options for characters will be in a numbered list, in teal text. The party member indicated can respond with one of the options, or by inventing a new option of their own.

Options for the entire party will be in blue text. Any party member can reply choosing one of the options, or invent another solution to the problem at hand. These are usually decisions that should be made as a party, with multiple members discussing about what to do between them.

You will be able to see an example of these below (once our brave heroes, Yukiko and Arie get involved!)

When you post: please indicate the character who is posting (because I'm easily confused), which option you are taking, and, if necessary, which character you are addressing. In combat, indicate a target unit or a grid reference. You don't need to use any colours, except please indicate clearly when and if you shift in and out of character, with red text or whatever is comfortable for you.

The game begins in the "Tinin Azraq" a busy inn near the market district in the town of Baaninfstree. It is frequented by many creatures from all over the World... and beyond. Nonetheless, there is one creature who has managed to capture the innkeeper's keen eye...

Bee Train Role Playing Game / rpg "The Mountain Hawk" Info / FAQ / OOC
« on: February 10, 2014, 10:56:48 PM »
Hey all. This is a new RPG set in Baaninfstree, with a new class system, combat system, and a new format designed to let players play at their own pace.

I'm going to start the IC thread immediately. If you want to join, simply "introduce" yourself here, noting your Bloodline and Class (see below). If you have any questions, feel free to ask here, in PM, or in chat.

The game will begin in earnest on the 1st of March. I highly recommend introducing yourself before then, however!

The Setting

Baaninfstree is a fantasy setting based on early Renaissance Europe and Japan, and the Forum itself, with many elements from various Bee Train anime, especially .hack//SIGN.

Length and Style

The game starts as a simple military mission you have volunteered (or been paid) to undertake. Things soon go awry, though, and you find yourselves drawn into a conflict far beyond your pay grade! There are multiple paths to take depending on how you want to play the game, ranging from non-stop combat to puzzles and social quandaries.

It will largely operate on Baaninfstree's open-world philosophy, with many different kinds of interactions depending on how people choose to play the game. However, I've also set things up in such a way to give players a much clearer idea of key options than before. For example, rather than relying on a complex character sheet for combat, your abilities will be outlaid in the post. You'll start with a few key abilities and expand to a more complex repertoire later on, based on your class, bloodline, and the choices you make.

Combat will mainly be played with grid references, though I'll try and rustle up visual aids for important encounters.

The game should last about 4-8 months, depending on how involved people get - if you explore all the options, the game will take longer, but you can choose to finish the game more quickly if desired.

We begin in a tavern in Baaninfstree...

What do I need?

You will need to choose a bloodline and class from among the following, as well as a name for your character. You may want to think about your background, favoured weapons, appearance, and how your character ended up in Baaninfstree, but (and this is important) don't tell me or the other players any of that yet.

You will be also regularly presented with various other options to customize your character after you join the game.

I'm not going to ask for any posting requirements this time, but I would suggest posting at a frequency of about twice a week (at least) to maintain your character to your satisfaction. If you need to take breaks, that is never a problem.

The Four Primary Bloodlines

If you want to play a "mixed" character, or a character with a more exotic ancestry, options will be presented for that later on. For now, you need only choose your primary race, or if you're half-and-half, the race you identify with more closely.


Humans are the primary race in the World. They are found in nearly every society and in innumerable professions, vocations, and situations. They are known for their diversity and adaptability.


Elves are known as aesthetic, free-spirited, yet noble creatures. Most hail from the World's vast woodlands. Even in the face of Human dominance, they often see themselves as the greatest race in the World, and not without justice. Their culture is old and significant, and many Humans have an Elf somewhere in their ancestry. But some perceive them to be a dying race, slowly fading from the increasingly Human world.


Dwarves are short, stocky, hairy creatures who hail from the mountains. In Human society, they are usually seen alone or in small groups, keeping to themselves. Because of this they are often unjustly perceived as surly and poor communicators. But in the proper environment, they are the most congenial and social of creatures. They are renowned for their resilience, voracious appetite, and memorable songs.


"Smallfolk" is a blanket term used by Humans and Elves for a number of diverse small creatures, usually Halflings or Gnomes. They are often confused with one another in Human societies, and most are content to accept the generalization. Occasionally, Dwarves are included in this category, much to their chagrin. Most Smallfolk are domestic creatures who stay out of the way of "Greatfolk" (their epithet for larger hominids). Adventuring Smallfolk are often exceptionally resourceful, however, and full of surprises.

The Eight Classes

As you play the game, you can diversify into a second, or even a third class. Your class determines the types of actions you can make in combat, and gives you some special skills for non-combat interactions as well. You will gain new abilities in your chosen class(es) as you play the game.


Barbaroi are fierce warriors who employ strange and foreign fighting traditions. Trained in wild bands, secret leagues, or remote monasteries, Barbaroi live and breathe the art of combat. They are sometimes looked down by others in society, who see them as rough, dirty, and uncivilized. Certainly, some Barbaroi match the stereotype - but many others are noble warriors who hail from great civilizations.

In combat, Barbaroi are skilled in both defence and offence. They have a reactive combat style with which they may outlast powerful opponents. Some experienced Barbaroi have the skill to cleave through wood and stone with their bare hands.

Difficulty: Medium


Wardens are the mainstay of warrior culture. They often serve as rangers, knights, and high-level bodyguards for the elite. They are renowned for their bravery and willingness to fight in the cause of justice, though some will only offer their services for a cause which truly compels them to action. Experienced Wardens may learn to command savage beasts, heal their allies, and track foes over many miles. Evil Wardens are rare, and often make fierce opponents.

In combat, Wardens can rely on an array of defensive skills to keep them alive in the face of strong attacks. They are usually the first one into a fight and the last one out. Out of combat, they help their allies rest and recuperate in safety, keeping ambushers and the elements at bay.

Difficulty: Easy-Medium


Slayers are experts at taking down targets with ghostlike subtlety and deadly ease. Trading durability and versatility for pure offence, an experienced Slayer can drop seemingly invulnerable targets with a single blow. Some expand their repertoire with escape tactics to enhance their survivability.

In open combat, a Slayer relies on her allies to distract targets so she can focus on her prey unopposed. She must be wary of targeting an enemy who is strong enough to weather her initial attack, as she may not get another opportunity. Few enemies, however, are able to withstand an Slayer's perfectly planned strike.

Difficulty: Medium


Champions are the masters of dueling and weaponry. They love to win a fair fight through pure strength and massive blows. A Champion will spend many hours in intense training to increase their presence on the fields of battle.

The Champion is a highly versatile combatant, switching from one target to another with ease. His unmatched ability to determine the rules of combat for his opponent can sway many challenging fights in his favour. The longer the fight lasts, the greater the Champion's chance of finding and exploiting a key weakness.

Difficulty: Easy-Medium


Sorcerers are natural magicians, able to command the elements as naturally as walking or breathing. Familiarity with animal and plant life makes them at home in the wilds. Most Sorcerers derive their power from an exotic heritage: many have a mythical beast, demon, or even a god in their bloodline.

The Sorcerer is equally capable of fighting toe-to-toe with powerful opponents, and of harassing priority targets from range with magic spells. His unmatched durability as a spellcaster makes him a fierce frontline opponent.

Difficulty: Medium


Clerics are healers and protectors, loyal servants of the spiritual realm. A Cleric is inspired by his faith and devotion to higher powers. This faith allows him to protect himself and his allies and rebuke his foes.

A place is often reserved for a Cleric on difficult missions, as his ability to keep a party alive and healthy in the direst of circumstances is unmatched. The Cleric may also attempt to draw aggression on himself as a distraction for his allies.

Difficulty: Medium


Mages are wizards and enchanters, who have gained magic ability through years of careful study. Through this study, they command extensive power over the elemental weave that underpins all organic matter.

The Mage strives for the very pinnacle of spellbinding ability. The adventuring mage typically uses his extensive magic to fill the role of a primary damage dealer. However, he is versatile enough to use his powers in more creative ways as well. He relies on his allies to keep him safe while he deals massive damage to any and all targets in range.

Difficulty: Medium-Hard


Aces are innovators and explorers, whose "magic" comes from the power of science and technology instead of prayers and spellbooks. Their research and experimentation offers them unique insights on the nature of the World, and how to make it explode.

In party combat, the Ace has a wide variety of skills to aid his allies. Mixing an array of damage-dealing abilities with powerful gadgets and crowd control abilities, the Ace is a capable combatant, especially when flanked by allies who can take advantage of his unmatched support skills.

Difficulty: Hard

Bee Train Role Playing Game / Fiction: The Gnome and the Dragon
« on: January 21, 2014, 07:51:41 PM »
Ok, I think this belongs here, being that other rpg-y fiction has ended up here, but if it would work better someplace else, idc.

This is a very rough-drafty sort of draft, even rough-draftier than the sort of stuff I'd churn out for rpg updates. So consider yourself forewarned.

I would really appreciate your criticism, especially as my erstwhile writers' club disbanded years ago and I haven't bothered to find another, mainly because I haven't been writing much fiction - oops.

Past players of my rpgs might recognize a few of the characters, though some are a bit different from their other incarnations. Also, the setting has been altered to have something of a "timeless" feel (and shedding most identifying elements of the Forgotten Realms setting).

Enjoy! The chapters are short, but I'lll post more if you like it.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4 - isn't finished yet :p but Chapter 5 can be read without it.

Chapter 5

Bee Train Role Playing Game / Immortal Kombat - FAX vs YUKIKO
« on: December 11, 2013, 10:52:32 PM »
I'm going to give you a combat opportunity to close things out. You may or may not want to. It will have no effect on the game's ending (besides Goran's death) but I didn't want it to seem anticlimactic :)

Game Phase: Epilogue
Location: Spiritual Realm - Pocket Plane


As you are sliding down the rope, the ground suddenly disappears, and you find yourself in freefall over a formless void. After the surprise has worn off, you find that your temporary mortal bodies have gone, and you are spirit once more.

Despite this, you find yourself standing - if standing is the word - in a strange pocket plane, looking at one another, with the dying body of Goran in the middle. Yet Goran's body isn't really Goran's body. It is simply a shadow - a symbol, perhaps, of his death.

Yukiko is standing near the body, face to face with one whom you recognize from your mortal life. It is Faxeleiya Halliseran, but she, like yourselves, appears ethereal, ghostlike.

You seem to have a form of your former selves, but it is not a body of flesh and bone. You seem to have all your old weapons and gear, as if you were setting off on a fresh adventure. But it all has a somewhat distorted appearance, as if in a dream.


(Fax) "I can't let you do that," says Fax to Yukiko. She then turns to Arie, and then to Star, and she lifts from her chest the symbol of Murder. She places it in her hand, and it materializes into a dark scimitar, seething with unholy power.

You draw your weapons, almost instinctively.

(Fax) "I know you just want to help. But he is past mortal help, so his soul belongs to me. If I surrender his life to you, I forsake my own divinity... and place it in your hands. As much as I respect you, I cannot give you that responsibility, for your sake as much as mine."

She curls the hilt of the blade towards you, in a defensive stance. You sense that if a battle is imminent, she will not make the first move.

(Fax) "The aspects of your mortal life are yours to command in this place. As for me, I cannot summon all my divine powers. It might be a fair fight... if you are determined enough to make it."

She smiles gently, not tauntingly, but almost reassuringly.

(Fax) "Who knows? It might even be fun. And what is there to lose? You're already dead."

You wonder why Fax has gone out of her way to put you on even footing. But the opportunity is almost too good to refuse...

If you choose to fight this, you will be given a set of abilities based on your character class from dnd-btf. If you want to change that, or alter your typical weapons (Star: Quarterstaff, Arie: Longsword, Yukiko: Beretta) let me know. There will be dice rolls to determine outcomes.

Bee Train Role Playing Game / btf rpg feedback form
« on: December 11, 2013, 08:19:12 PM »
Hey everyone,

I'm interested in the direction people would like to take forum role-playing games in future. Since I seem to be the only person willing to DM for the moment, I thought it would be good to get some feedback from all the past rpg players (as far as possible).

I would also like to concurrently get ideas from others at the forum. What would compel you to play an rpg? What sort of things interest you? I've provided some options in the form to this end, but feel free to post in this thread, too.

The survey is confidential, but if you have any questions, feel free to post them here or pm me.

Bee Train Role Playing Game / dnd.btf "Forbidden Book" Game Thread
« on: September 09, 2013, 03:54:22 PM »
Greetings, travelers! Out-of-Character (OOC) text in this thread will appear in RED...

Game Phase: 0
Tess is feeling: Anxiety, Worry
Tess is currently: Asleep

...this "Game Status" will appear at the top of major updates. You will see the "Phase" counter advance from Zero (the beginning) to Fourteen (the end) over the course of the game. Phase 0 to 4 is a "prologue" which is designed to help you acquaint yourself with the unique mechanics of this game style. The other two things give you general information about Tess' emotional state and physical state, so if you need to make a quick decision, you can use this in addition to or in place of the "flavour text" of the narration...


...tags like this say who is being addressed by IC text. Usually this will read "//All" for "all party members"...

(Tess) *snoring*

...while names in parenthesis say who is speaking, thinking, or acting.

Please use whatever posting conventions you are most comfortable with. If there is any lack of clarity from myself or another player, please tell them politely.

Announcements & Introductions / Summoning BTF adventurers!
« on: September 02, 2013, 05:33:06 AM »
Baaninfstree is in dire need of heroes again - albeit of a different kind!

This is a short adventure designed to be played in a single evening around a tabletop. If you love rp, I guarantee you will find some entertainment, and maybe even some unique challenges. If you've never played rp before, this would be a great time to dive in :) More information is here...

Bee Train Role Playing Game / dnd.btf "Forbidden Book" OOC / FAQ / ETC / TLA
« on: September 02, 2013, 03:44:19 AM »
This is a ultra-short adventure which I designed to be playable in one evening. It will take about 2-3 months of online play to complete. I thought it would be a fun thing to try here while I'm still working on the main game :)

What kind of game is this?

It's a simple role-playing game, but it reverses the role of the Player Character and the DM. Essentially, each player is a little world-changer and thought-manipulator, while the DM controls a single Character. The challenge for the player is to influence the protagonist to make decisions which are satisfying to them. My previous players all agree that it's very fun and a nice change of pace from the usual hack-and-slash!

To sign up, and if you have and questions or comments, just reply to this thread. I will leave this here for a week before starting the game.

What we need:

- At least two players willing to post about twice a week. (Done, but feel free to join us!) There is no character creation or formal actions, only dialogue. There are no dice rolls. All gameplay takes place in dialogue form. If you need to leave the game to do other things, that's fine, but just be aware that the game will take longer and you may need to read the thread when you come back. As with previous games, I'll try to keep a commong log/journal of sorts.

- Someone willing to help run the game, who is not a player (but I'll try to make that fun, too). I'll explain this further if/when I get a volunteer.  (Done, thank you noirlax!)

- I've planned on former players reprising their characters from the Baaninfstree campaign, but in ghost form. However, if you want to create a different character, that's fine too. We won't need character sheets or a creation process; all you need is your distinct personality and values!

What it is:

Over a hundred years in Baaninfstree's future, a young magician named Tess lives alone in an old house which was once a ranger's cabin.

You are a sprite, a magical woodland being that keeps Tess company. Once, many years ago, you were an adventurer. In death, you wander the planes as a spirit, still seeking adventure. You are attracted to Tess as a magician of promising ability. Your motivations, morals, and abilities are your own to define!

What you do:

You have almost limitless powers as a sprite, but you cannot communicate with anyone but Tess herself (because she alone has the sensitivity to listen to you). You also don't have a clear awareness of what is going on in the physical world, except through Tess' senses. However, you have a keen understanding of the prevalent emotions and thoughts of most of the sentient beings you will encounter. You may also have contact with spiritual entities (such as your god from your physical life, if you had one).

You are responsible for Tess' "sixth sense" and as long as she is attentive, she will trust what you say. However, Tess may not understand complicated commands or questions, and she may choose to ignore you. Moreover, if she becomes extremely frightened or desperate, she may not be able to follow your instructions properly. She will usually not be able to distinguish your promptings from her own thoughts and emotions, but over time she will learn to distinguish you from herself. She also has her own free will, of course.

You influence her fate over the course of a simple quest.

The Objective

There is no levelling up or acquisition to do, the game is merely a complex puzzle. Your central objective is centred around a magical book which Tess has lost and is motivated to find.

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