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Bee Train Role Playing Game / Re: MAZE
« Last post by MartAnimE on December 23, 2022, 08:39:35 AM »

"Hmm...", Margaret tilts her head awkwardly, "Do you think that we could hold hands, maybe?", she asks timidly, determined to keep walking towards her goal.
Bee Train Role Playing Game / Re: MAZE
« Last post by MartAnimE on December 23, 2022, 08:36:05 AM »

"Also, can I check your sword for a second? There's something I'd like to test.", Carrossea asks nonchalantly.
All Series / Re: Meine Liebe Rewatch 2022
« Last post by noirlax on December 19, 2022, 07:26:56 AM »
Spoiler: Episode 9 and 10 • show

[09:55] BiitoreinGoji: Just a heads up, I'm gonna be late, so you can start without me if you want.
[09:56] forlornhope: Oh.. I totally forgot about the Rewatch. I just sat down to eat dinner so I'm going to be late
[09:56] Noirlax: I can wait
[09:56] MartAnimE: alright, we can delay a little bit
[10:12] BiitoreinGoji: I'm back
[10:13] Noirlax: Wb I need time to get ready
[10:16] forlornhope: I'm ready
[10:16] ShadowBlazer3000: ready
[10:16] MartAnimE: I'm here
[10:22] Noirlax: ready
[10:23] BiitoreinGoji: ready
[10:23] forlornhope: go
[10:23] MartAnimE: episodes 9 and 10 tonight!
[10:23] ShadowBlazer3000: go
[10:23] BiitoreinGoji: go
[10:24] Noirlax: Go~!
[10:24] MartAnimE: Go~! :orpherus:
[10:25] Noirlax: boys on horses yeehaw
[10:26] BiitoreinGoji: Bee Train did a good job animating horses
[10:26] Noirlax: Looks like belladonnas again :smile:
[10:26] MartAnimE: those flowers look like the same flowers from noir
[10:26] MartAnimE: yeah!
[10:27] MartAnimE: everyone grieves differently
[10:28] forlornhope: true
[10:28] Noirlax: true
[10:28] MartAnimE: they should mind their own business :zipper_mouth:
[10:28] BiitoreinGoji: "Do not mistake my silence for lack of grief."
[10:30] Noirlax: well yeah young rich men do learn some things outside the classroom in town :smile:
[10:30] BiitoreinGoji: 1950s Nafrece
[10:30] MartAnimE: so lively at night
[10:32] MartAnimE: Isaac is gonna corrupt them :smile:
[10:32] Noirlax: lol Isaac knows how to have a good time
[10:32] forlornhope: glasses guy
[10:32] MartAnimE: evil glasses
[10:34] Noirlax: heavy drinker!
[10:34] MartAnimE: "I'll tell you when I've had enough"
[10:34] forlornhope: take it easy :sweat_smile:
[10:34] MartAnimE: is this gonna turn into a bar fight :sweat_smile:
[10:35] Noirlax: This guy's got a horrible war story I want to hear :smile:
[10:35] MartAnimE: think it's the next day
[10:35] Noirlax: looks like it
[10:35] Noirlax: aww doggy doll
[10:36] MartAnimE: aww there's always a child with a plushie
[10:36] Noirlax: that's a rabbit plush
[10:36] Noirlax: oh ominous
[10:37] MartAnimE: it's all the blimp's fault
[10:38] BiitoreinGoji: Full moon
[10:40] MartAnimE: let's play ??
[10:41] MartAnimE: oh thief
[10:42] forlornhope: should of let him fall :sweat_smile: jk
[10:43] MartAnimE: must be really drunk :face_with_spiral_eyes:
[10:44] MartAnimE: he lost his pendant :frowning:
[10:45] Noirlax: true but he regained himself
[10:45] MartAnimE: Lui is so tsundere :laughing:
[10:45] BiitoreinGoji: The Ben Franklin effect
[10:45] forlornhope: orphe is a good guy
[10:45] Noirlax: Nice episode there
[10:46] MartAnimE: yeah, more focus on Orpheus' grief and self doubt
[10:46] Noirlax: Asks a really good question was his ideals really to help people or soothe his own pain
[10:46] forlornhope: both?
[10:46] MartAnimE: I think it can be both
[10:47] MartAnimE: he saw what the war did to his sister and he doesn't want that to happen to anyone else
[10:47] MartAnimE: he has personal reasons, but he also truly does care for others
[10:48] BiitoreinGoji: That was pretty good
[10:49] Noirlax: But I feel maybe before that he felt that he wasn't sure of his motivations and didn't translate into something genuine and after he saw Douglas and pondered it gave him the conviction more to be the person he idealized.
[10:50] MartAnimE: yeah he was doubting his motives
[10:51] MartAnimE: but I think when Douglas almost fell he didn't hesitate to save his life instead of trying to save his precious pendant
[10:51] MartAnimE: that revealed his true character
[10:51] Noirlax: Agreed
[10:52] MartAnimE: I think he'll make a great leader in the future
[10:52] Noirlax: well maybe, too early to tell but there's promise.
[10:53] MartAnimE: yeah, they're still in school for a reason :smile:
[10:53] MartAnimE: think they're pretty young too, in their teens
[10:54] MartAnimE: just the character designs make them look like young adults, except for Camus
[10:54] Noirlax: I feel to know if someone has been a great leader they had to go through a trial
[10:54] Noirlax: or some real crisis usually
[10:55] MartAnimE: yeah
[10:55] BiitoreinGoji: ?Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.? - Abraham Lincoln
[10:56] MartAnimE: the plots in these episodes have been kinda testing them, but it's on a different scale in the real world of politics
[10:56] Noirlax: yeah
[10:57] MartAnimE: any more thoughts on 9?
[10:57] MartAnimE: I'm ready for 10 on my end
[10:58] BiitoreinGoji: I thought Orphe was gonna get past his grieving by ditching the locket, but doesn't him getting it back kinda undermine that?
[10:58] ShadowBlazer3000: ready
[10:58] MartAnimE: I don't think he needs to get past his grieving in order to develop as a character
[10:59] MartAnimE: it's not like grieving his sister is a weakness
[10:59] Noirlax: Hmm I guess one can see it that way but one can see it as the locket  reinterpreted now not just as grieving but also the sacrifice to save a man.
[10:59] Noirlax: ready too
[10:59] MartAnimE: but it was good that the situation helped him put his beliefs in perspective
[10:59] BiitoreinGoji: Ready
[11:00] BiitoreinGoji: I'm expecting maybe the glass broke inside.
[11:00] Noirlax: This isn't the Noir pocket watch :smile:
[11:00] MartAnimE: lol
[11:00] forlornhope: I'm ready
[11:00] MartAnimE: yeah I don't think the pendant is like a trauma trigger
[11:01] MartAnimE: just something to remember his sister
[11:01] Noirlax: Trauma Trigger the psychological sequel to Chrono Trigger
[11:01] MartAnimE: it's dramatic, but it fits the setting
[11:01] forlornhope: lol
[11:02] ShadowBlazer3000: it would be the sequel to Chrono Cross in this instance
[11:02] Noirlax: oh
[11:02] ShadowBlazer3000: go
[11:02] BiitoreinGoji: Or maybe grieving isn't something people get over at all
[11:02] BiitoreinGoji: go
[11:02] Noirlax: Go~!
[11:03] MartAnimE: yeah, they just learn to live with the loss, I guess
[11:03] Noirlax: Guess it's a spectrum
[11:03] MartAnimE: ready for 10
[11:04] forlornhope: ready
[11:04] BiitoreinGoji: ready
[11:04] Noirlax: ready
[11:04] ShadowBlazer3000: go
[11:04] BiitoreinGoji: go
[11:04] Noirlax: go
[11:04] forlornhope: go
[11:05] MartAnimE: Go~! :orpherus:
[11:07] MartAnimE: cool intro
[11:07] Noirlax: That man in his castle
[11:08] MartAnimE: I forgot who he is
[11:08] Noirlax: I dunno either
[11:08] MartAnimE: I mean, I think it's the first time he showed up in the show
[11:09] MartAnimE: just don't remember from watching it many years ago ??
[11:09] BiitoreinGoji: FRIDAY!!!!
[11:09] MartAnimE: lol
[11:09] MartAnimE: :friday_monday:
[11:10] MartAnimE: it's a field trip
[11:10] MartAnimE: everyone's going
[11:10] MartAnimE: :camus: :eduard: :ludwig: :naoji: :orpherus:
[11:10] Noirlax: everyone is going to decadent mansion... can I get an invite?
[11:11] MartAnimE: lol
[11:11] MartAnimE: big guy on the boat
[11:12] Noirlax: But all these boys are gay. I think this is the Doon castle not the Friday one XD
[11:12] BiitoreinGoji: :scream: It is Friday!!!!!
[11:12] MartAnimE: all these women, but they're all gay :smile:
[11:13] forlornhope: lol
[11:13] MartAnimE: his hair kinda makes him look like Friday yes
[11:14] Noirlax: yeah
[11:15] Noirlax: "The Thwarted Man" interesting
[11:15] BiitoreinGoji: Crescent moon
[11:16] MartAnimE: cool bgm
[11:17] Noirlax: A lie if repeated enough becomes truth basically
[11:18] MartAnimE: poor Camus
[11:18] Noirlax: Camus!
[11:19] BiitoreinGoji: He has fallen ill.
[11:20] MartAnimE: he's blackmailing everyone
[11:21] ShadowBlazer3000: blackmail is such an ugly word, I prefer extortion.  The X makes it sound cool
[11:21] MartAnimE: lol I'm all for releasing the names of all the corrupt politicians
[11:21] MartAnimE: even if they have to replace them all
[11:21] BiitoreinGoji: "This is the world of mankind" Yeah this guy's Friday
[11:21] MartAnimE: it's a lot of work but it'll be worth it
[11:22] Noirlax: But as this man says the instability caused might cause the kingdom to be invaded
[11:22] MartAnimE: then they  can do it one by one over a longer period of time
[11:23] MartAnimE: as long as all the corruption is purged
[11:23] MartAnimE: it's better than not doing anything
[11:25] MartAnimE: uh oh, he's gonna burn everything :fire:
[11:26] BiitoreinGoji: Like Friday, he dies in a fire.
[11:26] MartAnimE: at least they got the evidence
[11:26] BiitoreinGoji: Well he died by gunfire, then incinerated,
[11:26] BiitoreinGoji: What an episode!
[11:27] MartAnimE: yeah that was quite extra
[11:27] forlornhope: so dramatic :smile:
[11:27] MartAnimE: very Friday of him :friday_monday:
[11:27] ShadowBlazer3000: this is the first real foil moment for Orpheus
[11:27] Noirlax: Ooh this is ominous. Getting rid of corruption is a good thing but yeah how its done. I feel Torger is cool showing Orpheous you got a hard job in front of you.
[11:28] MartAnimE: yeah they gotta be strategic
[11:28] MartAnimE: and consider the consequences
[11:28] Noirlax: I just want that paradise room
[11:28] Noirlax: XD
[11:28] MartAnimE: this is really escalating
[11:28] MartAnimE: lol
[11:29] MartAnimE: next week we do the last 3 episodes!
[11:29] MartAnimE: then a short break before season 2
[11:29] forlornhope: :thumbsup:
[11:30] Noirlax: I think the ep showing how broken politics is a nice touch not too many animes venture into
[11:31] Noirlax: and that people were willing to believe the lies in the media destroyed him too was interesting
[11:31] MartAnimE: yeah, we're getting more into the politics as the show approaches the ending
[11:32] Noirlax: It's like the anime is saying yeah Orpheous you're all idealistic and all but let's get serious about what you're up against :stuck_out_tongue:
[11:33] MartAnimE: yeah, and they're still only students, they don't have that much influence yet
[11:35] Noirlax: maybe they start leading the country in S2 who knows :smile:
[11:35] MartAnimE: I think they're still in school in season 2 XD
[11:35] MartAnimE: but we might get to see them graduate
[11:36] MartAnimE: I forget :thinking:
[11:36] MartAnimE: any more thoughts on these episodes?
[11:37] BiitoreinGoji: I enjoyed it
[11:38] Noirlax: I think these are two very good eps looking clashing ideals with harsh realities and getting deeper into Orpheus.
[11:39] MartAnimE: yeah definetly more Orpherus centric, might have said it before but he tends to drive the story more than the others
[11:39] forlornhope: yeah looking forward to the season finale next week.
[11:39] forlornhope: don't have deeper thoughts. it's been a long day :sleepy:
[11:39] Noirlax: Is that girl on the right Vanessa? jk
[11:40] BiitoreinGoji: :scream:
[11:40] MartAnimE: there's a few character designs that resemble other Bee Train characters :smile:
[11:40] MartAnimE: hardly surprising
[11:40] forlornhope: lol
[11:41] Noirlax: yeah I know like the butler is like reincarnated after being killed by Chloe. It's funny to point out anyway
[11:41] BiitoreinGoji: Wasn't there another character in a .Hack series who looked like Vanessa?
[11:41] Noirlax: BT?
[11:42] BiitoreinGoji: dunno
[11:42] Noirlax: I think the irl BT looks like Vanessa
[11:43] MartAnimE: yeah she does
[11:44] MartAnimE: here's more lookalike screenshots for reference
[11:44] MartAnimE:
[11:44] MartAnimE: there might be more in previous episodes :smile:
[11:46] BiitoreinGoji: The first one has Margaret's frontal hairline?
[11:46] MartAnimE: yeah I'd say so
[11:46] Noirlax: actually I was wondering who the girl in the 2nd pic reminds me of
[11:46] MartAnimE: ah I dunno
[11:46] MartAnimE: I was just thinking he looks like Friday a lot
[11:47] Noirlax: yeah he does but his room makes me think of joke :carrossea: XD
[11:48] MartAnimE: Doon was one of the other students who went there to party XD
[11:48] MartAnimE: he didn't make it as a Strahl candidate obviously :V
[11:49] Noirlax: lol
[11:50] MartAnimE: think that's all from me :smile:
[11:50] Noirlax: same
[11:50] MartAnimE: thanks everyone for another rewatch :thumbsup:
[11:50] MartAnimE: next week should be ok for everyone?
[11:50] ShadowBlazer3000: should be fine
[11:50] Noirlax: should be, if we are a little late for stream should be ok
[11:51] MartAnimE: yeah should be ok, Lena tends to be late anyways
[11:51] Noirlax: yeah
[11:52] Noirlax: --- THE END ---
[11:53]MartAnimE: @Rewatch #06 Wednesday July 13th at 6 PM MDT / 8 PM EDT (Thursday July 14th at 10 AM AEST)
[12:02]BiitoreinGoji: Here's what I meant
[12:02]BiitoreinGoji: Apparently her name's Machiko?
[12:03]MartAnimE: yeah I posted this pic on the bee train lookalikes thread!
[12:04]BiitoreinGoji: And I had to dig up my old hard drive to find that file because I knew I downloaded it somewhere lol
[12:05]MartAnimE: I think all the pics I linked are still working, if you wanna go through that thread
[12:05]MartAnimE: feel free to add new ones to it too :smile:
[12:06]BiitoreinGoji: Well as long as imgur doesn't deteriorate like Photobucket did.
[12:06]MartAnimE: yeah, hope not :sweat_smile:
[12:07]BiitoreinGoji: It started out free, and then it started charging people money :angry:
[12:14]MartAnimE: sad :frowning:
[13:04]Noirlax: yeah sad

All Series / Re: Meine Liebe Rewatch 2022
« Last post by noirlax on December 18, 2022, 07:55:17 AM »
Spoiler:  Episode 7 and 8 • show

[10:00] MartAnimE: @Rewatch Let's aim to start in half an hour or so
[10:01] ShadowBlazer3000: nevermind I'm good to start on time
[10:01] MartAnimE: oh cool
[10:01] BiitoreinGoji: ok
[10:01] Noirlax: cool I need a few min myself
[10:01] MartAnimE: alright, just let me know when everyone's ready :dog:
[10:02] BiitoreinGoji: Episode 7 and 8 tonight?
[10:04] ShadowBlazer3000: Batman and Blade of the Immortal both released in 2008
[10:05] MartAnimE: the year of B :bee:
[10:05] MartAnimE: the letter B also kinda looks like an 8
[10:05] BiitoreinGoji: Did you know Drak doesn't like bees?
[10:06] ShadowBlazer3000: yeah probably
[10:06] MartAnimE: I didn't know
[10:06] MartAnimE: but lots of people are afraid of bees/wasps
[10:07] BiitoreinGoji: They can startle you, but knowing that they die if they sting, you can't help but pity them.
[10:07] BiitoreinGoji: Plus they make honey.
[10:07] forlornhope: I'm ready whenever
[10:08] MartAnimE: most importantly, bees and wasps play a key role in polination
[10:08] Noirlax: I'm ready, yeah they make honey and they die if they sting :frowning:
[10:08] BiitoreinGoji: I'm ready
[10:08] MartAnimE: which sustains our food crops
[10:08] Noirlax: I used to save bees when they were drowning in the pool
[10:09] MartAnimE: yeah same, that's how I got stung as a child :smile:
[10:09] Noirlax: Never happened to me though
[10:09] forlornhope: I'm less of a fan of wasps. they can be very mean :v
[10:09] BiitoreinGoji: And I heard bee venom can help treat HIV
[10:09] BiitoreinGoji: and arthritis.
[10:09] MartAnimE: cool
[10:09] forlornhope: nice
[10:10] MartAnimE: I'm gonna grab tea and then I'll be ready to start :tea:
[10:10] forlornhope: okies
[10:10] Noirlax: ready too
[10:10] ShadowBlazer3000:
[10:15] BiitoreinGoji: ready?
[10:15] forlornhope: waiting for marta
[10:17] Noirlax: waiting for :crown::panda_face:
[10:21] MartAnimE: ok ready ^^
[10:21] ShadowBlazer3000: ready
[10:22] forlornhope: go
[10:22] BiitoreinGoji: go
[10:22] ShadowBlazer3000: go
[10:22] Noirlax: Go~!
[10:22] MartAnimE: Go~! :orpherus:
[10:22] MartAnimE: episodes 7 and 8
[10:23] Noirlax: That horse pose
[10:23] MartAnimE: it's like a painting
[10:24] ShadowBlazer3000: like the one of Napoleon
[10:24] Noirlax: yeah
[10:24] Noirlax: cheerful faces
[10:24] MartAnimE: we'll see about that :smile:
[10:25] forlornhope: secret passageway :open_mouth:
[10:25] MartAnimE: it's a secret safe
[10:25] MartAnimE: to protect secrets :detective:
[10:25] forlornhope: ah :detective:
[10:25] Noirlax: chill day at skool
[10:26] ShadowBlazer3000: a school festival, is this officially a cute boys do cute things show?
[10:26] BiitoreinGoji: she said kawaii
[10:26] MartAnimE: Camus is kawaii
[10:27] Noirlax: Flooded with girls in this episode :open_mouth:
[10:27] MartAnimE: escape the girls, embrace the gay
[10:27] Noirlax: lol
[10:27] forlornhope: they exist :open_mouth:
[10:28] MartAnimE: I like Isaac's music :sir_isaac:
[10:28] Noirlax: yeah
[10:28] forlornhope: very easy going :smile:
[10:28] Noirlax: the countries surrounding them are uptight interesting
[10:29] MartAnimE: glasses dude :nerd:
[10:29] MartAnimE: I love this track too
[10:29] Noirlax: treasure hunt
[10:30] Noirlax: numbers conducive to bromance
[10:30] MartAnimE: this draw looks rigged :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
[10:31] Noirlax: lol
[10:31] MartAnimE: all main characters together how convenient
[10:31] forlornhope: lol
[10:32] Noirlax: The headmaster has a point
[10:33] MartAnimE: yeah they're still teenagers
[10:33] forlornhope: lol he's just being lazy making the students find the key
[10:33] Noirlax: lol yeah
[10:33] MartAnimE: Camus can't use his gift to cheat
[10:34] BiitoreinGoji: So he can't scry for it. Good limit
[10:34] Noirlax: stalked by cute girls oh no
[10:34] forlornhope: lol hey only hina can do that
[10:34] Noirlax: lol
[10:34] MartAnimE: lol broken ankles :sweat_smile:
[10:35] ShadowBlazer3000: :parta:
[10:35] MartAnimE: aww the chibis
[10:35] BiitoreinGoji: More insight to the brother-sister relation
[10:36] MartAnimE: more Naoji/Orpherus bonding too
[10:37] Noirlax: Naoji bonding with both Orpherus and Ludwig :open_mouth:
[10:37] MartAnimE: he was bonded with Ludwig from the start
[10:37] MartAnimE: it's a flashback
[10:38] Noirlax: I mean he's in the hearts of both
[10:38] MartAnimE: ah yes
[10:38] Noirlax: love triangle :v
[10:38] MartAnimE: love pentagon :smile:
[10:38] Noirlax: lol
[10:39] MartAnimE: that shot with their faces reflected in the water looked very romantic though
[10:39] Noirlax: yeah it does
[10:39] MartAnimE: they found the key!
[10:40] ShadowBlazer3000: getting the feeling Mashimo was like "I've done so much yuri subtext maybe I should try a little yaoi subtext for a change"
[10:40] Noirlax: lol
[10:40] MartAnimE: yes equal opportunity shipping!
[10:40] forlornhope: lol
[10:41] Noirlax: world extreme unrest :open_mouth:
[10:42] MartAnimE: the prize was a romantic weekend vacation for two
[10:42] Noirlax: on the beach
[10:43] MartAnimE: shady Beruze
[10:43] Noirlax: shady stuff :v
[10:44] MartAnimE: and Isaac has evidence :detective:
[10:44] BiitoreinGoji: Not quite as eventful as the past few episodes, but still adequate.
[10:44] Noirlax: That was fun, but this gives us premonition some SHTF soon
[10:44] Noirlax: Calm before the storm
[10:45] MartAnimE: this one is less self contained, more of a prelude of the plot to come
[10:45] MartAnimE: while the first few episodes were establishing characters
[10:45] ShadowBlazer3000: I've started to notice this show has an oddly dark color grading to it
[10:46] Noirlax: oh what exactly is a dark color grading?
[10:46] BiitoreinGoji: I've got laundry to fold, be right back.
[10:46] MartAnimE: yeah it kinda feels like an old painting
[10:46] MartAnimE: the colour scheme
[10:46] MartAnimE: okies Goji
[10:46] Noirlax: Like it's not bright and there's not a lot of saturation?
[10:47] MartAnimE: yeah you know how old paintings and photos have that faded look?
[10:47] ShadowBlazer3000: yeah the characters are bold but everything else is kind of darker, washed out maybe is what I'm thinking
[10:48] Noirlax: yeah I get what you mean now
[10:48] MartAnimE: we should consider we're watching from a fansub low resolution file too :sweat_smile:
[10:49] forlornhope: yeah :sweat_smile:
[10:49] Noirlax: That doesn't change the color much I think though
[10:49] ShadowBlazer3000: I don't think it's too much a thing with the resolution it looks like it's apart of the animation
[10:49] forlornhope: well fuzzier and less defined probably
[10:49] Noirlax: This is an ominous anime
[10:49] MartAnimE: the colour shouldn't change but it's certainly not the best quality
[10:49] MartAnimE: kinda wish this had an official release
[10:50] MartAnimE: even a sub only would be nice
[10:50] Noirlax: I guess this never got released into DVD?
[10:50] Noirlax: Like for non-Japanese
[10:50] MartAnimE: not an english release at least
[10:50] ShadowBlazer3000: yeah no American release
[10:51] forlornhope: official release would be nice but probably too niche
[10:51] Noirlax: I'm curious what the political events of this world they are in, they really started hinting. Yeah too niche unfortunately
[10:51] ShadowBlazer3000: but surprise surprise it had a German release
[10:51] MartAnimE: of course :smile:
[10:52] Noirlax: We just gotta learn German ya
[10:52] forlornhope: lol nice
[10:52] ShadowBlazer3000: just reminds me when El Cazador had a German release before a US
[10:52] ShadowBlazer3000: I was like "those lucky Germans"
[10:53] Noirlax: Yeah lucky
[10:53] Noirlax: Germans seem to be receptive Bee Train anime :smile:
[10:53] ShadowBlazer3000: ja seems so :flag_de:
[10:54] MartAnimE: cool :smile:
[10:54] Noirlax: Keep thinking of all those members we used to have on the forum :v
[10:54] MartAnimE: yeah, some have been posting recently
[10:54] MartAnimE: about the noir guns
[10:56] Noirlax: oh yeah looking at that now
[10:59] MartAnimE: ready for 8 soon?
[10:59] ShadowBlazer3000: ready
[10:59] Noirlax: ready
[10:59] BiitoreinGoji: ready
[11:00] forlornhope: ready
[11:00] ShadowBlazer3000: go
[11:00] forlornhope: go
[11:00] BiitoreinGoji: go
[11:00] Noirlax: Go~!
[11:00] MartAnimE: Go~! :orpherus:
[11:01] Noirlax: Looking at the lyrics of the OP, matches the anime
[11:01] MartAnimE: yeah
[11:01] MartAnimE: also, the OP also has that dark blur effect in many scenes, the same we see in the anime
[11:02] Noirlax: ah
[11:02] MartAnimE: it gives it that dark atmosphere
[11:02] MartAnimE: you know, when it blurs to black at the edges?
[11:02] Noirlax: ah
[11:02] Noirlax: uh oh eavesdropping
[11:03] MartAnimE: the mysterious exchange student
[11:03] ShadowBlazer3000: from prison
[11:03] Noirlax: lol
[11:03] MartAnimE: lol
[11:04] ShadowBlazer3000: just like Homura
[11:04] MartAnimE: the adventures of Ed and Naoji
[11:04] MartAnimE: we'll never know what happened with them
[11:05] MartAnimE: a female :exploding_head:
[11:06] Noirlax: wow
[11:06] MartAnimE: Camus doesn't like her :camus:
[11:06] ShadowBlazer3000: evil :lemon:
[11:07] MartAnimE: evil temptress, trying to turn them straight
[11:07] Noirlax: The Marquis is a womanizer :smile:
[11:07] forlornhope: :smile:
[11:07] BiitoreinGoji: full moon
[11:07] ShadowBlazer3000: always a full moon :wolf:
[11:08] MartAnimE: she's already putting moves on Ludwig
[11:08] ShadowBlazer3000: yeah fight the power
[11:08] MartAnimE: she's a feminist icon, nice!
[11:08] ShadowBlazer3000: :fist:
[11:09] Noirlax: oh no what a dangerous radical XD
[11:09] forlornhope: lol
[11:09] MartAnimE: she wants equal rights, Ludwig, got a problem with that? :V
[11:10] BiitoreinGoji: Book of Revelation
[11:11] ShadowBlazer3000: who does she think she is, MADLAX?
[11:11] MartAnimE: ah geez :sweat_smile:
[11:11] Noirlax: lol
[11:11] Noirlax: She sounds a bit like Altena too
[11:11] MartAnimE: not a good look :sweat_smile:
[11:12] BiitoreinGoji: Nah Madlax isn't promiscuous.
[11:13] MartAnimE: there's nothing wrong with being sexually available
[11:13] MartAnimE: the problem with Ishtar is she's not really interested in Ludwig, she's trying to seduce him for some hidden evil agenda
[11:15] MartAnimE: also, it's been established Ludwig is not an idiot nor easily manipulated
[11:15] MartAnimE: so they probably shouldn't jump to conclusions
[11:15] BiitoreinGoji: They make a good couple
[11:17] Noirlax: I was worried that Ludwig might not be yaoi tsun with Orpheus anymore thank goodness that wasn't the case.
[11:17] MartAnimE: lol
[11:18] ShadowBlazer3000: Queen Ishtar
[11:20] MartAnimE: not gonna lie, this episode is kinda uncomfortable :stuck_out_tongue:
[11:21] Noirlax: oh how?
[11:21] MartAnimE: feels anti-feminist somehow
[11:22] forlornhope: ludwig protecting the academy from the evil women agenda :sweat_smile:
[11:22] MartAnimE: yup
[11:22] BiitoreinGoji: Given the time period, it would be 1st or 2nd wave Feminism
[11:22] Noirlax: ah I see it differently, I think Ishtar is manipulating a good cause for her own ends.
[11:23] MartAnimE: I guess she's not a real feminist, just pretending to be one to gain support
[11:23] forlornhope: could be
[11:23] Noirlax: Like how some organisations pay lip service to social causes for their own gain
[11:24] Noirlax: But the ep does give the impression Kuchen is a conservative backwards society I agree
[11:25] MartAnimE: it just feels unnecessary, this kind of strawman archetype is what drives angry edgy manosphere dudebros into hating feminism or perceiving it as a threat
[11:25] BiitoreinGoji: Like many companies adopting a pride flag color scheme for June, but come July they'll drop it.
[11:25] MartAnimE: hopefully they won't watch this anime :stuck_out_tongue:
[11:25] Noirlax: lol they might so much bromance
[11:26] ShadowBlazer3000: yeah kind of a shame they didn't carry this out as a longer arc
[11:26] MartAnimE: yeah gender politics could fill an entire season
[11:26] BiitoreinGoji: Yeah seems kind of cramped to have it in one episode.
[11:27] Noirlax: They made Ishtar seem manipulative I know this is dumb but that fragrance burner reminds me of Shaoli :smile:
[11:27] MartAnimE: I was wondering, I think Ludwig might have gotten that from Naoji
[11:28] Noirlax: Yeah wished this one had longer to develop Alex
[11:28] forlornhope: Yeah
[11:29] MartAnimE: I think the scent was a way to symbolize how they have similar tastes and ambitions, thus it's something they bonded over
[11:31] Noirlax: That's true. When I think about it now, Ishtar talks about women's suffrage but ultimately just wants to get herself to be a Strahl candidate,  doesn't help the other girls at all ^^;
[11:32] MartAnimE: I suppose the anime was trying to say she's basically a selfish person, who serves only her own interests yes
[11:32] BiitoreinGoji: Interesting article I found on Wikipedia:
[11:32] Noirlax: she also is actually in service from this mysterious foreign country trying to undermine Kuchen
[11:33] MartAnimE: it just feels a bit tone deaf, when the character you choose to vilify is part of an oppressed minority
[11:34] MartAnimE: the only woman so far that wasn't portrayed as a nuisance or a victim and happened to have a chance at achieving a semblance of equality
[11:34] MartAnimE: and of course she's evil :sweat_smile:
[11:35] MartAnimE: it comes across a bit like "stay in your lane, woman"
[11:35] forlornhope: :sweat_smile:
[11:36] Noirlax: I guess it can, don't think they meant it that way and if they did I think it's only meant to show what that fictional country is like.
[11:37] MartAnimE: yeah probably
[11:37] Noirlax: Btw Kuchen is German for cake :smile:
[11:37] Noirlax: :cake:
[11:38] MartAnimE: I have my own feminist reading of it, doesn't mean I dislike the show in general, just felt a little clumsy is all
[11:38] MartAnimE: let them eat cake~! :cake:
[11:38] Noirlax: Felt Ishtar's arc was a little rushed myself
[11:39] Noirlax: But I feel she actually is a pawn of another country
[11:40] Noirlax: she's a foreign agent acting as a student leader
[11:40] MartAnimE: on a side note, I would just like to recommend Utena to everyone who hasn't seen it yet
[11:41] Noirlax: Unfortunately intelligence services undermining student bodies, labor unions etc is pretty normal stuff.
[11:41] MartAnimE: as for this episode, I feel like they could have achieved the same effect if Ishtar had been a boy
[11:41] forlornhope: Utena is one of my favorites :sweat_smile:
[11:41] MartAnimE: she could have just struggled as an outsider like Naoji does
[11:41] MartAnimE: and at least it would have given us more yaoi subtext
[11:42] MartAnimE: with Ludwig
[11:43] forlornhope: I agree. Don't think the gender poltics she brought added anything
[11:44] forlornhope: Rose of Versailles is also a good anime with a female character that is raised as a man
[11:45] forlornhope: As another side note :sweat_smile:
[11:45] MartAnimE: yeah I've seen bits of that, would like to check the whole thing sometime ^^
[11:46] Noirlax: on another note I wonder who voiced Ishtar
[11:46] ShadowBlazer3000:
[11:47] ShadowBlazer3000: Akiko Hiramatsu
[11:47] ShadowBlazer3000: oh she was BT
[11:47] Noirlax: oh
[11:47] MartAnimE: oh a returning actress
[11:47] MartAnimE: Mashimo does that  :smile:
[11:47] Noirlax: felt the voice sounded familiar
[11:48] forlornhope: Oh never watched sign subbed
[11:48] forlornhope: That's cool
[11:48] MartAnimE: guess that's all for today, any more thoughts on the episodes?
[11:50] BiitoreinGoji: Kinda rushed, but we got to see a side of Ludwig we don't normally see.
[11:51] Noirlax: Interesting episodes, I don't really interpret it with that feminist interpretation of yours, view it more simply than that. Somehow these two eps seem the prelude to bigger and badder things. Yes we see Ludwig being smart as usual and that he's not ambitious for the sake of himself necessarily.
[11:52] MartAnimE: yeah, he puts on a cold exterior, but deep inside he cares deeply
[11:52] MartAnimE: very tsundere of him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
[11:54] MartAnimE: I have only seen both seasons once before so I don't remember as much about the plot going forward, but I'm starting to get the feeling that the show's strength is in the characters, their backstories, their traumas, their feelings, and their close bonds of friendship
[11:55] MartAnimE: the political plots might pale in comparison
[11:55] Noirlax: I think political intrigue in this anime is good too, it's just subtle and understated so far.
[11:56] Noirlax: I know this stuff cause I played 1000 hours of Civilization XD
[11:56] Noirlax: jk
[11:57] MartAnimE: lol, I just don't remember it from the first watch cuz it's been a very long time
[11:57] MartAnimE: so far it's been more character driven
[11:57] MartAnimE: but I don't doubt there'll be political intrigue
[11:57] Noirlax: It's more character driven so far yeah
[11:59] MartAnimE: alright, think that's all from me ^^
[11:59] Noirlax: same
[11:59] MartAnimE: thanks everyone for the rewatch :dog:
[12:00] Noirlax: --- THE END ---
Bee Train Role Playing Game / Re: MAZE
« Last post by MartAnimE on December 17, 2022, 02:34:09 AM »

Margaret stops walking, apparently overwhelmed by your words. She turns her head and looks at you, despite her blushing. She looks surprised, shocked even, but curious nonetheless.
"You mean that, Elenore? For real?", she looks away momentarily, gathering her thoughts, "But you're so strong, and smart, and mature. Someone like me, I'm..."
She stops herself from finishing that sentence, but you can guess from her humbled expression she could not assign a single flattering trait to herself.
"I'm really quite clueless about dating and relationships. And I don't know if I could live up to your expectations.", she admits shyly.
"But I would like to give it a try, if you'd have me.", she looks you in the eyes, with a hopeful smile, "I do love you, Elenore!"
Bee Train Role Playing Game / Re: MAZE
« Last post by Pulsen on December 16, 2022, 11:19:27 PM »

"Oh, n-nothing, it's just...", Margaret stutters, feeling caught off guard, "A lot of strange things happened today, my mind feels hazy..."
She hesitates, but finds her words eventually. "Hmm... earlier, I thought I remembered you saying that you... love me?", she blushes slightly.
"I was just wondering if you meant... you know...", her blushing intensifies, she can't help but look away from you, "I'm sorry. I can't think straight."

"Yes, you did hear me say that. And yes Miss it means what you think it means." I say with a relieved smile being able to say what I feel. Even if she can't reciprocate, I still love her and respect her decisions.
Bee Train Role Playing Game / Re: MAZE
« Last post by MartAnimE on December 16, 2022, 09:56:09 PM »

"Oh, n-nothing, it's just...", Margaret stutters, feeling caught off guard, "A lot of strange things happened today, my mind feels hazy..."
She hesitates, but finds her words eventually. "Hmm... earlier, I thought I remembered you saying that you... love me?", she blushes slightly.
"I was just wondering if you meant... you know...", her blushing intensifies, she can't help but look away from you, "I'm sorry. I can't think straight."
Bee Train Role Playing Game / Re: MAZE
« Last post by Pulsen on December 15, 2022, 07:14:27 AM »

It's a bit of a walk to the end of the hallway, but the atmosphere feels lighter, peaceful.
Margaret seems to be in good spirits since waking up, undisturbed by any fears she felt earlier.
She looks at you and smiles awkwardly, then quickly looks away, you feel she wants to tell you something.

Margaret seems to be in good spirits. That's good.
I notice her turning away with that look when she wants to say something.

"What's wrong Miss?"
Bee Train Role Playing Game / Re: MAZE
« Last post by MartAnimE on December 15, 2022, 04:40:22 AM »

"Why yes, of course. In the real world, I'm an independent contract worker for Bookwald Industries. You might have heard of it.", he says with a grin, expecting you to be impressed.
"My job is a bit hard to explain but, basically, I'm an expert at gathering and analysing data and advising people in high positions on which course to take. I can be very helpful indeed."
He sounds incredibly confident, but each time you reach a new corner he peeks ahead carefully, visibly afraid of something. After turning three corners you reach a room with a yellow door.
He opens the door with a touch and rushes inside, urging you to follow. As you walk in, the door closes behind you. He lets out a sigh of relief and sits down on the floor, finally feeling safe.

His room, you observe, looks identical to the one you woke up in, with the exact same furniture and layout. He points towards his bed. "Please have a seat. I'm a gentleman, after all."
He waits till you're comfortable, then he starts talking. "First of all, I want you to know, I was brought here against my will. I went to sleep in my bed at home and I woke up in this room."
"It's safe here, nothing can hurt you. I haven't ventured too far, seems easy to get lost. But I've seen things out there, other people." He pauses, letting you take his words in, then continues.

"People dressed in white, like you and me, I think these are real people, other players brought into this game. I've seen another like you, who could summon weapons, he had a dagger in each hand."
You can't be sure, but that could be a Twin Blade class in The World. "I saw him approach a younger boy and ask him for a key. He then killed this boy and dragged his body inside a room."
He pauses here, and you can't tell if it's for dramatic effect or because he's genuinely disturbed by the gravity of what he's telling you. Eventually he continues.

"I kept watching from a distance and a few minutes later they both came out. The kid was covered in blood but he was alive somehow."
"They argued again and the boy agreed to take him to this key. They started walking in my direction, so I ran back in my room before they could see me."
"You understand now why I don't wanna be caught alone out there. I have no weapons and I'm not much of a brawler. I have no interest in dealing with that psychopath."

Doon sounded quite tense and somber while relating these events to you, and who could blame him, if all of this really happened before his eyes.
Now that he's got you up to speed, his mood perks up a bit and he looks at you with a strange intensity. He smirks like a man who's got it all figured out.
"I've seen you fight that monster earlier. You're strong. You could take on the stabby guy, I know you could. If you keep me safe, I'll help you beat this game."
You're not sure what he means, but he quickly follows with an explanation. "I can be useful to you, you see? I'm special! I can find the keys too. We need each other."
Bee Train Role Playing Game / Re: MAZE
« Last post by MartAnimE on December 15, 2022, 12:54:49 AM »

It's a bit of a walk to the end of the hallway, but the atmosphere feels lighter, peaceful.
Margaret seems to be in good spirits since waking up, undisturbed by any fears she felt earlier.
She looks at you and smiles awkwardly, then quickly looks away, you feel she wants to tell you something.
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