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Mashimo Menu is the term Yuki Kajiura coined to describe the form that Mashimo Kōichi uses to request music for his animes. It is common in the anime industry that the director provides the composer with a list of titles like Battle 1, Battle 2, and Mystery 1 but this is what Kajiura herself calls "unsexy titles" [1]. Mashimo does none of that, instead, he chooses some weird (at the first glance) words combinations for each character and sends them over to the composer. While it is an untraditional approach, Kajiura favors it above others since it gives her more room for creativity.


Mashimo Menus

Following Mashimo Menu items were confirmed:


See also Madlax OST I and Madlax OST II.


  1. DVD booklet attached to the first volume of Madlax, released by ADV Films

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