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All Series / Re: Meine Liebe Rewatch 2022
« Last post by noirlax on June 22, 2022, 07:49:59 PM »
Spoiler: Episode 3 • show
[10:00] MartAnimE: @Rewatch report when ready! :dog:
[10:01] ShadowBlazer3000: Murder Princess was released in 2007
[10:01] ShadowBlazer3000: and ready too
[10:01] MartAnimE: 2007 was a good year :smile:
[10:02] MartAnimE: also noticed lots of Bee Train titles have 7 letters :thinking:
[10:04] forlornhope: ready I guess
[10:05] BiitoreinGoji: So to my best understanding, MLiebe is about a group of class mates studying statesmanship?
[10:05] MartAnimE: yeah something like that
[10:05] MartAnimE: will you be joining us today Goji?
[10:06] BiitoreinGoji: Yeah, I figure I give this show a shot since it is a Bee Train anime
[10:06] MartAnimE: cool
[10:06] BiitoreinGoji: and it is in my name
[10:06] MartAnimE: would you like to get a Rewatch role then?
[10:06] BiitoreinGoji: yeah
[10:07] forlornhope: episodes 3 and 4 today, right?
[10:07] BiitoreinGoji: yes
[10:07] forlornhope: :thumbsup:
[10:07] MartAnimE: there you go
[10:08] BiitoreinGoji: And so far, Orpherus has a personal stake in this as his sister was assassinated by a rival state?
[10:08] MartAnimE: yeah, something like that
[10:09] MartAnimE: the first 2 episodes were more introducing the characters
[10:09] MartAnimE: it's kind of a character driven story
[10:09] MartAnimE: though there's a plot later on
[10:09] Noirlax: ok ready
[10:09] BiitoreinGoji: ready
[10:09] MartAnimE: I only watched it once myself, so my memory is kinda fuzzy
[10:09] MartAnimE: ready
[10:10] forlornhope: go
[10:10] ShadowBlazer3000: go
[10:10] BiitoreinGoji: go
[10:10] Noirlax: Go~!
[10:10] MartAnimE: Go~! :orpherus:
[10:10] forlornhope: sempai
[10:11] MartAnimE: it's a fansub so they do keep certain japanese words like that :sweat_smile:
[10:11] MartAnimE: the funniest one last time was "Father-sama" ??
[10:11] forlornhope: yeah :smile:
[10:11] Noirlax: :smile:
[10:12] MartAnimE: chibi Camus is cute
[10:12] ShadowBlazer3000: Mother-sama and Father-sama
[10:12] Noirlax: cute
[10:12] ShadowBlazer3000: again I still say using the honorifics in a Euro-setting show seems really strange
[10:13] MartAnimE: chibi Ludwig is also cute
[10:13] MartAnimE: but don't tell him :smile:
[10:13] forlornhope: reminds me I have a bunch of roses growing in my yard right now despite my neglect. they're pretty :rose:
[10:13] BiitoreinGoji: Ludwig looks like Snape doesn't he?
[10:13] forlornhope: lol
[10:13] MartAnimE: he's an edgy boy
[10:15] Noirlax: Bishie tension
[10:16] MartAnimE: I think they're cousins
[10:16] MartAnimE: Ludwig and Camus
[10:16] forlornhope: oh
[10:16] MartAnimE: but you can still ship them :smile:
[10:16] forlornhope: lol noo
[10:16] Noirlax: lol
[10:16] MartAnimE: just like the sailor moon cousins XD
[10:16] forlornhope: kissing cousins XD
[10:17] MartAnimE: sempai notice me!
[10:18] ShadowBlazer3000: his Camus Senses were tingling?
[10:18] MartAnimE: he has certain powers
[10:19] MartAnimE: he talks to flowers and has premonitions
[10:19] BiitoreinGoji: Extrasensory perception?
[10:19] MartAnimE: something like that yes
[10:19] Noirlax: He can sense things
[10:20] MartAnimE: maybe he was more worried about the flower :smile:
[10:20] ShadowBlazer3000: what's with the horror music
[10:20] ShadowBlazer3000: screeching strings :violin:
[10:20] Noirlax: You belong to me :open_mouth:
[10:21] BiitoreinGoji: Good to know he's not dead
[10:21] MartAnimE: this shady man wants to steal Camus
[10:23] MartAnimE: sounds like a scam
[10:24] MartAnimE: "use your gift to achieve success in 5 easy steps"
[10:24] forlornhope: lol
[10:24] Noirlax: lol :carrossea:
[10:24] BiitoreinGoji: So there's magic in this world?
[10:24] MartAnimE: I'm not sure I'd call it magic
[10:25] MartAnimE: but it's certainly an unexplained power
[10:25] MartAnimE: it's probably more an intuition sort of thing
[10:26] BiitoreinGoji: Is the OST available?
[10:26] MartAnimE: I might be able to find a torrent
[10:26] Noirlax: That guy's shirt is unbuttoned again :smile:
[10:26] MartAnimE: haven't looked in a while
[10:27] forlornhope: is it ever buttoned? :smile:
[10:27] Noirlax: lol
[10:27] MartAnimE: Isaac's shirt is always unbuttoned :sir_isaac:
[10:27] MartAnimE: and his face unshaven
[10:27] MartAnimE: because he's just that chill :sunglasses:
[10:29] forlornhope: uh oh
[10:29] MartAnimE: he needs Camus to manipulate the stock market :open_mouth:
[10:30] MartAnimE: Orpherus dropped like Batman :batman:
[10:30] ShadowBlazer3000: OG Bishonen Batman
[10:30] forlornhope: lol
[10:32] BiitoreinGoji: There's the blimp
[10:32] Noirlax: Late but beautiful bloomer
[10:32] MartAnimE: Camus wants to use his gift in a more nurturing way, not for power or profit
[10:32] Noirlax: The ominous blimp
[10:32] MartAnimE: yeah it keeps popping up, very mysterious blimp :face_with_monocle:
[10:33] Noirlax: I think it's the Zepplin
[10:33] BiitoreinGoji: Interesting so far
[10:34] MartAnimE: next time is Naoji's episode :naoji:
[10:34] MartAnimE: so Goji, did you get a chance to watch episodes 1 and 2 before?
[10:35] BiitoreinGoji: I did a few years ago.
[10:35] BiitoreinGoji: I watched Episode 1 in prep for this rewatch
[10:35] MartAnimE: ah nice
[10:35] MartAnimE: so it's your second watch of the whole show?
[10:35] BiitoreinGoji: Technically it's my first
[10:36] MartAnimE: ok, so you have only watched episode 1 previously
[10:36] BiitoreinGoji: 1 and 2
[10:36] MartAnimE: cool :thumbsup:
[10:36] BiitoreinGoji: I remember a woman looking like Westa
[10:36] MartAnimE: so you're not missing anything
[10:36] BiitoreinGoji: and she didn't like someone for being black?
[10:36] MartAnimE: hmm
[10:37] MartAnimE: I think you mean Ed's stepmother in episode 2?
[10:37] BiitoreinGoji: Yeah that was it
[10:37] MartAnimE: she doesn't like him because he was the product of her husband's infidelity
[10:37] BiitoreinGoji: oh, that makes sense
[10:38] MartAnimE: he has darker skin than the others but don't think he's canonically black
[10:38] MartAnimE: probably more of a way to signal he has peasant's ancestry
[10:39] BiitoreinGoji: He might be Spaniard
[10:39] MartAnimE: realistically, they just design each of the main characters to fit a certain archetype, since this was based on a dating sim :smile:
[10:40] MartAnimE: Sir Isaac and Ed are both darker skinned, I think, to convey they're more outdoorsy or down to earth types
[10:41] BiitoreinGoji: I've played a GBA rom of the game, and I can't read it :laughing:
[10:41] MartAnimE: lol nice
[10:41] Noirlax: oh :smile:
[10:41] MartAnimE: which guy did you go for?
[10:41] BiitoreinGoji: I dunno
[10:42] BiitoreinGoji: I just typed in Goji (??)
[10:42] MartAnimE: lol fair enough
[10:42] BiitoreinGoji: At least it has katakana
[10:42] MartAnimE: my favorites are Ed, Isaac and Camus
[10:43] MartAnimE: not necessarily in that order, I will probably have a more final opinion after we finish the whole rewatch :face_with_monocle:
[10:44] Noirlax: Those three aren't as edgy :smile:
[10:44] MartAnimE: true :smile:
[10:45] MartAnimE: none of them are bad people, but I'm kinda over edgy emo teenagers
[10:45] BiitoreinGoji: Now that I think of it, Isaac being half shirtless does remind me of something
[10:45] BiitoreinGoji:
[10:45] MartAnimE: what's that?
[10:45] MartAnimE: lol
[10:45] BiitoreinGoji: Jeff Goldblum
[10:46] MartAnimE: someone should have made a Jurassic Park dating sim
[10:46] BiitoreinGoji: I saw Jurassic World Dominion on opening day, it was entertaining. The plot's got contrivances, but the character work is pretty good.
[10:46] Noirlax: Let's date the Tyrannosaurus Rex?
[10:46] MartAnimE: will check that later :t_rex:
[10:47] BiitoreinGoji: Rexy's better off alone
[10:47] ShadowBlazer3000: I checked out after Fallen Kingdom Dino Crisis: The Movie
[10:47] MartAnimE: Tyrannosaurus Rex is a strong independent woman who don't need no man :t_rex:
[10:47] BiitoreinGoji: Dino Crisis?! :laughing:
[10:48] BiitoreinGoji: Capcom hasn't made a proper Dino Crisis game in a long time
[10:48] Noirlax: Rex thinks men are dinosaurs?
[10:48] BiitoreinGoji: Like how do you go from Dino Crisis 2 to Dino Crisis in Space?
[10:48] MartAnimE: Carrossaurus Rex :carrossea:
[10:49] BiitoreinGoji: Limelda's a cleaver girl
[10:49] Noirlax: Carnosaur is partly what got me into Doon lines :smile:
[10:49] MartAnimE: lol
ELDA TALUTA / Re: Elda Taluta Caption Thread!
« Last post by MartAnimE on June 21, 2022, 06:30:03 PM »
Image Update

So that's what it's like for Marta to do a toast.

LOL when you wanna be Yor, but you're compared to Anya... ^^;
El Cazador de la Bruja / Re: The El Cazador Caption Thread
« Last post by MartAnimE on June 21, 2022, 06:23:36 PM »
That's one way to age little girls until they are ripe for consumption

ELDA TALUTA / Re: Elda Taluta Caption Thread!
« Last post by noirlax on June 21, 2022, 12:20:49 AM »
So that's what it's like for Marta to do a toast.
All Series / Re: Tsubasa Chronicle Caption Thread
« Last post by noirlax on June 21, 2022, 12:18:26 AM »
Syaoran: Is this the Bee Train TRC or that weird OVA stuff? *faints*
All Series / Re: All Others Caption Thread
« Last post by noirlax on June 21, 2022, 12:17:33 AM »
Image Update

Get aboard the Train - Murder Princess Express!
Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ / Re: Phantom Caption Thread
« Last post by noirlax on June 21, 2022, 12:16:06 AM »
Isaac: Arrgh, get me out of this anime. El Cazador de la Bruja if you can.

Salesperson: We only have a seat left for Dragonar Academy departing in a few years.

Avenger / Re: The Avenger Caption Thread
« Last post by noirlax on June 21, 2022, 12:14:21 AM »
Volk: Time to get you on the Volks-wagon

Layla: You are infringing on a trademark!
.hack//* / Re: .hack//Caption Thread
« Last post by noirlax on June 21, 2022, 12:13:26 AM »
Image Update

You think it's Aria but it's actually dotHack!
El Cazador de la Bruja / Re: The El Cazador Caption Thread
« Last post by noirlax on June 21, 2022, 12:11:52 AM »
That's one way to age little girls until they are ripe for consumption

* Ricardo slaps *

Ricardo: What did you say?
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