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Mashimo Kōichi
Japanese 真下・耕一
Born 21 June 1952
Occupation Founder and CEO of Bee Train
On-staff director

Kōichi Mashimo (Jap. 真下・耕一) is the founder and the only regular on-staff director of Bee Train. He supervised all studio's projects ever since it was founded by him on 5 June 1997, additionally he sometimes works in the art and sound departments and assists more production oriented tasks such as storyboard drawing and sound direction.



In his youth, Koichi Mashimo has been interested in photography, which was admittedly influenced by his father. [1] Later, he began producing short commercials for TV but, since he wasn't satisfied with it, applied for position of an assistant director in Tatsunoko Productions. The first project he worked on in Tatsunoko was Time Bokan (1974).

In the mid-1980s, while still working for Tatsunoko, Mashimo has survived a severe skiing accident and spent some time in an intensive care unit. It was then that he came up with the "hospital for animators" (also known as "studio-as-hospital") concept. In 1997, he approached Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, the president of Production I.G, and presented him his concept, that he elaborated over the decade. Ishikawa was quickly convinced by Mashimo's words and sponsored the establishment of I.G's second subsidiary (after XEBEC), which later became known as Bee Train.


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  • Mashimo dislikes the term background music, therefore music in his works usually has an equal role with the visuals and sounds.
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  • Mashimo frequently works with Kajiura Yuki and the first season of Tsubasa Cronicle marked their eighth project together.
  • In the interview taken by A. Wong, he expressed interest in personally meeting photographers Richard Avedon, Jeanloup Sieff, and Helmut Newton, as well as film directors John Ford and Alfred Hitchcock. Unfortunately, by the time the article was published, all of them save Avedon were already deceased and Avedon passed away in October of that year.
  • Mashimo is a particular fan of the French film Les Aventuriers (1967) and has even named one of characters in Madlax, Laetitia, after the protagonist of that film.

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  1. Compare with Yuki Kajiura's biography and decision to become a musician.

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