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Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ / Re: Phantom Caption Thread
« Last post by MartAnimE on June 29, 2022, 07:46:31 PM »
All Series / Re: Tsubasa Chronicle Caption Thread
« Last post by MartAnimE on June 29, 2022, 07:46:05 PM »
All Series / Re: All Others Caption Thread
« Last post by MartAnimE on June 29, 2022, 07:45:26 PM »
ELDA TALUTA / Re: Elda Taluta Caption Thread!
« Last post by MartAnimE on June 29, 2022, 07:45:06 PM »
Noir / Re: Let's show off our "non-licensed merchandise"
« Last post by FallenAngel on June 27, 2022, 03:55:06 PM »
I have this one since January:

It's a real one. It lasted over one year to fulfill all the requirements of the German weapons law.

I wanted to wait until I have the Beretta 1934 too. But in the Moment no commercial models are for sale. Military issue models don't have a valid CIP recognized approval mark, which I need. I hope I will find one before my permission to buy one expires at 11. March 2023. My other possibility is to by a military model and let it test shoot from an authority. With the risk that it blows. So I will wait until last last moment with the latter.
Noir / Re: Impressions of Corsica
« Last post by FallenAngel on June 27, 2022, 03:03:11 PM »
A couple of days ago I did return from my third and probably last travel to Corsica. During that travel I discovered something that I hadn't noticed before. I already knew about the narrow gauge railway from Calvi to Ponte Lecchio. But it doesn't end there. It continues to Ajaccio. And from Ponte Lecchio it branches to Bastia too. So there are 4 possible ferry harbours where Mireille had access to the railway: Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi and l'Ile Rousse.

I did visit all 4 harbours. But after a re-watch of "Return to Corsica", I still have no clue where Mireille arrived. None of these harbours gave me the impression from the series. Take this with a grain of salt, as I had a sea side view of Bastia only. I should have prepared better and taken screenshots with me to compare. Meanwhile I came to the conclusion that the problem is me. I always assumed that Mireille arrives at the same harbour they used for their flight from Corsica. But most likely that's not the case. Claude was old enough to drive a car. So they drove to the nearest little harbour where they could hire the small boat that's shown. Mireille than made her return to a larger harbour with a ferry. I always tried to match the pictures from her escape and her return to a single harbour, which in this case must fail.

One day I made a trip with the railway from Corte to Ajaccio and back. None of the stations at this part fits the pictures. With one exception, all station buildings are two storeys high. The exception is either new build or heavily reconstructed. As Mireille's station building is only one storey high, I assume it is located at an less frequented branch. The least frequented part of the railway network is from Calvi to Ponte Lecchio.

During my stay happened something that is some kind of weird. I'm at the supposed home of the older, taller, beautiful, busty and my favorite part of my favorite fictional female couple. Trough my head is running music, written from the composer of the OST for the series about this couple, covered by the older, taller, beautiful, busty and my favorite part of my second favorite fictional female couple. In addition, both characters are the underdogs if it comes to profession.

As you can't know what I'm talking about: Covers of Gloria and Mezame sung by Megurine Luka. And as her partner Hatsune Miku. This pairing is also known as Negitoro.
All Series / Re: Meine Liebe Rewatch 2022
« Last post by MartAnimE on June 22, 2022, 10:25:01 PM »
Rewatch #04 Wednesday June 29th at 6 PM MDT / 8 PM EDT (Thursday June 30th at 10 AM AEST)
ELDA TALUTA / Re: Nifty links
« Last post by MartAnimE on June 22, 2022, 10:12:39 PM »
Craiyon, formerly DALL-E mini - AI model drawing images from any prompt!
All Series / Re: Meine Liebe Rewatch 2022
« Last post by noirlax on June 22, 2022, 07:50:49 PM »
Spoiler: Episode 4 • show
[10:49] MartAnimE: I'm ready for episode 4 btw
[10:49] Noirlax: same
[10:49] forlornhope: ready
[10:50] ShadowBlazer3000: ready
[10:50] BiitoreinGoji: And then she snipes MulDoon
[10:50] BiitoreinGoji: ready
[10:50] forlornhope: go
[10:50] Noirlax: Go~! :naoji:
[10:50] ShadowBlazer3000: go
[10:50] BiitoreinGoji: go
[10:50] MartAnimE: Go~! :orpherus:
[10:52] Noirlax: That hand move makes me think of TRC
[10:52] Noirlax: and what a horse
[10:52] MartAnimE: so much horse energy in the OP :horse:
[10:52] Noirlax: Orpheus thinks he's Napoleon with that pose
[10:53] Noirlax: Kingdom of Kuchen
[10:54] BiitoreinGoji: The era of chaos?
[10:54] BiitoreinGoji: Imperialist Japan?
[10:54] Noirlax: I wonder
[10:54] MartAnimE: this doesn't necessarily follow real world history
[10:54] BiitoreinGoji: Be better, boy
[10:54] ShadowBlazer3000: the period aesthetic seems right for it
[10:54] MartAnimE: so it's hard to say what they are referring to
[10:55] BiitoreinGoji: gay?
[10:55] MartAnimE: Ludwig coming off rather strong :smile:
[10:55] ShadowBlazer3000: ambiguously gay
[10:56] Noirlax: The only path for you is to be my lover  :smile:
[10:56] MartAnimE: Naoji you're mine! :V
[10:57] MartAnimE: think the ships so far are Orpherus/Ed and Ludwig/Naoji
[10:57] BiitoreinGoji: That was funny
[10:57] MartAnimE: but Orpherus/Ludwig have that rivalry to lovers energy
[10:58] Noirlax: lol Ed fell over
[10:58] MartAnimE: trying to lighten the mood :eduard:
[10:59] MartAnimE: that girl is the girl from the game I think!
[11:00] MartAnimE: shouldn't practice with real swords :grimacing:
[11:00] Noirlax: Those girls all hanging around you Isaac, OOC.
[11:00] Noirlax: Real swords :open_mouth:
[11:00] MartAnimE: "both of you... get a room"
[11:01] BiitoreinGoji: Full moon
[11:02] MartAnimE: Ed was spying on him :sweat_smile:
[11:02] ShadowBlazer3000: the subs explain it only for him to explain it a second later
[11:02] MartAnimE: ok maybe Ed/Naoji is another ship
[11:03] MartAnimE: everyone so shippable
[11:03] Noirlax: They make a good ship
[11:07] MartAnimE: that's rather touching
[11:07] MartAnimE: the diary
[11:07] MartAnimE: Ed is pretty cool on a horse :horse_racing:
[11:07] Noirlax: It's a real touching scene I really like it
[11:08] MartAnimE: duel :crossed_swords:
[11:09] ShadowBlazer3000: it's a ghost :ghost:
[11:09] MartAnimE: oh man, it's a ghost :ghost:
[11:09] Noirlax: wow
[11:11] MartAnimE: I had totally forgotten about that, the supernatural encounter
[11:11] MartAnimE: that was great!
[11:12] Noirlax: That was!
[11:12] Noirlax: tear in my eye from that
[11:12] BiitoreinGoji: That was weird
[11:13] MartAnimE: I feel for Naoji, being away from his homeland and feeling disconnected at times
[11:13] BiitoreinGoji: Yeah that sense of comradery.
[11:14] Noirlax: I felt that dying man's soul was giving him advice as well in a way
[11:14] MartAnimE: yeah
[11:15] MartAnimE: and them having that connection of speaking and reading the same language after so long
[11:15] Noirlax: yeah
[11:15] MartAnimE: probably rare to find other Japanese people in the country
[11:16] BiitoreinGoji: Kinda weird since everyone speaks Japanese, but this is an anime.
[11:16] MartAnimE: we should probably assume they're speaking German most of the time
[11:17] MartAnimE: and only the scenes between Naoji and the poet were truly in Japanese
[11:17] MartAnimE: on another note, I think so far the rewatch has been pretty interesting, I noticed how the episodes have been paired thematically, perhaps accidentaly
[11:17] MartAnimE: 1 and 2 explores Orpherus and Ed's sister dramas
[11:18] MartAnimE: while 3 and 4 kinda touch on the supernatural, with Camus and Naoji being more in tune with it perhaps
[11:19] BiitoreinGoji: I remember Evangelion where everyone spoke Japanese, except when Asuka spoke German because she's German
[11:19] MartAnimE: true, but that takes place in Japan
[11:19] BiitoreinGoji: And I can see the supernatural at work
[11:20] BiitoreinGoji: I just think it's more fitting.
[11:20] MartAnimE: what's more fitting?
[11:21] BiitoreinGoji: Having a show set in a country and everyone speaks that country's native language
[11:21] MartAnimE: ah yeah, I think it's always a safe assumption
[11:22] BiitoreinGoji: Which is why I prefer Noir and Madlax's English dubs.
[11:22] MartAnimE: I think by that logic Noir's most accurate dub would be the French one :smile:
[11:23] MartAnimE: though I do think they speak English in Nafrece
[11:23] BiitoreinGoji: Then you would have the Middle Easterns speaking French lol
[11:23] BiitoreinGoji: Episode 6 was it?
[11:23] MartAnimE: well, it's no weirder than them speaking Japanese
[11:24] BiitoreinGoji: BTW, did you all hear the floating restaurant Jumbo in Hong Kong was towed away?
[11:24] Noirlax: yes I did
[11:24] MartAnimE: I'm not familiar
[11:24] Noirlax: That's kinda sad
[11:24] BiitoreinGoji: I never had the pleasure of dining there.
[11:24] MartAnimE: why was it towed away?
[11:24] Noirlax: Nor did I, it went broke.
[11:25] BiitoreinGoji: It closed in 2020 due to the pandemic
[11:25] MartAnimE: ah fair enough
[11:25] MartAnimE: perhaps it will reopen in the future
[11:25] MartAnimE: any more thoughts on Meine Liebe?
[11:26] BiitoreinGoji: I'm liking it so far
[11:26] Noirlax: Yes, I really liked Ep 4, I'm a sucker for sentimentality so I thought it was great
[11:26] Noirlax: Ep 3 with Camus was great too, sensitive
[11:27] MartAnimE: yeah, I think so far the show has not shied away from sentimentality
[11:27] BiitoreinGoji: And it's rather refreshing watching an anime from the early 2000s
[11:27] Noirlax: and quite yaoi
[11:27] Noirlax: in a way :smile:
[11:27] BiitoreinGoji: Modern anime feels kinda meh
[11:27] MartAnimE: I do enjoy the portrayal of the more sensitive side of these boys
[11:27] Noirlax: But then Isaac hangs with all the girls :smile:
[11:27] BiitoreinGoji: with a few exceptions
[11:28] Noirlax: Which modern anime makes you feel meh?
[11:28] MartAnimE: I don't think Isaac is a playboy necessarily, he's just older and more experienced probably :smile:
[11:28] Noirlax: lol sort of joking there
[11:28] BiitoreinGoji: It's just what's on the market right now doesn't catch my interest
[11:29] BiitoreinGoji: Birdie Wing caught my interest because Kuroda is the writer
[11:29] MartAnimE: I've been enjoying Spy Family and Birdie Wing a lot
[11:29] MartAnimE: but yeah, it's hard to find something with heart sometimes
[11:29] BiitoreinGoji: And Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 isn't out yet
[11:31] Noirlax: The style of filmmaking seems more uniform but the settings are more diverse, that's how I generally feel about anime today.
[11:32] MartAnimE: I kinda don't like the trend of overly long and overly descriptive titles, but that's more of a pet peeve, doesn't necessarily mean the anime will be bad, it just makes me instinctively not wanna watch it as much :sweat_smile:
[11:33] BiitoreinGoji: Overly descriptive titles long as long as run on sentences
[11:33] BiitoreinGoji: As they're based on Light Novels with long titles?
[11:33] Noirlax: There should be an anime title - "When I'm reincarnated, I don't want to watch an anime with a long title"
[11:33] ShadowBlazer3000: most of them are
[11:34] BiitoreinGoji: And the reasoning is because people don't read the blurp on the back of the book, so the blurb is the title?
[11:34] ShadowBlazer3000: I don't know
[11:34] ShadowBlazer3000: maybe
[11:35] MartAnimE: lol Riki
[11:35] MartAnimE: I guess it was funny at first, it just kinda got old when too many shows started doing it :sweat_smile:
[11:37] BiitoreinGoji: I'm gonna head out
[11:37] BiitoreinGoji: see ya later
[11:37] MartAnimE: okies Goji
[11:37] MartAnimE: thanks for joining
[11:37] Noirlax: seeya later Goji
[11:37] MartAnimE: we're having the next rewatch next week, same time
[11:38] MartAnimE: I will pin it here
[11:38] MartAnimE: Bai Bai :dog:
[11:38] MartAnimE: ***
[11:38] MartAnimE: back to rewatch talk, I do feel Meine Liebe characters have a certain stiffness to them, but it kinda works with the setting
[11:39] MartAnimE: it would be weird for them to be overly animated, in an anime stereotypical way
[11:39] MartAnimE: I guess we can say it's very Bee Trainy
[11:39] MartAnimE: they feel more like real people than anime characters
[11:40] Noirlax: Bee Train might be kinda stiff cause their characters are kind of more serious usually?
[11:40] MartAnimE: yeah, more serious and their display of emotion is more subtle
[11:41] Noirlax: That's probably true and probably influenced my own work too.
[11:41] MartAnimE: it's been nice to revisit it
[11:41] MartAnimE: especially in a show I'm not as familiar with, having only seen it once before, and many years ago
[11:41] Noirlax: I've been enjoying the emphasis on different characters
[11:42] MartAnimE: I'm enjoying you guys' first time reactions too :nerd:
[11:42] Noirlax: cool
[11:42] MartAnimE: anything you wanna add, Alex?
[11:44] ShadowBlazer3000: it has been nice to see this show be able to give its cast due time to development.  It's a pitfall too many shows with large cast of characters fall into, they  forget half the cast
[11:44] Noirlax: agreed
[11:45] MartAnimE: yeah
[11:45] MartAnimE: I like that every character has a complex personality and backstory
[11:46] MartAnimE: and they're not all there just to support Orpherus, who kinda is the show's "main main character"
[11:47] MartAnimE: I also like they're not just simply divided into Orpherus and Ludwig's factions, as they seem to have the stronger personalities in the group
[11:47] Noirlax: Orpheus doesn't feel like the main main character atm, it feels like a group for me. And it doesn't feel like it's definitely split into an Orpheus and Ludwig camp.
[11:47] MartAnimE: they each care and relate and interact with each other in a sincere way
[11:48] Noirlax: Everyone is their own man/boy.
[11:48] MartAnimE: maybe the Orpherus focus comes later or maybe I'm remembering wrong? guess we'll see
[11:48] Noirlax: We'll see
[11:50] MartAnimE: definetly looking forward to more, two episodes is short but guess it gives us more time to ponder and discuss on each
[11:50] Noirlax: yeah
[11:50] MartAnimE: think that's it from me, any last thoughts? ^^
[11:50] Noirlax: That's it from me.
[11:51] MartAnimE: thank you all for the thoughts!
[11:51] Noirlax: ----- THE END -----
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