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ELDA TALUTA / Re: Shirobako Rewatch!
« Last post by MartAnimE on Yesterday at 05:43:31 PM »
I... I adore Shirobako.... and I was recently thinking of rewatching it.

I might pop in now and then.

Long time no see! ;D I'd love to hear your insights on the matter! 8)

All the schedule details will be updated on the first post of this thread for convenience! :D
ELDA TALUTA / Re: Shirobako Rewatch!
« Last post by Fellini 8.5 on Yesterday at 05:38:26 PM »
I... I adore Shirobako.... and I was recently thinking of rewatching it.

I might pop in now and then.

ELDA TALUTA / Re: Shirobako Rewatch!
« Last post by Forlorn Hope on Yesterday at 05:04:01 PM »
I'm definitely in for this rewatch. How about November 2?
Reminder #2: Still only the same 6 people. There is still time to join! :)
ELDA TALUTA / Shirobako Rewatch!
« Last post by MartAnimE on Yesterday at 03:05:45 PM »
Following these results, our next Non-Bee Train Anime Group Rewatch shall be Shirobako! :D

Unfortunately, there's no English dub... ^^;

Here are sub torrents, if you need them:
[NoobSubs] Shirobako Complete (720p Blu-ray 8bit AAC MP4) - Shirobako 01-24 + OVA + Soundtracks (8.7GB)
[NoobSubs] Shirobako Complete (1080p Blu-ray 8bit AAC MP4) - Shirobako 01-24 + OVA + Soundtracks (18.44GB)
[NoobSubs] Shirobako Complete (1080p Blu-ray x265 FLAC) - Shirobako 01-24 + OVA + Soundtracks (22.26GB)

Here's the episode Schedule:
Rewatch #01: Episodes 01 | 02 | 03
Rewatch #02: Episodes 04 | 05 | 06
Rewatch #03: Episodes 07 | 08 | 09
Rewatch #04: Episodes 10 | 11 | 12
Rewatch #05: Episodes 13 | 14 | 15
Rewatch #06: Episodes 16 | 17 | 18
Rewatch #07: Episodes 19 | 20 | 21
Rewatch #08: Episodes 22 | 23 | 24
Rewatch #09: OVA 01 | OVA 02

All interested in joining please reply and start suggesting dates here or on discord. Thanks! :)
ELDA TALUTA / Re: K-ON! Rewatch!
« Last post by MartAnimE on Yesterday at 01:31:05 PM »
We're finally done! And what a journey it's been! ;D

All the logs have been linked to the first post of this thread for easy access.

Also, if you haven't had enough yet and need a little more K-ON, here's the manga!

Thanks everyone for another successful rewatch and feel free to add any last thoughts! :D
ELDA TALUTA / Re: K-ON! Rewatch!
« Last post by MartAnimE on Yesterday at 12:59:35 PM »
Spoiler: The Movie ~ Part 2 ~ • show

[ShadowBlazer3000] Black Frills and Love Crisis
[MartAnimE] wow two performances in London
[MartAnimE] so cool
[MartAnimE] I forget what they play
[MartAnimE] maybe fuwa fuwa or the rice song
[ShadowBlazer3000] think it's the rice song
[ShadowBlazer3000] and she goes SKY HIGH at the end
[MartAnimE] rice is life :rice:
[Noirlax] yay send!
[ShadowBlazer3000] no rice, no life :rice:  :rice_ball:  :rice_cracker:  :rice_scene:  :ear_of_rice:
[MartAnimE] true!
[MartAnimE] but I still like the stapler song better
[MartAnimE] or fuwa fuwa time
[ShadowBlazer3000] Godzilla
[ShadowBlazer3000] and random kimono girl :kimono:
[ShadowBlazer3000] goth loli band
[MartAnimE] I wish we were on a band :smile:
[MartAnimE] it looks like so much fun
[MartAnimE] hey the big ben!
[Noirlax] Luckily Mio studied English at school :smile:
[MartAnimE] lol
[MartAnimE] Sawa-chan
[ShadowBlazer3000] once again Sawa's teleportation skills
[Noirlax] Sawa-chan :smile:
[MartAnimE] so glad she could make it :smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] "use them or loose them" worse kind of benefits
[ShadowBlazer3000] don't know why so many companies still do that
[MartAnimE] but such short trips, that sounds uncomfortable
[MartAnimE] awwwwwwwwww fuwa fuwa time!
[ShadowBlazer3000] Fluffy Fluffy Time
[MartAnimE] FLUFFY indeed :smile:
[Noirlax] Fluffy indeed
[MartAnimE] the bees knees :bee:
[MartAnimE] Rice is a Side Dish :smile:
[Noirlax] Rice is a Side Dish
[ShadowBlazer3000] I'd do that too
[ShadowBlazer3000] work hard to make a special version and just default to the original
[Noirlax] lol its hard to change your habits
[MartAnimE] 1 2 3 4 Rice :smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] SAY WHAT
[ShadowBlazer3000] ENCORE
[MartAnimE] ichi ni san shi gohan~!
[ShadowBlazer3000] S K Y H I G H
[MartAnimE] SKY HIGH :smile:
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] LOL
[Noirlax] they are going to miss the plane :smile:
[MartAnimE] lol screw the plane
[ShadowBlazer3000] they'd never make it if this was real life
[MartAnimE] yeah prolly not
[Noirlax] nah they will just squeeze in
[Noirlax] if they check in on time
[ShadowBlazer3000] every airport is like you gotta be like 5 hours early
[MartAnimE] aww little baby Azunyan
[MartAnimE] and snow :snowflake:
[MartAnimE] how perfect
[MartAnimE] this is so fluffy
[MartAnimE] that is a LOT of tea :open_mouth:
[MartAnimE] PLEASE play the stapler song XD
[Noirlax] lol good acting Sawa-chan
[MartAnimE] lol Sawa-chan
[MartAnimE] she's awesome
[ShadowBlazer3000] love her look freaks out the teacher
[Noirlax] yay!
[MartAnimE] aww yes let Azunyan join!
[MartAnimE] oh some of the unheard songs, that's cool too
[MartAnimE] more Mio on the vocals always good :heart:
[ShadowBlazer3000] construction
[Noirlax] oh no that teacher
[MartAnimE] oh last one
[MartAnimE] aww U&I
[Noirlax] U&I
[MartAnimE] so lovely :smile:
[MartAnimE] but there's still time, they might play one more
[MartAnimE] there's still time for Fuwa Fuwa Time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
[ShadowBlazer3000] Yui just needs to windmill
[Noirlax] yay!
[MartAnimE] but I think U&I has really grown on me, might be one of my favorites now :heart:
[Noirlax] U&I is a shoutout to Ui :heart:
[ShadowBlazer3000] it's cute has a really nice melody to it
[MartAnimE] well deserved ^^
[MartAnimE] aww Azunyan's song is lovely
[MartAnimE] but we only get to hear it in the tv series
[Noirlax] oh
[MartAnimE] you remember the song they played for Azunyan?
[ShadowBlazer3000] makes sense
[Noirlax] oh no I gotta revisit that.
[ShadowBlazer3000] hear it in the series no need to hear it again in the movie
[ShadowBlazer3000] that'd be redundent
[Noirlax] they are playing ping-pong
[MartAnimE] remember when they play that song and Azunyan cries?
[ShadowBlazer3000] it's like the classic surprise party trope
[Noirlax] I think yeah but I need to rewatch it ^^
[MartAnimE] yeah that's worth rewatching :heart:
[Noirlax] Yui trying it now I rememeber :heart:
[MartAnimE] lol
[MartAnimE] pretending to sleep
[MartAnimE] aww Yui :smile:
[Noirlax] Yui and Ui for tea
[MartAnimE] so wholesome
[MartAnimE] the cherry blossoms :cherry_blossom:
[ShadowBlazer3000] cathartic screaming
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[Noirlax] so nervous even Mugi's hands are cold
[MartAnimE] lol wow
[MartAnimE] they're cute
[Noirlax] Azunyan's pencil is cute
[MartAnimE] everything is so cute
[MartAnimE] this show is trying to kill me with cuteness
[MartAnimE] and it's succeeding :smile:
[Noirlax] cute little angel
[MartAnimE] lol corny is good!
[Noirlax] :corn:
[MartAnimE] all of the love for Azusa :heart:
[Noirlax] awww
[MartAnimE] awwwwwwwwwwwww
[MartAnimE] we get to hear it again!
[MartAnimE] I love it  :heart_eyes:
[MartAnimE] awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :sob:
[Noirlax] sentimental awww
[MartAnimE] yeah :smile:
[MartAnimE] lol runny nose
[MartAnimE] I forgot they played it again in the movie
[Noirlax] I'm relieved
[MartAnimE] how so?
[ShadowBlazer3000] THE END
[Noirlax] THE END
[Noirlax] awww
[Noirlax] that was fun
[ShadowBlazer3000] new ED who dis
[MartAnimE] awwwwwww :smile:
[MartAnimE] the ending theme is cool
[Noirlax] they look cute
[Noirlax] English ED
[MartAnimE] Mio on vocals is so cool
[MartAnimE] aww Fuwa Fuwa Time!
[ShadowBlazer3000] lol Denny's is a sponsor
[ShadowBlazer3000] love it
[ShadowBlazer3000] and of course LAWSON
[Noirlax] lots of sponsors
[MartAnimE] LOVE~! :heart:
[Noirlax] Lawson of course.
[MartAnimE] aww it ended
[MartAnimE] all the credits
[MartAnimE] completely done
[MartAnimE] wow what a journey this was ^^
[ShadowBlazer3000] it was really nice of Sentai Filmworks to grab the same dub cast after they got the rest of the series and movie
[MartAnimE] yeah it makes sense
[MartAnimE] well, for those who saw it for the first time, what did you think?
[MartAnimE] was this a good ending?
[Noirlax] It's a great movie very enjoyable but I probably have to download the OSTs to remember the songs
[MartAnimE] I'm so in love with this show :smile:
[Noirlax] I feel they captured the essence of a holiday abroad :smile:
[MartAnimE] it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy
[MartAnimE] I mean the whole show in general
[Noirlax] never goes to plan, misunderstandings, lots of fun, some things missed, interesting foreign stuff.
[MartAnimE] yeah
[MartAnimE] can relate
[Noirlax] I don't think you can get more wholesome than K-ON! in terms of friendship and school
[MartAnimE] the whole time it feels like I'm there with them
[Noirlax] yeah
[MartAnimE] and I just love all of them, whish is kinda rare for me, I don't usually love every character like this
[Noirlax] There's no one I dislike
[Noirlax] but I have favourites
[MartAnimE] they're just all so likable and important to the show's dynamic
[MartAnimE] yeah I think Mio is still my favorite, but they're all so cool and quirky and lovable :smile:
[Noirlax] I think Yui is mine, on the opposite end of the scale.
[Noirlax] :smile:
[MartAnimE] lol I think Ritsu is the most opposite from Mio :smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] I'd ship em
[MartAnimE] cuz Yui and Mio usually like the same cutesy lyrics :smile:
[Noirlax] lol that's true
[Noirlax] you can probably ship any one of them and it kinda works :smile:
[MartAnimE] I ship Mitsu (Mio + Ritsu)
[MartAnimE] and Yunyan (Yui + Azunyan)
[Noirlax] yeah they're good
[MartAnimE] but I don't want Mugi to be lonely :sob:
[MartAnimE] Mugi is so lovable too
[ShadowBlazer3000] there's always an odd man out
[Noirlax] Mugi can ship Ui or Nodoka :smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] so Mugi and Sawako Muawako
[MartAnimE] Mugi/Sawako is a bit controversial
[Noirlax] that can work XD
[ShadowBlazer3000] Mugi is an adult now she's graduated and onto college :book:
[MartAnimE] lol just try to think "would I date any of my high school teachers?" and then tell me if that doesn't sound weird :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
[ShadowBlazer3000] well sure I wouldn't
[MartAnimE] maybe my english teacher XD
[MartAnimE] lol
[MartAnimE] but it's rare you get teachers who are young enough
[ShadowBlazer3000] I probably had mostly teachers who were quite older or male teachers
[MartAnimE] most are much older and married
[Noirlax] not really I guess :D it's rare
[MartAnimE] yeah my english teacher was young enough that it felt more like she was one of our friends
[MartAnimE] she was like our Sawa-chan :smile:
[Noirlax] lol
[Noirlax] and you had a tea club
[Noirlax] with someone giving you cat ears?
[MartAnimE] lol no
[ShadowBlazer3000] dressing you in outlandish costumes?
[Noirlax] animal costumes or maid uniforms? :smile:
[MartAnimE] but we had a cultural day, and for English class that meant we had a tea party :smile:
[Noirlax] and someone just said yes to everything
[MartAnimE] so for a whole day our class just drank tea and served tea to all the other students, it was awesome :smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] fun fun
[MartAnimE] yeah, English class was one of my favorites ^^
[Noirlax] yes fun
[MartAnimE] did you guys have any fun festivities in high school?
[ShadowBlazer3000] I'm sure we did but none come to mind
[Noirlax] I dunno maybe muck-up day seniors get to throw stuff and spray the juniors with stuff
[Noirlax] like eggs and water guns
[ShadowBlazer3000] more often than not it was usually something boring organized by the student council
[ShadowBlazer3000] when I was in elementary school we had what we called a "beach day" at the end of the school term in the summer time where we'd have a water slide and play water games
[MartAnimE] wow!
[Noirlax] nice
[MartAnimE] cool!
[ShadowBlazer3000] only time I didn't do it was 6th grade because my term ended earlier.  It was a year-round school but we were split up across blocks that would start and end at different points and considering I'd be starting middle school that August seemed nice to end earlier
[Noirlax] ah yeah ending school is still better
[MartAnimE] that's a lot of Azunyan :open_mouth:
[MartAnimE] lol
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] I guess my next pet should be called Ritsu :sweat_smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] that would be so perfect
[Noirlax] sorry I've got lunch. It's been fun guys. lol yeah purrfect
[MartAnimE] aww
[MartAnimE] okies enjoy Riki
[ShadowBlazer3000] aww
[MartAnimE] Bai Bai :dog:
[MartAnimE] ***
[MartAnimE] what did you think James, if you're still around?
[MartAnimE] just gathering all our final thoughts on the show now
[MartAnimE] and if not, then it's just me and Alex
[Noirlax] bai bai
[Noirlax] ***
[MartAnimE] final thoughts, Alex? :microphone2:
[ShadowBlazer3000] K-ON or keion it's a classic
[ShadowBlazer3000] the end
[MartAnimE] lol nice
[MartAnimE] well I wanna say
[MartAnimE] K-ON! is one of those animes that might not be the most intelligent or thought provoking, but it has so much heart :heart:
[MartAnimE] and I gotta admit I'm a rather emotionally driven person
[ShadowBlazer3000] it's very charming and simple and that's all it needs to be
[MartAnimE] I can't help it, I truly love K-ON!
[BeyondTime] It is a great show.
[MartAnimE] it's so wholesome
[MartAnimE] I love Bee Train animes the most but, if I were to make a wise decision, I would rather exist in an anime like K-ON or Aria
[MartAnimE] Bee Train animes are too real :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
[BeyondTime] you mean living as Partalax doesn't sound appealing?
[MartAnimE] lol
[MartAnimE] I dunno, I think K-ON or Aria are these cozy escapist bubble I can escape to
[MartAnimE] while Bee Train shows are more like mature insightful shows that shaped my character
[MartAnimE] both are important to me
[MartAnimE] K-ON really makes me think about friends
[MartAnimE] mostly my high school friends or my bee train fan friends
[MartAnimE] in college I didn't have a strong friend group sadly
[MartAnimE] college years were rather difficult for me, to be honest
[ShadowBlazer3000] same
[ShadowBlazer3000] well besides you guys anyway
[MartAnimE] that's a relief Alex ^^
[MartAnimE] I'm glad I'm not the only one :slight_smile:
[MartAnimE] what about you, James?
[MartAnimE] how does K-ON relate to you on a personal level?
[MartAnimE] it's ok if you don't wanna reply :sweat_smile:
[BeyondTime] On a personal level, I haven't really thought about it.
[MartAnimE] hmm
[MartAnimE] any thoughts just now?
[BeyondTime] I think it's very idealistic in terms of how it looks at life.
[MartAnimE] yeah probably
[MartAnimE] but I think it captures that high school naivety so well
[MartAnimE] I remember those times fondly
[MartAnimE] I guess it's been longer for you, which probably feels different than it feels for me or Alex :sweat_smile:
[BeyondTime] not sure me feelings have changed in 20 years.
[MartAnimE] yeah fair enough
[MartAnimE] so, did you like high school or college more?
[MartAnimE] or we can end the log if you're all done?
[BeyondTime] I liked them in different ways.
[BeyondTime] For different reasons.
[ShadowBlazer3000] I'm all done so we can end it
[ShadowBlazer3000] for the last time
[MartAnimE] I think I agree with James about liking them for different reasons
[MartAnimE] but yes, I'm done too, I suppose ^^
[MartAnimE] Thanks everyone for joining!
[MartAnimE] ~ THE END ~
ELDA TALUTA / Re: K-ON! Rewatch!
« Last post by MartAnimE on Yesterday at 12:57:53 PM »
Spoiler: The Movie ~ Part 1 ~ • show

[Noirlax] cute
[MartAnimE] Is she cosplaying Alice in Wonderland? :smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] maybe she is
[Noirlax] K-ON cast in Alice in Wonderland :smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] HTT in Wonderland :tea:
[Noirlax] It be funny if Mio was Alice
[Noirlax] she'd be so scared :smile:
[Noirlax] I wanna draw K-ON again
[Noirlax] awww
[Noirlax] MugiDonalds
[ShadowBlazer3000] she's so excited to work a part time job
[ShadowBlazer3000] she's so precious
[Noirlax] lol yeah
[Noirlax] Got english muffins for rewatch
[MartAnimE] Awesome!
[MartAnimE] Everyone report when ready! :smile:
[MartAnimE] I have a Mio :dog:
[Noirlax] I had a Mugi back at my apartment
[MartAnimE] Sweet :smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] I have a Romio
[Noirlax] cute
[MartAnimE] my figurines are still in a box :expressionless:
[ShadowBlazer3000] you're a true collector
[Noirlax] mine are out in the open Kirika is always pointing her gun at me
[Noirlax] Just the way I like it :smile:
[MartAnimE] well they're in the original box yes, but I meant the boxed figurines are all inside a larger box for now, until I get a shelf to display them :sweat_smile:
[MartAnimE] I have taken them out of the box though :smile:
[Noirlax] :smile:
[Noirlax] we're waiting on Quiz and Wolf?
[MartAnimE] I too enjoy when my favorite characters point guns at me :gun:
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] yup, I wonder if they got the time wrong
[Noirlax] yeah that worries me
[MartAnimE] since it's one hour earlier than usual
[MartAnimE] I'll text James
[MartAnimE] I guess I'll feed the pets and walk the dogs in the meantime
[MartAnimE] brb :dog:
[Noirlax] ok :dog:
[MartAnimE] back
[ShadowBlazer3000] wb
[MartAnimE] and James should be here soon too
[Noirlax] wb
[MartAnimE] I dunno about Quiz :sweat_smile:
[MartAnimE] for the movie, are you all able to do it in one sitting without any breaks?
[MartAnimE] or should we do one break around the 1 hour mark?
[ShadowBlazer3000] probably can make it through it in one sitting but a break isn't bad either
[BeyondTime] hello
[Noirlax] I can do it one sitting but up to you guys
[Noirlax] hi
[MartAnimE] I can do in one sitting aswell but we can see how we feel as we go
[MartAnimE] Hi James :dog:
[MartAnimE] how are you? do you need to get dinner?
[BeyondTime] I'm fine, and I just need to pre-heat the oven.
[MartAnimE] cool :thumbsup:
[MartAnimE] but still missing one of us
[Noirlax] I'm glad you are using the oven and not the frying pan
[MartAnimE] :sweat_smile:
[BeyondTime] Ok
[Noirlax] still waiting on quiz
[ShadowBlazer3000] eh when has Quiz ever been reliable
[MartAnimE] he might have mixed up the times or just forgotten :sweat_smile:
[MartAnimE] we did change the US times for this one
[Noirlax] blame Australian daylight saving ^^l
[MartAnimE] happens to all of us :sweat_smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] if only we could do away with Daylight Saving nonsense :clock10:
[MartAnimE] yeah, we really could
[MartAnimE] and change everything to the metric system while we're at it :stuck_out_tongue:
[ShadowBlazer3000] let's not get crazy
[MartAnimE] lol XD
[Noirlax] lol
[Noirlax] daylight saving is about saving power but a hassle
[MartAnimE] Celsius over Fahrenheit?
[Noirlax] :open_mouth: they might renounce your citizenship at this rate jk
[MartAnimE] lol they can't do that cuz I'm not a citizen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
[MartAnimE] but I do wanna keep my Green Card yes :sweat_smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] they'll have to call Fahrenheit 451, Celsius 232
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] that could be the next set of Pokemon games, Pokemon Celsius & Fahrenheit
[Noirlax] then theres 2 inches per second
[MartAnimE] sounds pretty bad :sweat_smile:
[Noirlax] Lol yeah :sweat_smile:
[MartAnimE] I guess we can start in about 5 minutes, if everyone's ready
[MartAnimE] or should we wait for Quiz for 20 more minutes?
[ShadowBlazer3000] I say we start in 5
[Noirlax] Maybe start on the dot 11
[Noirlax] But I dont mind
[MartAnimE] looks like James is still eating so we're waiting anyways
[BeyondTime] I'm here
[BeyondTime] dont pay attention to my away thing. it means I'm not typing not necessarily away
[MartAnimE] oh ok
[Noirlax] ok
[BeyondTime] I am away now. Cat needs feeding
[MartAnimE] sure :cat:
[Noirlax] Azunyan needs feeding
[ShadowBlazer3000] mugi strong
MartAnimELast Saturday at 7:55 PM
lol Mugi would destroy Thanos :smile:
[Noirlax] and gotta feed the cat
[MartAnimE] I'm gonna need 5 minutes actually
[MartAnimE] sorry
[MartAnimE] this turned into quite the delay :sweat_smile:
[Noirlax] no prob lets start in 5 then
[BeyondTime] I'm back
[Noirlax] wb
[BeyondTime] ty
[ShadowBlazer3000] Amazon became Azunyan
[Noirlax] yup :cat:
[MartAnimE] OK ready now :slight_smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] ready anytime
[BeyondTime] ready
[Noirlax] ready
[MartAnimE] Go~! :spy:
[Noirlax] Go~!
[BeyondTime] go
[ShadowBlazer3000] go
[Noirlax] I'm on movie title tbs
[Noirlax] cool on pic now
[MartAnimE] cute photos :frame_photo:
[MartAnimE] lol they're metal :skull:
[ShadowBlazer3000] Rock and Roll :guitar:
[Noirlax] That's some rock
[MartAnimE] doing some weird roleplay again :sweat_smile:
[Noirlax] Azusa is confused
[ShadowBlazer3000] there's some shaky cam effect but way less annoying
[MartAnimE] poor Azusa :sweat_smile:
[MartAnimE] I blame Ritsu :smile:
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] they weren't really playing lol
[ShadowBlazer3000] lol Mio isn't even trying at this point
[MartAnimE] this is the best club ever :smile:
[Noirlax] poor Azusa roleplaying
[Noirlax] prank
[MartAnimE] pika-pika :smile:
[Noirlax] lol those drawings on the board
[MartAnimE] guys, I'ma need my panda hat for this :open_mouth:
[MartAnimE] this is important :panda_face:
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] what is this special cake?
[Noirlax] lol the scissors yay
[MartAnimE] I'm so happy they're all going to be together in college ^^
[ShadowBlazer3000] does Sawako have the ability to teleport?
[MartAnimE] yes :smile:
[Noirlax] she does XD
[MartAnimE] lol they should be fine in attendance
[MartAnimE] they go to school every day so they can slack off :smile:
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] I think Ritsu and Yui got sick only once each
[MartAnimE] aww something for Azunyan :cat:
[MartAnimE] they're sweet :heart:
[Noirlax] Ui cooking all the awesome food
[MartAnimE] anime food looks so delicious :open_mouth:
[ShadowBlazer3000] orange
[MartAnimE] mandarin :tangerine:
[MartAnimE] tangerine :tangerine:
[MartAnimE] lol Ui's joke
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] lol ice cream :ice_cream:
[MartAnimE] lol taking off the socks for bed
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] aww my Mio dog is kissing my face :dog:
[Noirlax] :dog:
[MartAnimE] graduation trip is the best idea :airplane:
[Noirlax] flunking :smile:
[MartAnimE] poor Azunyan, so much unnecessary anxiety :sweat_smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] lol a city called Flunking sounds plausible
[MartAnimE] wish they'd go to Portugal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] Portugal doesn't get enough attention in anime
[ShadowBlazer3000] S I L E N C E
[MartAnimE] but yeah London makes the most sense
[Noirlax] Only Hyouge Mono :smile:
[MartAnimE] lol you're right
[Noirlax] well they can go to Liverpool too for the Beatles :smile:
[Noirlax] lol their singing
[MartAnimE] love it :smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] I think the Dutch or the Portuguese were the first Europeans to see Japan
[Noirlax] yeah they were
[MartAnimE] yeah
[ShadowBlazer3000] see I do know my world history sorta :earth_asia:
[Noirlax] good stuff Alex :up:
[MartAnimE] A+
[ShadowBlazer3000] could have taken AP History but I saved a tree instead :evergreen_tree:
[MartAnimE] lol that drawing
letting the turtle decide, so cute :smile:
[Noirlax] yeah cute
[Noirlax] London is in Europe lol
[MartAnimE] lol this is silly
[ShadowBlazer3000] could have been an European tour
[Noirlax] lol feel sorry for the university
[ShadowBlazer3000] "how far does Europe go" Well you see that depends on how you define geographic regions and continents one four hour lecture later
[MartAnimE] Europe is not a country but yeah, you can travel inside the EU for relatively cheap
[MartAnimE] of course London is no longer included in that deal :rolling_eyes:
[ShadowBlazer3000] well maybe maybe not
[Noirlax] Still is for now
[BeyondTime] I would argue China is the country of Tea.
[Noirlax] Aww not the same without Azunyan.
[ShadowBlazer3000] depends on how long the Brits want to eat their morning cereal of Brexit
[MartAnimE] I mean, for European people to visit the UK they need their passport now
[ShadowBlazer3000] lol those always bothered me
[MartAnimE] before Brexit just your country's ID was enough
[ShadowBlazer3000] going overseas seems like something you should talk to your parents in person for
[ShadowBlazer3000] not over the phone
[Noirlax] Tea is for the whole world. :slight_smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] I want to see all their parents dammit!
[MartAnimE] yeah, typical neglectful anime parents :sweat_smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] isn't Yui's father a travel agent?
[Noirlax] oh
[MartAnimE] don't remember
[MartAnimE] just heard their parents like to travel a lot
[Noirlax] Azunyan being the responsible one :smile:
[MartAnimE] it's cute :cat:
[Noirlax] 5 days is kinda short
[MartAnimE] London really is perfect for people who love music and tea
[ShadowBlazer3000] Occult Club
[MartAnimE] lol I might have joined if I was in that school
[ShadowBlazer3000] love they call her Miss Music Club
[MartAnimE] lol
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] yes Nessie!
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] OMG I wanted to see Nessie when I went to Scotland and my family thought it was silly :stuck_out_tongue:
[ShadowBlazer3000] it seems like they're joking on her but I would think they'd believe in Loch Ness
[MartAnimE] maybe the joke is that Loch Ness is pretty far from London
[Noirlax] yeah :smile:
[MartAnimE] but they wouldn't know any better
[Noirlax] Well Yui won't XD
[ShadowBlazer3000] lol "go get one"
[ShadowBlazer3000] yes Sawa please
[ShadowBlazer3000] go get a date
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] the song they write for Azunyan is the best present :sob:
[Noirlax] and BOOM!
[MartAnimE] I love how they named their guitars :smile:
[Noirlax] maybe you should name your guitar Yui
[MartAnimE] lol no, I think my guitar's name has to be "Parta"
[Noirlax] :smile:
[MartAnimE] cuz I have a panda keychain hanging from the case's zipper :panda_face:
[ShadowBlazer3000] their parents
[ShadowBlazer3000] THEY DO EXIST
[MartAnimE] yay!
[Noirlax] yeah!
[ShadowBlazer3000] I was gonna make a joke about that when I reviewed the movie years back
[ShadowBlazer3000] I think I forgot
[ShadowBlazer3000] or didn't do it like I wanted
[Noirlax] wondering which of her parents Yui got her personality :smile:
[MartAnimE] aww they're bringing their guitars :smile:
[MartAnimE] omg don't lose passports :open_mouth:
[Noirlax] yeah :open_mouth:
[ShadowBlazer3000] yeah :open_mouth:
[Noirlax] should have a photocopy when you go out
[ShadowBlazer3000] that'd be something I'd do
[MartAnimE] oh no, poor guitars getting checked
[MartAnimE] they're gonna get destroyed XD
[MartAnimE] lol all the airport antics
[ShadowBlazer3000] moon walking!
[Noirlax] lol those antics
[ShadowBlazer3000] promotional consideration by All Nippon Airways
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] they make the plane look so roomy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
[ShadowBlazer3000] there's a Twilight Zone episode about that
[Noirlax] poor Yui trying to understand timezones
[ShadowBlazer3000] a plane that goes through time
[MartAnimE] I like the window seat best!
[Noirlax] window seats are cool
[ShadowBlazer3000] there's also that Twilight Zone episode about a gremlin on the plane
[ShadowBlazer3000] a man on the wing of the plane
[MartAnimE] yeah classic :smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] they're over Russia :flag_ru:
[Noirlax] They make it feel like a plane alright
[MartAnimE] this one trip to the US I was stuck in a middle seat between strangers and it sucked and the guy next to me spilled his drink on my bag :unamused:
[Noirlax] Yeah if you fly from Eastern Asia to Europe you fly over Russia.
[MartAnimE] all their masks have eyes
[MartAnimE] bagpipes :smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] bagpipes how cliché
[Noirlax] I do like how it feels like being on a plane and immigration.
[MartAnimE] poor Azunyan, she's 17 but looks 12
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] can relate :expressionless:
[ShadowBlazer3000] her bag is now in Honolulu
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] lol Mio doesn't wear panties what
[Noirlax] London English :smile:
[MartAnimE] English people look like real people :smile:
[MartAnimE] I rode in one of those taxis before
[MartAnimE] very common in London
[MartAnimE] aww car sick
[MartAnimE] can relate aswell :frowning:
[Noirlax] They are going to a major hotel. Ibis is a major chain.
[MartAnimE] I think they don't have to worry as long as they have Mugi :smile:
[MartAnimE] should take the subway
[MartAnimE] there they go :smile:
[MartAnimE] thanks for following my advice XD
[Noirlax] Their English looks ok
[MartAnimE] aww this is so cool
[MartAnimE] lol they might be disappointed with the sushi?
[MartAnimE] lol Mio is disturbed
[ShadowBlazer3000] Right'o
[Noirlax] lol sushi train
[MartAnimE] lol so tall
[Noirlax] yes
[MartAnimE] this is such a cute misunderstanding :smile:
[Noirlax] lol they are misunderstanding
[MartAnimE] lol good job Mugi :smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] I AM BUCHO
[Noirlax] lol
[MartAnimE] WTF Ritsu XD
[MartAnimE] I love sushi :sushi:
[Noirlax] lol fail
[MartAnimE] the rice song is perfect :rice:
[ShadowBlazer3000] should do Rice as a Side Dish
[Noirlax] she has to push the microphone all the way down :smile:
[MartAnimE] again, relatable XD
[MartAnimE] gosh all their songs are awesome aren't they? :open_mouth:
[Noirlax] XD yeah
[ShadowBlazer3000] Piripi
[MartAnimE] RICE
[Noirlax] nice!
[ShadowBlazer3000] so odd he doesn't give them some free sushi
[MartAnimE] did they pay them?
[Noirlax] Love Crisis :smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] good question
[MartAnimE] you'd think they'd get paid
[ShadowBlazer3000] either they should get paid or at least get free sushi
[Noirlax] I hope they paid them
[ShadowBlazer3000] unless they got paid in advance
[MartAnimE] maybe the real Love Crisis were paid in advance
[Noirlax] lol they are speaking Japanese
[ShadowBlazer3000] looks like the patrons are getting an encore
[MartAnimE] lol no complaints
[MartAnimE] maybe they should order room service
[Noirlax] Azunyan x Yui
[MartAnimE] I'd ship
[Noirlax] backup food :3
[MartAnimE] lol
[Noirlax] power convertor
[MartAnimE] a nightmare
[ShadowBlazer3000] and just like real dreams locations randomly shift
[Noirlax] those are the scariest nightmares :smile:
[ShadowBlazer3000] DIE
[MartAnimE] Azunyan might not be into the whole yuri thing :sweat_smile:
[Noirlax] lol
[ShadowBlazer3000] considering the rule 34 stuff of Azunyan though...
[MartAnimE] well, I will only speak about the canon here :zipper_mouth:
[MartAnimE] awwwwww dog :dog:
[Noirlax] dog waste only ^^;
[ShadowBlazer3000] London Montage :flag_gb:
[MartAnimE] makes me wanna go there again ^^
[Noirlax] I like to go
[BeyondTime] When Marta goes to a travel agent, I'm betting she wonders why their is no dog friendship tour.
[MartAnimE] let's go :open_mouth:
[MartAnimE] lol
[ShadowBlazer3000] no London tea :frowning:
[Noirlax] aww no tea time
[MartAnimE] traveling with your dog should be easier for realz
[Noirlax] Go Mio go on the Ferris Wheel
[MartAnimE] I'm still drinking the tea I bought last time I was in London :tea:
[ShadowBlazer3000] I wanna go on a tall Ferris Wheel now :ferris_wheel:
[Noirlax] nom nom
[MartAnimE] they all should visit Covent Garden
[MartAnimE] it's a must stop in London
[MartAnimE] Yui and Azunyan being really cute
[Noirlax] aww cute
[MartAnimE] and violent XD
[Noirlax] cats in a nutshell :smile:
[MartAnimE] lol so true
[MartAnimE] aww poor little Azunyan all alone
[MartAnimE] awww head tilt :dog:
[ShadowBlazer3000] lol this scene is great
[Noirlax] the head tilt ^^
[ShadowBlazer3000] I wish it went on a little longer
[ShadowBlazer3000] the constant in-and-out
[MartAnimE] yes! :smile:
[MartAnimE] lol Yui
[Noirlax] lol Yui
[ShadowBlazer3000] it's like a highly abridged Scooby Doors trope
[MartAnimE] maybe they're being loud
[ShadowBlazer3000] A KILLER!?
[Noirlax] lol
[ShadowBlazer3000] Azunyan so cute when her hair is loose
[ShadowBlazer3000] as cute as she is with twin tails
[MartAnimE] such long hair
[MartAnimE] Azu-nyan-nyan :cat:
[ShadowBlazer3000] lots of dogs
[MartAnimE] aww another dog
[Noirlax] lol her lyrics
[MartAnimE] keep calm and drink tea :tea:
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