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Red shoes (Jap. 赤い靴 akaikutsu) is a famous trope seen in every installment of Bee Train's girls-with-guns trilogy. With the notable exception of Madlax, their owners are always voiced by Kuwashima Houko.



The first appearance of the red shoes was in Noir, where a pair of them belongs to Yuumura Kirika's casual outfit, however, no apparent significance was attached to them in 2001.


In Madlax, the red shoes return in episode 2, as Vanessa Rene's gift to Margaret Burton. Although Margaret never actually wears this particular pair, it helps her remember about Secondari, as she was wearing a similar one during the incident in 1999. Much later, starting in episode 24, Madlax wears a similar pair with her white cocktail dress. Unlike in Noir, in Madlax, the red shoes seem to have a (still disputed) symbolic meaning and are explicitly mentioned by name.

El Cazador

El Cazador presents the red shoes as one of many allusions to the previous two installments of the trilogy: they can be seen in episode 9 (approx. 8:41 in), at Illis Gonzalez's underground home. Although Illis is an episodic character, she is voiced by Kuwashima Houko.

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